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How to Use Scribble on iPad

Apple has announced several interesting features in the latest iPadOS, including updates to the Apple Pencil’s capabilities. One of the most exciting new features is Scribble, which makes handwriting as powerful as typed text. It promises to take the note-taking experience to a whole new level. Eager to know more? Let’s learn all about how to use Scribble in iPad.

What is Scribble and How to Use it on iPad?

Scribble automatically converts handwriting to typed text in any text field. This means you can write in any text field on your iPad using your Apple Pencil and will automatically convert to text. So you never have to put your Pencil down, which avoids interruptions in your workflow.

For instance, you’re making some notes with your Apple Pencil but then need to search for something online. Scribble will allow you to directly write into the search field in Safari and intelligently convert your words to text.

Similarly, if you suddenly remember to add something to your Reminders, just write in the Reminders widget with your Apple Pencil, and it will be converted to text seamlessly. 

How to Erase Written Text with Apple Pencil?

Once your handwriting has been converted to typed text, you can easily delete a word by simply scratching over it with your Apple Pencil in a zig-zag pattern.

How to Select Text with Apple Pencil?

If you want to select some text with your Apple Pencil, simply circle around it. Then you can easily copy or move it. 

Further, with Smart Selection, you can select handwritten text using the same gestures used for typed text. That is, simply tap and hold the handwritten text, and several options will pop up to bold, italic, underline, replace, lookup, and more.

In the Notes app, you can use this to copy handwritten text and paste it as typed text in any other text field such as in the Search bar or into a Pages document.

Just tap and hold the handwritten text and then select Copy as Text. 

Other Useful Scribble Features

Scribble brings Shape recognition to iPad. This lets you convert a drawing to a geometrically perfect shape.

For instance, use your Apple Pencil to draw a circle and then hold down your Apple pencil to see the circle transform into a perfectly round one. This is incredibly useful when creating diagrams.

Further, iPadOS 14 or later can recognize phone numbers, dates, and addresses that you jot down with your Apple Pencil. It can then intelligently offer relevant actions to take, such as calling a written number, adding an event to your calendar, or showing an address in Maps.

As for language support, Scribble will initially work with English and Traditional and Simplified Chinese. You can also write in a mixture of Chinese and English and have your iPad seamlessly recognize both. Pretty nifty!

Summing Up!

So, what do you think of this new Scribble feature in iPadOS 14 or later? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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