How to Set Up and Use HomePod Mini or HomePod

How to Set Up and Use HomePod Mini or HomePod

Apple’s HomePod and HomePod Mini are extremely easy to set up and use. Why not? They are designed to add ease. Whether you are using a single, smart speaker or have a dedicated device for different corners of your home, this handy guide can help you set up and use your HomePod and HomePod Mini in the most seamless manner.

Step 1. Place Your HomePod on Solid Surface

To start with, keep your HomePod or HomePod Mini on a solid flat surface near a power socket. Plug it in. This will send a chime touching your eardrums and pulsing white light reflecting on your eyeballs through the top of your HomePod.

Step 2. Set Up HomePod with your iOS Device

Once you notice the mentioned indications, your device is ready for use. Now unlock your iPhone or iPad and bring it close to your smart speaker. As soon as you do that, your iOS device will identify your HomePod and reflect the SetUp option on your screen with your Device’s picture and name.

Step 3. Follow the On-screen Instructions

As soon as you tap on the SetUp tab located at the popup window on your iOS device, the true showreel starts. Having said this, I intend to keep your focus on the following onscreen instructions. This will include asking the location of HomePod in your home and a few other vitals.

By the time you’ll reach the end of the setup process, your iPhone/iPad will ask you to locate the Device in the Center of the viewfinder. Just in case you can’t access the camera, tap on ‘Enter Passcode Manually’ at the bottom. Siri will then dictate a four-digit passcode. Enter it manually, and you are good to go.

Step 4. Wait for HomePod to Finish Setup

Your Device won’t take long to finish the setup process. The time thus taken is essentially dependent on the internet speed. However, once it completed the setup process by applying your preferred settings, you’ll be greeted by Siri, followed by a few examples of things you can ask Siri to do for you.

To Manually Set up HomePod or HomePod Mini

Though the steps above should work seamlessly for you, there’s a manual way to set up your HomePod using your iPhone/iPad. To do so, open the Home app, and tap on the ‘+’ icon located at the top right corner of the screen. Now tap on ‘Add Accessory’ followed by ‘I Don’t Have a Code or Cannot Scan.’ This will enable the device to scan for nearby products and reflect your HomePod on the screen. Tap on it and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the setup process.

How to Use HomePod or HomePod Mini with Voice

Now that we have discussed and understood all the possible ways to set up HomePod, it’s time to begin using it and unleash its true potential. The best part about the device is that it’s as friendly with Siri as she is with us. Your HomePod/HomePod Mini comes with voice recognition for Siri. It allows you to operate it hands-free by recognizing your voice.

Not just this, if there are few other people in the house, it can also distinguish between the voices to know who’s talking. To use the feature, you need to enable Voice Recognition for your Device.

  1. In the Home app on your iPhone and iPad, tap on Setup Hey! Siri.
  2. Siri will then prompt a couple of questions to ask. After that, tap on Enable Personal Requests.

Control HomePod with the Touch Controls

  1. Touch and hold the top of your HomePod/Mini to activate Siri. Doing this, you can directly command Siri and skip the formality of saying ‘Hey Siri.’
  2. Notice the + and sign at the top of your HomePod? Tap on them to increase or decrease the volume.
  3. Tap at the top of the HomePod or Mini to Play and Pause.
  4. Likewise, Double-tap will play the next song, and triple-tap will jump to the previous.
  5. Just in case you use Siri as an alarm or to notify you. You can tap anywhere at the top of it to dismiss the same.

Note: If you are using touch controls with voice recognition. You’ll have to add tap to all the controls, like double-tap to play and pause, etc.

Use Siri on HomePod

Using HomePod with voice commands is the best thing you can do. Once you enable the feature, you can do anything from starting your day with an alarm to controlling your home using a simple voice command.

All you need to do is, say ‘Hey Siri.’

How to Change your HomePod Settings

  1. In the Home app, tap and hold the HomePod icon.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select settings followed by the category you wish to change settings for.

Get Started with your new HomePod Mini

There’s isn’t any doubt about the proficiency and friendliness of HomePod; however, with the launch of HomePod Mini, Apple took technology to an all-new level. The smart speakers with the latest iOS version can serve a range of purposes. I hope that the steps mentioned above help you use it to the best.

Just in case there’s an odd day, and you need to reset your HomePod/HomePod Mini, our quick guide should help you do it. Or if there’s anything else, I’m with all my ears in the comment section below.

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