Best HomeKit Enabled Smart Plugs in 2022

Best Homekit Smart Plugs

Your home automation exercise gives you full control of all the electronic devices with a touch or voice. To build a smart home, you can use HomeKit compatible devices, or you need to install smart plugs to make your appliances listen to you. But before you buy one, make sure you choose the best HomeKit smart plugs. 

While you are looking for a HomeKit-enabled smart plug or outlet, it should be that you select a perfect product that is not beyond your budget. There are a few brands that have carved a niche in this segment. And they sell the best HomeKit compatible smart plugs at affordable prices. So, Let’s navigate this exclusive list and pick the best smart plug for your home.

1. VOCOlinc

VOCOlinc Homekit Compatible Smart Plug

VOCOlinc has designed a space-saving smart plug to control your electronic devices. Once you connect the plug to your home Wi-fi network, you can control it from anywhere from Apple Home (iOS) or VOCOlinc cloud, which works on Android devices.

A notable feature of this plug is scheduling. You can set schedules to turn on and off your electronics automatically; this certainly saves your time in the morning. The compact design of this plug never blocks another socket.

USP: Compact design
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2. Eve Energy

Eve Energy Smart Plug Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Eve brings an energy-efficient smart plug and power meter for your home. Apart from turning your appliances on and off, you can use its power meter to check how much power your connected appliances are using. This feature helps you select the right device for your home.

The smart plug is equipped with built-in schedules to automatically switch on and off the coffee machine, humidifiers, fans, and other essential devices at home.

USP: Power meter
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3. Satechi

Satechi Homekit Compatible Smart Plug

Make your life easy with Satechi’s HomeKit compatible smart plug, which can be controlled via Apple’s HomeKit app or Satechi’s free iOS app. This dual smart outlet connects with your existing 2.4GHz wireless network. To save your time and energy, you can create scenes and scheduled routines.

If you are using high-powered appliances, you can monitor power consumption in real-time. You can reduce power usage by scheduling appliances to switch off when not needed.

USP: Real-time power monitoring
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4. iDevices

iDevices Homekit Enabled Smart Plug

iDevices has installed independent outlet control in this smart plug so that you can use both receptacles independently with the app or voice commands. Without using any hub or additional hardware, you can operate your electronic appliances from anywhere using iOS device or iDevices app.

A wall outlet can be installed directly in your home’s existing power system and it gels well with other furnishings. While using iDevices app on your iPhone or iPad, you can check the power consumption of each device; thus, you can reduce the electricity bill every month.

USP: Invisibly smart
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SYLVANIA Homekit Enabled Smart Plug

Sylvania is a smart HomeKit compatible plug that is powered by Bluetooth technology. So when you are at home, you can use your iPhone to control your electronic appliances. A notable feature of this plug is customization. You can name your outlet and add it to a room.

Further, when you fail to remember if you left a device on, you can monitor and control the device with Apple HomeKit. It is super easy to set up this plug as you can use your iPhone and an outlet to set it up.

USP: Simple set-up
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6. WeMo

WeMo Homekit Compatible Smart Plug

WeMo is a leading brand in manufacturing smart plugs for home automation. This HomeKit compatible plug is actually smart as you can use AwayMode, which turns lights on and off. This creates an illusion that you are at home and robbers barely think of breaking in your home. Thus, you can protect your home even when you are away from your abode. This feature is helpful in the absence of HomeKit compatible smart door locks.

You can control your electronic devices from the couch, coffee shop, or the Caribbean by using free WeMo app on your iOS device.

USP: AwayMode
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That’s all folks!

Wrapping up…

A smart plug makes your everyday life easy and comfortable. The real idea of controlling your home appliances with a touch or voice is exciting. If you have been using traditional wall outlets for many years, you can start with a single unit, and then entire home.

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