Best USB-C to USB-C charging cables for Mac in 2024

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Due to rapid technological advancements, it is imperative to invest in reliable and efficient Mac charging solutions. The problem is that there are so many choices available that it can be difficult to pick the right product.

That’s no longer the case! We’re here today to introduce you to the best USB-C to USB-C charging cables for MacBooks with a myriad of options flooding the market.

1. Apple charging cable – Editor’s Choice

Apple charging cable

As we embark on our quest to find the best USB-C charging cable for MacBook, it’s best to start by searching at home for options. When it comes to reliability, durability, and compatibility, Apple is simply unrivaled. Exclusively for Apple devices, this USB-C cable boasts fast charging capabilities while efficiently powering up your device without damaging it.

Apple charging cable features a slim and subtle design capable of pairing with various USB-C power adapters for Mac. Moreover, the high-quality materials used in this 2m cable make it an ideal travel companion.

The intelligent chip is a superior feature that surpasses factors such as overvoltage protection, ensuring that your valuable MacBook is safeguarded against any potential damage. With Apple’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and ensuring optimal performance, this USB-C charging cable meets all the right criteria.


  • Apple’s support
  • Well-suited with MacBooks
  • Does the job


  • It may not last longer

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2. Anker charging cable – Sleek and stylish

Anker charging cable

With impressive capabilities and high-quality build, it’s time to welcome the Anker nylon charging cable for your Mac. It is well-known to ensure reliability and power delivery at all times, regardless of the use case. This cable can diligently put the hunger away for your device by boasting a 100W power output.

If you frequently forget that your devices are connected and move around carelessly, rest assured. This cable features a length of 10 feet to provide you with ample room for movement. The nylon braiding material further enhances longevity by providing resistance against damage by bending or stretching. Its durable build and outstanding performance make it an excellent option.

Additionally, the Anker Cable meets strict industry standards for data transfer speeds, ensuring seamless file transfers between devices without compromise. Overall, individuals keeping an eye out for a dependable USB-C cable for their MacBook can rely on the Anker Cable 100W 10ft.


  • Nylon braided cable
  • 12,000 bend lifespan
  • Hard-wearing exterior


  • Fails to reliably charge a MacBook Pro
  • Inconsistent

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3. AINOPE charging cable – Climate pledge friendly

AINOPE charging cable

ANIOPE has become a go-to choice for many MacBook users all across the globe looking for a reliable and efficient charging solution. The impressive features and exceptional performance of this cable stand out from many. With its ergonomic 90° Right Angle “L” design, it will prevent typical wear, straining cable, and connection issues, extending the cable’s life. 

This 60W fast charging cable seamlessly supports PD3.0/QC3.0/QC4.0, compatible with every USB charger for Mac. AINOPE also emphasizes safety by incorporating built-in safeguards like overvoltage protection, ensuring worry-free usage. And those who constantly indulge in file transfers can experience data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps, ensuring quick file transfers. 

Proven in laboratory environments, this SR joint cable lasts almost 30x longer than traditional USB-C cables, capable of withstanding 40000 bends. These impeccable combinations of functionality and features are the reasons why ANIPOE is the top contender in this list. Definitely worth trying.


  • Advanced right-angle design
  • Reliable durability
  • Highly compatible


  • Does not support fast charging for selected devices

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4. SOOPII charging cable – Smart and efficient

 SOOPII 100W 10ft USB C to USB C Cable Fast Charge

This is the most interesting and smart product on our display today. The SOOPII USB-C to USB-C cable charger features an amazing power supply of 100W along with a 10-foot cable length. The unique and smart design of this cable brings you a real-time charging power display with a built-in smart chipset that safeguards the health of the battery. 

Blessed with tried and tested 36,000+ bends, this cable is comprised of special zinc alloy and rugged nylon braided exterior. Hence, rest assured, as SOOPII charging cable serves you longer and stronger for days to come. This cable delivers power flawlessly and works with all devices that support USB-C charging, including the MacBook. 

For individuals in search of exceptional performance that is dependable and effective, SOOPII is an excellent choice, given its vast array of features and capabilities. Its reliable and efficient performance is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of users.


  • Smart power display
  • Supports 100W fast charging
  • Nice at lower wattages


  • Less than optimal charging speed
  • The display screen for the wattage is not completely accurate

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5. JSAUX charging cable – Double-ended USB-C cable

 JSAUX 100W USB C to USB C Cable

Our expedition has now brought us to JSAUX, one of the best MacBook chargers available in the market. It is equipped with exceptional performance and impressive durability, capable of delivering a whopping 100W of power, ensuring fast and efficient charging. It is also comprised of an extra layer of protection against bending or fraying. 

Wait, there’s more. There is a built-in SUPER E-MARK chip that focuses on the supplied power based on the respective battery. Featuring a 3D aluminum connector and exclusive laser welding technology, this cable complies with every industry standard. What’s more, it can automatically detect the battery capacity at 80% and adjust the power supply accordingly.  

This, along with the trickle mode to extend your device’s battery life and protect it from damage, makes it well worth it. Given all the features, it’s safe to conclude that JSAUX USB-C charging cable is all you need to keep your MacBook charged effectively without any compromises in quality or performance.


