Evernote has long been a top note-taking app. However, there are several other apps which can give it a strong fight and even take the title of the best note-taking apps away from it. Check out these best Evernote alternatives for iPhone and iPad, which provide an amazing note taking experience.

No matter where you are—in the classroom, conference or meeting, you will be able to record ideas and thoughts quickly. Use tags and pins to keep your notes in perfect order and easily accessible. There are several other handy tools to customize notes. Find out more about the functionalities of these top note-taking apps for iPhone and iPad!

Best Evernote Alternatives for iPhone

Best Evernote Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

#1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote iPhone App Icon“Microsoft OneNote” is a fully-featured and powerful alternative to Evernote from every aspect. Whether it's capturing ideas on the go, recording audio notes or adding PowerPoint presentation or PDF, it's equipped to make your task of note taking an easy affair.

You can organize your note just the way you want. Instantly find out your most recent notes. To make the task even more convenient, pin the pages you use most. There are a number of pen colors and settings to let you create an impressive drawing and handwritten notes. Use passwords to provide more security to your notes and access them using your Touch ID. Besides, you can create to-dos in order to track several tasks like travel planning, groceries shopping and more.

Price: Free

#2. MetaMoJi Note

MetaMoJi Note Lite iPhone App Icon“MetaMoJi Note” is highly functional and provides a great note taking experience. With a variety of pens, paper layouts available, you can write, sketch or draw beautifully.

Use the voice memos to capture your ideas a lot easily. There are some neat tools to let you annotate PDF to your best liking. It lets you import Microsoft Office files using Google Drive. Share your notes with your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Price: Free

#3. MyScript Memo

MyScript Memo iPhone App Icon“MyScript Memo” is ideal for writing quality memos. By adding drawings, diagrams, and pictures, it lets you enhance your note.

There are a number of editing tools which allow you to write and design your note effortlessly. Select the background paper, tweak the default line width as well as color to customize your memos. Most importantly, it supports 9 user-interface languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and as many as 63 handwriting recognition languages such as Danish, French, Japanese, Polish etc. – Aug 27, 2015

Price: Free

#4. FastEver 2

FastEver 2 iPhone App Icon“FastEver 2” is a top-notch note taking app. It lets you create Evernote note with ease. You can insert images and place location with your note.

Use Command+S shortcut to save a note with external keyboards. It supports split-view multitasking feature on iPad. The app also works with Evernote business.

Price: $3.99

#5. Notebook

Notebook iPhone App IconConsidering the efficiency, you would like to get Notebook for a better note taking experience. Whether you are in a meeting or conference, you will be able to prepare a note with the needed comfort.

Write the text, add suitable photos, sketch, checklist, and audio to make a complete note. Organize your notes and sync them across your devices to access them without any hassle. The handy gestures and neat customizable options boost user-experience.

Price: Free

#6. Notability

Notability iPhone App IconNotability is made to be a superior app for both note taking and PDF annotation. You can handwrite and sketch using attractive ink. It lets you draw straight lines for different shapes, graphs, and designs.

You can neatly arrange notes and share them via email, Dropbox, Twitter, AirDrop. Thanks to automatic palm detection on iPad, you are able to write beautifully on your tablet. As it supports Apple Pencil, you will be able to write with absolute precision on the iPad.

Price: $9.99

#7. Simplenote

Simplenote iPhone App IconSimplenote has always been a tough competitor to Evernote. What makes it such a useful note-taking app is the simplicity with which it allows you to create and keep your notes organized. With the use of tags and pins, it allows you to keep your notes completely systematized. The easy-to-use features and institutive user-interface are its biggest asset.

Price: Free

#8. Notes: Supernote Recorder

Notes iPhone App IconThis one is ideally geared for meeting, interviews, conferences, lectures, presentations. You can use recordings and photos to prepare note comfortably even on the fly.

There are several color-coded note templates to simplify your task of note taking. Keep your notes organized by date, category or even alphabetically. As per your need, you can change color and even template of your note.

Price: Free

#9. InkPad Notepad

InkPad Notepad iPhone App Icon“InkPad Notepad” makes note taking a painless affair. You can quickly add to-do list and shopping list to your note. Based on your need, you will be able to easily edit your note. Backup your note to access it anywhere from InkPad website. It also lets you share notes with your friends and followers.

Price: Free

#10. Genius Notepad

Genius Notepad iPhone App IconGenius Notepad is rich in terms of functionality. It provides you the easiest possible way to create notes and lets you control them with the desired comfort.

Keep your notes in well-order using shortcuts and folders to access them instantly. You can export your note to PDF. There is a night mode to let you type in the dark or low-lit areas comfortably and prevent your eyes from straining.

Price: Free

Signing Off

Take the utmost advantage of these best alternatives to Evernote and record your ideas with ease. You may also like to check out this great collection of the best writing apps for iPhone and iPad.

Which is the best note taking app from your perspective? Do let us know that in the comments and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read more such top lists of iOS apps. Also, make sure to download our app on your iPhone and iPad.

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