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iGBAccessoriesTwelveSouth ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch

TwelveSouth ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch

When the muscles fail, mind prevails. Inventions have always helped the human race to live free and comfortably. But when we adjust ourselves in comfort zones, only a revolutionary idea can inspire us to think differently and to take a different route. Our minds are trained to accept stereotypes, but someone has to take initiatives. And TwelveSouth has done just the job.

An armband for Apple Watch is presumably the most unassuming accessory. However, there are people, who always stand on the other side; they are cynics; they are critics; they are doubters. The first impression of this armband is that there are many redundant functions. It takes a closer look and everyday use to understand the value.

TwelveSouth ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch Series 3, 2, and 1

An armband for your Apple Watch can never replace traditional wrist bands. There are a few drawbacks one must notice without fail, but this should not stop anyone to think above average. TwelveSouth has made a successful effort by launching this ActionSleeve armband for Apple Watches. A detailed observation will expose some admiring features of the armband.

ActionSleeve is for Active Users

ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch

As the name suggests, ActionSleeve Apple Watch armband is made for people, who rigorously chase their fitness goals and never show a laid-back attitude to life. When your mind and muscles both are active, your wrist automatically swings in action. You cannot afford to take any injury on your pricey watch. A better way is to wear your Apple Watch on your upper arm or bicep.

You might wonder; can I use my Apple Watch if I wear it on my bicep? Yes, ActionSleeve has an accessible design. You can efficiently operate your watch as it is installed on the armband. Additionally, it is more comfortable for you to talk to your contacts with the proximity of the watch; now you are not supposed to raise your wrist and take it close to your mouth to talk as your watch is already close to your mouth.

Sports and Activities Restrict Wrist Placement

TwelveSouth ActionSleeve Apple Watch Armband

Playing games like volleyball and boxing can stop you from wearing your Apple Watch as you have to wear long gloves for the bout; volleyball requires you to smash the ball quite often. This certainly can damage your Apple Watch if you wear it around the wrist. Thankfully, this armband is your best companion to take enough care of your dear and delicate watch.

Similarly, there can be other activities and sports that require persistent wrist movement, and therefore, you have to stay away from your watch. The ActionSleeve armband is designed to eliminate any such condition, where you can’t wear your smartwatch.

Home or Office? Keep your Apple Watch on!

With my Apple Watch around my wrist, it is a challenge to type fast. A simple solution is to remove the watch and put it aside on the desk. Any common user would do this except a genius, who finds smart solutions. Remove the traditional band and place your Apple Watch in the armband. You can quickly type those long emails and documents while resting your wrist on the laptop’s wrist pads.

TwelveSouth ActionSleeve Sports Armband for Apple Watch

A homemaker is in the same predicament when s/he is in the kitchen, where washing hands is an absolute necessity. Many people, who are too cautious about their electronic gadgets, make sure that water splashes do not damage the gizmo. Even though all Apple Watches (from Series 1 to 4) are water-resistant, overly careful people protect their Apple Watches against water. With ActionSleeve armband, your watch is entirely safe as there is little chance of water reaching your biceps or upper arms.

Raise to Wake

This depends on how you wear your armband around the upper arm. In many cases, you cannot check the time by merely moving your biceps. A difficult situation arises when you are driving two-wheelers; your watch screen may or may not light up every time you move your upper arm. Contrary to this, I have noticed that I could quickly check the time by raising my wrist.

Think beyond wrist

Although ActionSleeve armband has many common users, it is handy for athletes, who think beyond the wrist. An athlete with an amputated palm can wear this Apple Watch armband while running or walking. Apart from its usefulness, ActionSleeve armband improves your watch’s heart rate tracking.

The armband tightly holds your Apple Watch to your upper arm and ensures consistent skin contact, thus more accurate heart rate tracking.

Available for:

This ActionSleeve armband works perfectly with Apple Watch Zero and Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3 both 38mm and 42mm versions. Unfortunately, ActionSleeve armband is not for Apple Watch Series 4. The brand is working on the new version that is compatible with Series 4.

Band on…

ActionSleeve armband flaunts a perfect design. It is easy to use; you have full access to the digital crown and power button on your watch even after installing the watch on your armband. A notable feature is you can charge your Apple Watch without removing it from the armband. It’s time to think beyond wrist!

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