Somehow, I’ve never been a fan of Evernote. It’s an awesome app so don’t misinterpret my statement. It’s just that Evernote has been a lot of features for me: features that bloat an otherwise decent interface and that make things a little complex.

But of course there are alternatives that aren’t as good as Evernote is. Some of you might be of the opinion that nothing beats Evernote. I guess that’s something I’ll sometimes agree with. Evernote has everything. It’s a complete one-stop solution.

Still, if you’re looking for Evernote alternatives, this post might be useful. We’ve got five really awesome alternatives to Evernote. Here’s the catch: they’re not as complete as Evernote is but if you’re looking for a less heavy version of Evernote, these alternatives will work good.

Best Evernote Alternatives

#1. Catch Notes

Catch Notes iPhone App - LogoCatch Notes has a wonderful design. It’s got good functionally too. Unlike Evernote, it’s not one that gets too much ‘professional’ – it’s not for GTD freaks. It’s simplistic in its approach – more like the Wunderkind app we reviewed – but it’s awesome and more powerful. You’ll love the interface if you love minimalism. If you use, you’ll also be able to sync to all devices too.

Download Catch Notes

#2. Springpad

Springpad iPhone App - LogoSpringpad is a perfect note-taking app. You’ll find this to be a familiar thing (like Pinterest but Springpad came first). Springpad will be the best Evernote alternative for people who’re GTD-intense. Although not as minimal as Catch Notes in terms of features, Springpad is awesome in its own way. As powerful as it can get.

Download Springpad

#3. Memonic

Memonic iPhone App - LogoMemonic has a great web interface/app and I’m not so sure if you’ll like the interface of its iOS app but it has a powerful functionality. The app looks a little old but it’s fast (so unlike Evernote). And then there’s a good level of sync support and the app is free. Memonic could be a good alternative if you’re looking at something less fancy.

Download Memonic

#4. WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy iPhone App - LogoWorkFlowy isn’t a full-fledged Evernote replacement because you don’t get the advantages of image clippings to be added but it’s a notepad on steroids. It boasts some enormous powers that are best experienced. WorkFlowy has a beautiful web interface too – to manage and sync things – and if you’re looking at a note-only kind of an app that’s brilliant, WorkFlowy will fly.

Download WorkFlowy

#5. OneNote

OneNote iPhone App - LogoOneNote from Microsoft isn’t a very popular app amongst Mac users but GTD-guys/gals who are intent on having some solution that’s powerful opt for OneNote. It is said that Evernote kind of dethroned OneNote but I think OneNote is still some kind of a mammoth when it comes to note-taking. Again, it’s a powerful solution.

Download OneNote

#6. Fastever

Fastever iPhone App - LogoFastever is not exactly an Evernote alternative but if you’re looking for Evernote alternatives just because Evernote feels slow and laggy, Fastever might change your opinion. There are two disadvantages: first off, it’s a paid app at $1.99 and secondly, there’s a small learning curve.

Download Fastever

  • Dionatan Hovoruski

    Im using notekeys. I like their search engine. Really simple and usefull.