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What is Apple Pencil hover, and how it works?

Apple launched the new iPad Pro lineup on 18th October, retaining the look but adding a slew of new functions. The new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros will come in silver and space gray colors and will have storage options of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB with 16GB RAM. So, among all the exciting features, the Apple Pencil’s new hover feature is quite noteworthy. Therefore, let’s know what Apple Pencil “hover” is and how it works. 

What is Apple Pencil hover?

The Hover Mode for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil will offer you a new level of screen interaction. According to Apple, the new iPad Pro with an M2 chip may now detect the Apple Pencil when it is up to 12mm above the screen. 

So this means your iPad Pro’s screen will automatically detect when your Apple Pencil is near it. Besides, it will create a preview of your mark before you actually draw anything. Exciting, right? Let me briefly explain how it benefits you!

How does Apple Pencil hover work on M2 iPad Pro?

Users of the iPad Pro often utilize the 2nd generation Apple Pencil for precise input. So, Apple has now enhanced its user experience with the Apple Pencil hover function. You can preview your mark before putting it on the screen for enhanced accuracy. Therefore, artists and graphic designers can modify the brush stroke beforehand. 

Additionally, third-party developers may upgrade their iPad apps for this new feature to provide unique marking and drawing experiences. Right now, native Apple apps support hover cursor thanks to the advanced iPadOS 16. So, you may make changes, like altering a location before putting it, and text boxes expand as you hover over them. Here’s what Apple had to say:

Powered by the new iPad Pro and iPadOS 16, hover with Apple Pencil (2nd generation) provides a completely new dimension for users to interact with their screen. Apple Pencil is now detected up to 12 mm above the display, allowing users to see a preview of their mark before they make it. This also allows users to sketch and illustrate with even greater precision, and makes everything users do with Apple Pencil even more effortless. For example, with Scribble, text fields automatically expand when the pencil gets near the screen, and handwriting converts to text even faster. Third-party apps can also take advantage of this new feature to enable entirely new marking and drawing experiences.”


So, with the Apple Pencil, you can now draw and create with even more precision and ease. In the official video, Apple showed how iPad Pro Apple Pencil hover interacts with Scribble. It converts handwriting to text significantly faster, and the text boxes expand as the pencil approaches the screen.

Q. Will Apple Pencil hover work on older iPads?

Unfortunately, no! This new feature needs iPadOS 16, an iPad with an M2 chip, and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. So, you can’t use it with earlier iPad models with the original Apple Pencil.


The new M2 processor with powerful iPadOS 16 is jam-packed with new features. You will experience a 35% boost in graphics performance. Also, it can transcode ProRes video three times faster. In addition, the M2’s 100 Gbps of unified memory bandwidth and 16-core Neural Engine are 40% and 50% quicker, respectively.

Apple has already started taking online orders and will make M2 iPad Pro available in retails from 26th October. So, I can’t wait to get hands-on experience. What about you? Let me know how much excited you are! Till then, explore more…

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