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AirSnap Twill from Twelve South: AirPods Carrying Case

Until now, AirPods carrying cases were available in leather, silicone, rubberized plastic, faux leather, and other materials. Their imagination never went beyond this. But some dare to think differently. Twelve South has always surprised me with excellent products for my Apple devices. This brand dares to walk on the unbeaten track; a road less traveled. And this makes all the difference.

But then one might wonder such out-of-the-box ideas only invite adulations and not usefulness. This is where Twelve South has an edge. A case for your AirPods charging case can be made from twill. Although it is hard to imagine, Twelve South has made it possible with its signature style.

Twelve South’s AirSnap AirPods Case

Twelve South AirPods Carrying Case

Take this case in your hands and play with it for a few moments. After unboxing when I didn’t find the Twelve South logo on this case, I thought I got a wrong product. But then I spotted the logo on the snap button. It is so subtly positioned that one has to make some efforts to locate the logo. If you check other AirPods cases, you will find the same logo position.

It’s Twill, Not Leather

AirSnap Twill Wireless Charging Support AirPods Case

The difference between twill and leather goes beyond the material and elegance; it perhaps speaks about your personality. While leather can satiate your desire to impress others, twill is more to reveal your psyche.

Unlike leather, twill looks more rugged in your hands. It is still lighter than a leather case from the same brand. Twelve South has shown the same craftsmanship while making this case.

It’s still wireless charging compatible

AirSnap Twill Wireless Charging Support Case for AirPods

This was something hard to digest for my colleagues and me. I had to double-check the package and the official webpage. Even after glancing over the features on the packaging, I came to believe only when I put the case on my wireless charging pad for AirPods 2. To get the best of this feature, you need a wireless charging case for your AirPods.

Twill is a heavy cloth that is made in a particular way to produce a surface of raised diagonal lines. To make it wireless charging compatible is a challenge for Twelve South. But they pull it off effortlessly.

Don’t want to charge wirelessly? You can connect your charging cable through that bottom opening.

The Clip and Fanny Pack Saga

AirSnap Twill Wireless Charging Support AirPods Case with Clip

My obsession with the protection of AirPods is taken care of by the durable material. But what is with that clip and fanny pack bonding? Well, a clip makes a lot of difference when your AirPods and you have hand-in-glove relation.

Ever since I purchased the second-generation AirPods, I carry the pods along wherever I go. The case is always clipped to my fanny pack. And if I change the bag, I make sure to clip the case to that new bag. This exposes this twill case to vagaries of the weather. And it has shown tremendous strength.

Apart from your bum bag, you can clip this case to a belt loop, backpack strap, or a zipper pull. If you have got the right belt clip case for your iPhone, you can attach this twill case to your iPhone case.

But where is the hole for pairing button?

Oops-a-daisy! Probably the designer presumes that after prolong usage of AirPods, you can quickly grope around that pairing button on the charging case. Let’s hope they rectify this mistake in its next line of protective cases. For a common user, the absence of a hole for a pairing button is not a big deal. They are not supposed to pair and unpair the AirPods too frequently.


Go for it guys! The case is now available in two shades: fog and smoke. I have received fog, and I like it to the hill. If you own a wireless charging case for your AirPods, you should get this AirSnap for yourself. Or you can gift this to your loved ones.

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