  • Certified safety
  • Built-in E-Mark chip
  • Laser welding connector


  • Unresponsive at times

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6. IFEART USB-C to USB-C charging cable

10ft USB C to USB C Cable for iPad Pro 12.9 11 inch

With a universal match to every PD USB-C charger, IFEART is at your service. But compatibility is just one of the major selling points for this charging cable. It is constructed with premium materials, dedicated to providing a long-lasting performance and withstanding wear and tear marginally. 

The power delivery capabilities of this cable ensure that your MacBook’s battery health is always preserved, regardless of the voltage setting of the socket. Once your start using this piece of art, there is no going back, as it eliminates the need for dongles or adapters. 

Finally, for those who are concerned about the quality of the cable, you’ll not be disappointed. The reinforced connectors and a braided nylon exterior will always be on guard at all times. If you’re on the go or working at your desk, the IFEART USB-C to USB-C charging cable ensures reliable and efficient power delivery for your MacBook.


  • USB-IF Certified
  • 20V 3A output
  • Superior durability


  • Not advised for a few devices

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7. YBMTIGICS charging cable – Durable and flexible

Apple USB C to USB C Cable iPad Charger Fast Charging 6ft Long

Showcasing outstanding performance, rugged durability, and enhanced compatibility, allow me to introduce you to YBMTIGICS USB-C to USB-C charging cable. The upscaled USB-C 3.1 technology of this product supports lightning-fast charging speed effortlessly while enabling the users to make the most of high-speed data sync at 480Mbps.

The robust construction of the YBMTIGICS cable ensures excellent reliability and longevity. It can diligently withstand up to 12,000 bends. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about overheating or overcharging as this cable is equipped with an intelligent design that handles those concerns.

Every individual seeking a dependable and efficient charging solution for their MacBook should not hesitate to buy this simple and sleek alternative. Being a top priority for many, YBMTIGICS USB-C to USB-C charging cable is unbeatable in multiple aspects.


  • Supports Power Delivery
  • Built to last
  • Universal compatibility
  • E-Mark 60W chip


  • Not compatible with iPad Air 4
  • Compromised quality

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8. Anker Powerline III charging cable – Live charged

Anker Powerline III USB C to USB C Charger Cable 100W 6ft 2.0

Here’s another champ all set to take your burden away of finding an optimal charging cable for Mac. The Anker Powerline III USB-C to USB-C charging cable boasts a robust design and advanced technology while promising to keep your Mac juiced up at all times. 

The design of this cable features USB-C connectors on both ends to ensure compatibility with almost every MacBook out there. Moreover, the power delivery capacity of this cable is followed by 100W energy dismissal, which can charge your device 58% faster than traditional cables. And don’t worry; it is well-equipped with the necessary protocols to keep your device safe. 

The Powerline III is built to last with reinforced connectors and a durable braided nylon exterior that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Overall, the Anker Powerline III is an excellent combination of superior performance, durability, and versatility in a sleek package, perfect for MacBook users.


  • Dual-Chip design
  • High-Speed compatible
  • Slimmer yet strong


  • Passive aggressive customer service
  • Occasionally fails to support 100W

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9. Deegotech charging cable – Nylon braided

 Deegotech USB C to USB C Cable

The Deegotech USB-C to USB-C Cable is undoubtedly one of the best USB-C charging cables for MacBooks in 2023. This premium cable stands out due to its exceptional quality, durability, and fast charging capabilities. The Deegotech charging cable boasts sturdy construction, reinforced at both ends to ensure durability and prevent fraying or damage over time. 

Those who are equipped with 87W/96W/120W power adapters can seamlessly enjoy the support of 0V/5A max power delivery and fast charge. Basically, it can charge your Mac up to 38% in a matter of 30 minutes. Other extensions that will prove useful include easy-to-use file-sharing and high-speed data transfers. 

Exhibiting an impressive power output of 100W, the Deegotech USB-C charging cable is well-suited for every power-hungry MacBook out there. Finally, it also eliminates the frustration of fumbling with plug orientation by providing reversible connectors on both ends. In conclusion, this unbeatable combination of functionality and reality is definitely a choice you should consider.


  • Widely compatible
  • Built to Last
  • 6.6ft long cable
  • 480 Mbps sync speed


  • USB-C connectors are too thick
  • Braided material is decent

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10. Amazon Basics charging cable – The OG

Amazon Basics USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Fast Charging Cable

Let’s finish off with a masterpiece straight from Amazon. The Amazon Basics cable utilizes the latest technology to provide fast and efficient charging for your MacBook, ensuring it powers up quickly. It is further capable of emitting up to 480 Mbps data transfer speed followed by power output up to 5V. 

The reinforced connectors and high-quality exterior are simply commendable. It can withstand everyday use without compromising on performance and safety, making it a versatile option for MacBook users. 

Additionally, this cable supports fast data transfer speeds, enabling seamless file transfers between devices. With its affordable price point and excellent performance, the Amazon Basics USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Fast Charging Cable proves to be a reliable choice for professionals seeking a top-notch charging solution for their MacBook. 


  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Reversible design
  • Certified by USB-IF


  • Not ideal for 60W
  • Doesn’t last long

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The future is here!

Whether you’re a busy professional on the go, with these USB cables, you can bid farewell to slow charging and tangled cords. Embrace the convenience, speed, and reliability that the USB-C standard offers, and let your MacBook shine at its brightest potential.

Thank you for reading. Please comment below and let us know which USB cable you prefer from the list provided.

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