Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad to Stay Synced on the Move

Cloud has become the thing of the present. It’s no longer a technology that you’re only reading about. From iCloud to Dropbox, there’s cloud everywhere.

Apple’s iCloud has been quite a popular and seamless way to store your documents, photos, contacts and much more online but there are several limitations within iCloud. Basically, it wasn’t designed to be a storage like Dropbox where there’s more file-folder control and accessibility of documents and photos that you’ve synced to the cloud.

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Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad

We take a look at the most popular cloud storage apps currently available on the iPhone (and iPad) which can help you get started with cloud storage. These apps are powerful, great and in a way, get you all the features you’d need from a cloud storage service.

Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Dropbox

Dropbox iPhone and iPad Cloud Storage App Screenshot

Dropbox has been on the top of all cloud storage app lists. Both as a web service and as a popular iOS app, Dropbox has fared well. When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox stands first.

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Key Elements

  • Simplicity
  • Easy sharing options
  • Recent update to automatic photo sync
  • Document reading

Rating: 4/5
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#2. Google Drive

Google Drive iPhone and iPad Cloud Storage App Screenshot

Google Drive isn’t as much popular as Dropbox but with latest feature updates, it’s aiming to get there. Google Drive has been the recipient of several new sharing and folder features that make it quite powerful for cloud storage.

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Key Features

  • A simple and familiar interface
  • Real-time editing of documents, spreadsheets etc. (iPhone/iPad)
  • Offline availability of docs: the most key feature that makes Google Drive fare better.

Rating: 4/5
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#3. Box

Box iPhone and iPad Cloud Storage App Screenshot

I’m not much of a Box fan, often finding it bereft of a streamlined approach. I think it’s because there are a lot of features in Box that I’d not probably use but it’s probably the best if you’re looking for an enterprise level solution.

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Key Features

  • Collaborative features
  • 10GB data (more than what Drive/Dropbox provide)
  • Edit files directly on iPhone/iPad

Rating: 3.5-4/5
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#4. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive iPhone and iPad Cloud Storage App Screenshot

OneDrive from Microsoft is a very popular cloud storage service used by Windows users. You’ll find OneDrive to be pretty much same as Dropbox. There’s enough access to uploads and viewing options but you can’t do real-time edits.

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Key Features

  • Useful for users of OneDrive
  • Easy sharing options
  • Easy photo upload features

Rating: 3.5/5
Download OneDrive

#5. SugarSync

SugarSync iPhone and iPad Cloud Storage App Screenshot

Perhaps, the most unsung hero of all the cloud storage apps is SugarSync. The app is an amazing piece of work, lauded by the likes of Walt Mossberg of AllThingsD. It has much more features than what the usual Dropbox app allows for. And SugarSync brings a rich experience.

Key Features

  • Email files
  • Offline viewing through fast downloads
  • Stream music even when accessing other files
  • Real-time access

Rating: 4.5/5

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is the founder and editor-in-chief who takes care of audio, visual, and textual contents uploaded on He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

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