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Best HomeKit Compatible Door Locks in 2024

Gone are the days when people wanted to build their sweet home. Now they dream about a smart home. And the first thing you should install a smart lock. This ensures the full safety of your home, belongings, and most importantly, your loved ones. But which smart lock to choose? Instead of meandering through the jungle of products online, check some of the best HomeKit compatible door locks here.

1. August AUG-SL-CON-S03

August HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

August smart door lock works on its DoorSense technology, which lets you know if the door is locked securely or not. This technology keeps you alert about your home’s security. Another security feature is tracking of activity at the doorstep; August’s Activity Feed continuously monitors who is coming and going.

When guests arrive, you can give them hourly or weekly access of August smart lock. A notable feature of this smart door lock is it locks automatically behind you and unlocks when you go close to the lock.

USP: Constant tracking of activity
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2. Friday Home

Friday HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

People tend to forget the keys at home or office. This makes their entry in the home difficult. With Friday Home’s wireless door lock, your keyless entry is a breeze. State-of-the-art technology gels well with your lifestyle and it helps you to unlock the digital door locks smartly. When you approach the door, Friday Home lock recognizes your iPhone and automatically unlocks door for you.

When friends and relatives visit your home, you can share access to Friday Home smart lock for a couple of days or hours. Later, you can revoke this access with the same ease. The sleek and stylish smart lock is easy to install and operate.

USP: Smallest retrofit lock
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3. Kwikset

Kwikset HomeKit Compatible Door Locks

Here is a smart deadbolt door lock with a touchscreen. You can set a passcode to unlock it or use Apple HomeKit and command Siri to open the door. You can use the Premis app or Apple Home app to schedule access for certain times of days. Moreover, you can easily send, delete, add, or disable access codes.

When you rush to office in a hurry and forget if you have locked the front door, you can check the status of your lock by using Premis app. You can also use Siri to check the status of your door lock.

USP: 30 customizable user codes
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4. Schlage

Schlage HomeKit Compatible Smart Lock

Schlage has made it simple to lock and unlock your front door with a voice command or a touchscreen. This digital door lock enables you to set an access code to open the door. This feature removes the need of keeping keys with you always. At the same time, you can share access with your friends and family with a few easy steps taken on Schlage iOS app.

You can use your iPad or Apple TV as a hub to connect this smart lock with the devices and use the Home app to operate the lock from a distance.

USP: One-year battery life
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5. Yale Security

Yale Security HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

If you keep regular hours at home, you can create daily schedules to lock the front door of your home with Yale Security. By creating schedules, you can ensure that your smart front door is locked at a specific time each day. When you set up a schedule, you are worry-free of locking the door before you go to bed.

Are you using Apple TV at home? Turn the device into a hub to access Yale’s smart lock from anywhere. Make sure you have an Apple TV 4TH generation or later. You can also use a backlit touchscreen to lock and unlock the door with a pin code.

USP: Backlit touchscreen
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6. VOCOlinc

VOCOlinc HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

Ordinary smart locks running on a poor battery can lock you out. Not the case with VOCOlinc, which gives you the power of AA Alkaline batteries. This extended battery life lasts four to six months. Moreover, this smart lock takes enough care of safety and convenience. In case your family members don’t want to use the app or voice command. They can also use a standard key to lock and unlock the VOCOlinc smart door lock.

VOCOlinc offers a different method to use this smart lock. You can operate the door lock in six different ways viz. voice control via Siri, App control via Apple HomeKit, Extra features via LinkWise app, Keycode entry, Remote access/control, and Standard key – KW1 type.

USP: AA Alkaline batteries
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