Best Accessories for HomePod and HomePod Mini in 2022

Best HomePod and HomePod Mini Accessories

A smart speaker, Apple’s HomePod, is a high-end device. Listening to music may be its primary use, but it is much more than that. How do you achieve its maximum potential? For starters, you can get HomePod to its maximum use by connecting it with HomeKit. There also lies a plethora of accessories out there that can help you achieve the same.

This article explores the best accessories for your HomePod and HomePod Mini to enhance their performance.

  1. Bestand
  2. FitTurn
  3. TABcare
  4. AutoSonic
  6. LANMU
  7. EVOS
  8. Legrand – OnQ
  9. VOCOlinc

1. BESTAND Homepod Travel Case – Best for Protection

Bestand Travel Case Accessory for HomePod

All-round protection for your HomePod, this case lets you travel with your speaker with ease. It is semi-waterproof, shockproof, and also protects your device from any kinds of scratches or dents. It can handle accidental drops and also keeps liquids away from your speaker. There are many travel cases for HomePod and HomePod Mini, but this is highly recommended for its durability and lightweight.


  • Durable: Drop protection, semi-waterproof, semi-shockproof.
  • Portable and Light-Weight: It comes with a leather-wrapped handle that makes it easier to carry.
  • Zipper: It comes with a double 360-degree zipper, making it easier to remove the speaker from the case.

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2. FitTurn Case – Designer’s Pick

FitTurn Accessory for HomePod

Here is a case that not only protects your HomePod; but also glams it up. With a full boy mesh hollow design, the FitTurn case attracts the visual appeal of your speaker. The silicone coating makes it damage-proof from dropping, nail scratches and also protects it from dirt. This coating also ensures no volume obstruction. Thus, listen to your music in peace and also have those long conversations with Siri unhindered. It is available in multiple color options.


  • Design: Hollow-silicone mesh design, lots of cool color options to choose from.
  • Easy to charge: Cut-outs for the power cord to charge without removing the case.
  • Warranty: 30-day Warranty.

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3. TABcare Anti-Theft VESA Case – Keep Your Device Safe

TABcare Anti-Theft VESA Case for HomePod Mini

TABcare Anti-Theft Security VESA Case is a must-have device for HomePod Mini users. Being a tiny speaker, you need to ensure that your HomePod Mini stays in place and no trespasser can get hold of it. This is a standard VESA 75mm x 75mm case, robust, durable, and serves the purpose of ultimate protection. Not only that, this case ensures that your HomePod does not fall and break off.


  • Color options: Available in Black and White.
  • Light-weight: 0.4lb

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4. AutoSonic Stand for HomePod – Anti-Slip Base

AutoSonic stand Accessory for HomePod

Autosonic’s resilient stand is customized especially for HomePod and HomePod Mini. This aluminum stand enhances your smart-home experience and adds to the overall appearance of your home. Known for its high-quality products, Autosonic’s stand for HomePod stands true to the brand and offers an elegant, healthy, and sustainable stand. Leaving your speaker on a table or unused furniture is so 2015. With this stand, raise the platform a little and lay your speaker on it to achieve the best spot. (Did I quote Sheldon?)


  • Space: Easy to place; do not occupy much space.
  • Anti-Slip Pad: Helps keep the HomePod in place.
  • Premium Protective Covering: The coating, along with the aluminum base, makes it perfect for HomePod.

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5. NOBRAND2 Wall-Mount Holder – Best Suited for Wall Hanging

NOBRAND2 Wall-Mount for Homepod Mini

Made of exquisite transparent acrylic, NOBRAND2 Wall-Mount Bracket Holder is apt for your Homepod Mini. It can be installed easily on the wall, or let it rest on your table in the study table. This speaker gives you the space you want! The holder is made of transparent acrylic material to make your smart speaker experience aesthetically pleasing. It is strong, durable, and sturdy, worth laying your trust upon. The installation process is also easy, tighten two screws, and you are good to go.

What are you waiting for? Buy it already!


  • Easy installation: Only need to adjust two screws, and you are good to go.
  • Visual Appeal: The transparent acrylic adds to the beauty of your HomePod Mini.
  • Budget-friendly: Do not burn a hole in your pocket.

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6. LANMU Silicone Anti-Slip Pad – Shockproof

LANMU Silicone Pad Accessory for HomePod

LANMU’s anti-slip pad lets you capture the full essence of your music. Here’s how. The silicone finish of the pad absorbs the speaker’s variations and maintains the dignity of the tracks. Placing the HomePod directly on the table also creates unwanted white rings on your furniture and damages it. Forget the white rings or any stains on your furniture with the anti-slip pad on.


  • Shockproof: Absorbs shock and vibrations, thus protecting both furniture and your HomePod.
  • Firm: The flat rubber base keeps the HomePod firm.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty

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7. EVOS Fixed Height Speaker Floor Stand – Best for Cable Management

LANMU Silicone Pad Accessory for HomePod

An easy-to-install floor stand, Evos Floor stand is all you need to place your HomePod to the desired spot in your house or outside. Its premium silicone pads keep the speaker in place, and the solid steel base ensures stability. I specifically admire the stand due to cable management, which gets complicated with the other stands. With Evos’s stand, the cable runs along the pole, which also looks less clumsy. Get yourself one today and enjoy your speaker with a nice barbeque in your backyard.


  • Stability: The silicone pad ensures stability and keeps the speaker in place.
  • Strength: The steel base ensures safety to your device.
  • Less-clumsy: The cable management ensures that it is not bent, and the appearance is less clumsy.

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8. Legrand Smart Light Switch – Live Better With It

Legrand Smart Light Switch Accessory for HomePod and HomePod Mini

Legrand offers a smart solution to monitor your lights in the house. Once the switch is wired, it helps you control the connected bulbs with your Apple devices. Yes, you can turn your lights on or off using your iPad or iPhone. Isn’t this a treat for your sore eyes? All the lazy people in the house, you heard me! This is not it; there is more to this merriment. Legrand also has an app dedicated to monitoring the switches. Automate your house with the Apple Home app or use their app. Life cannot get simpler.


  • No hub needed: The smart switch connects to your home WiFi and does not need a hub.
  • Easy installation: The installation is easy, no different than your regular switch.
  • App-driven control: Monitor the switches using their app or Apple Home app.

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9. VOCOlinc Smart Plug – Best for Remote Access

VOCOlinc Smart Plug Accessory for HomePod and HomePod Mini

The VOCOlinc Smart Plug offers a hands-free and responsive home control experience for its users. You can control the switch using your voice command. It is easy to install and syncs with your smart home experience. The Smart Plug is also designed to fit two plugs into one dual outlet, which means the second plug shall never get blocked. Using preset schedules, you can schedule a time to turn your switches on/off automatically. They work with iOS 13 and above and have a dedicated app to monitor the progress.


  • Pre-schedule: Schedule your On/Off time with the preset schedules in the app.
  • Multiple plugs: Group multiple plugs and control them simultaneously.
  • Easy to integrate

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Which HomePod Mini Accessories are you using?

I strongly recommend pairing your HomePod and HomePod Mini with smart accessories to extend their capabilities. After all, that’s the benefit of owning modern equipment.

My personal favorites from the list are VOCOlinc Smart Plug and BESTAND Travel Case for their strength and ease of use. What are yours? Share your answer in the comment section below.

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