How to Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini: 3 Ways to Do It!

How to Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini to Factory Settings

HomePod Mini is a relatively new offering in comparison to HomePod. While certain advancements have been recently introduced, you need to follow similar steps to reset your HomePod or HomePod Mini to its factory settings. Though chances are pretty rare, the need might pertain due to ill-functioning or some other glitch. If you came across one and need to reset it, here are some quick steps to do it using your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Use the Home App to Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini

  1. Open the Home App on your iPhone or iPad and long-press HomePod.
  2. Now scroll to the bottom and tap on Remove Accessory.
  3. Finally, tap on Remove.Tap on Remove Accessory to Reset Homepod Using HomeApp on iPhone

Press the top of HomePod or HomePod Mini to Reset It

  1. Please wait for 10 seconds after unplugging your HomePod or HomePod Mini and replug it.
  2. Once it starts, wait for around 5 seconds and then hold your finger at the top of your HomePod until the white spinning light turns to red.
  3. You’ll listen to three Beeps sound after Siri prompts that it is about to reset your HomePod or HomePod Mini.

Note: Don’t lift your finger until you listen to the sound of three Beeps.

How to Reset HomePod mini with a Mac

  1. Use the USB-C Cable to plug in your HomePod/HomePod Mini into your Mac.
  2. After a few seconds, you’ll notice your HomePod under locations in the sidebar.
  3. Select it and then click Restore HomePod.

Those Methods Work for Resetting your HomePod

Just in case you are new to HomePod Mini and have a couple of them around your house, I recommend you to use the intercom feature once. You’ll surely fall in love with your smart speaker. For now, I’ll sign off with the hope that the quick guide helps you reset your HomePod or HomePod Mini.

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