How to use Netflix ‘Play Something’ shuffle button feature

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Streaming services have unlocked thousands of TV shows and movies at our fingertips. However, dealing with too many choices often leaves us in a confused state. As an effective solution to this, Netflix announced the new ‘Play Something’ button for shuffle mode. If you have Netflix on your TV and want to use the Play Something feature, follow these quick steps.

What is Play Something on Netflix?

People often give up after browsing and deciding for hours what to watch. To make this easier, Netflix launched Play Something, a new shuffle feature that offers personalized TV series and movie recommendations if the platform notices you struggling with the same.

No more indecisive nights!

But did you notice? This addition is quite similar to what Spotify has been doing for years. It’s no secret how users adore the AI-based song recommendations inspired by listening habits. Netflix is aiming for the same user loyalty through the Play Something add-on.

Note: The supported devices include Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox, and PlayStation. The company plans to add Play Something to mobile and web soon after its initial testing. 

How to use the Play Something Feature on Netflix

  1. Open the Netflix app on your TV.
  2. Locate the ‘Play Something’ shuffle button:
    Netflix has neatly integrated this button at three places in the UI.
    • Below your profile name.

      Netflix Play Something below your profile name
    • On the left sidebar of the navigation menu.

      Netflix Play Something button on left sidebar
    • In the 10th row on the homepage.

      Netflix Play Something in 10th row
  3. Hit the Play Something button, and the app will suggest personalized content based on your watching habits.

Note: If it doesn’t interest you, you can click ‘Play Something Else’ and Netflix will offer you to complete unfinished shows or movies, pick a series or movies from the watchlist, or the Netflix originals.

We tried the Netflix shuffle play button and…

It’s a hit and miss!

The service kept recommending me shows and movies that I had no interest in watching. I only liked a suggestion where it asked me to finish the Brooklyn Nine-Nine show, which I started earlier this month. 

The current state of the Play Something feature is understandable though. It needs data, and as more people use the option, the more input and feedback it will receive from users. In the near future, especially when Netflix releases the feature for mobile and web users, I expect it to be way more effective. 

Have you tried the feature yet?

Netflix’s Play Something is a breath of fresh air in a sea of services that settle with the standard categorization of TV shows and movies. Thus, you end up spending hours finding the right watch. Play Something takes away that inconvenience and does the heavy lifting for you. 

And hey, as they always say, “Sometimes, the best choice is the one you don’t have to make.”

What are your thoughts about this exciting feature? Share them in the comments below.

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