Best PDF Editors for iPhone and iPad in 2020: Annotating PDF Files Made Remarkably Plain Sailing

I no longer heavily rely on Mac to edit PDF files. Whenever I’m on the move or want to get the work done faster, I prefer to use my iPad to zoom through the task. Let alone the ultra-large tablet; even iPhone comes handy for basic requirements. Based on my personal experience and the valuable feedback from other users, I have rounded up the best PDF editors for iOS, which offer desired control over managing PDF files.

So, if you are in quest of a top-notch tool to read and annotate files, you shouldn’t miss out on this collection. For editing documents on the go, they are far ahead of their peers. Enough praise, let’s swim across to discover more about the new-age PDF readers!

2020’s Best PDF Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn’t need any introduction, does it? Ranked at number 4 in the business category, the app provides you the needed liberty to read, view and design your PDFs to your best liking.

You can also add comments on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing tools. Using several advance annotation tools, you will be able to highlight and mark up the text.

Easily fill out PDF forms by typing text into fields. And you can use Apple Pencil to sign documents elegantly. Furthermore, it lets you reorder, rotate, and delete the unwanted pages to keep your files in perfect sync.

Price: Free

#2. PDF Expert

PDF Expert iPhone and iPad PDF Editor App Screenshot

Readdle’s PDF Expert has achieved legendary status. No list of top PDF editors for iOS will be complete without this top-notch app. What I really admire about this app is the unmatched simplicity. You can read, edit, annotate your files as proficiently as you would ever like.

It allows you to change text and images right in the PDF. You will also be able to fill and sign your documents. Better still, you can use the Redact feature to erase or hide any confidential information in your documents permanently.

Price: $9.99

#3. GoodNotes 4

GoodNotes 4 iPhone and iPad PDF Editor App Screenshot

When you talk about most user-friendly PDF editors for iOS, GoodNotes 4 instantly comes into the picture. I really appreciate its ability to make editing files smooth sailing. It offers you more flexibility to take control of your documents.

You can insert images, draw accurate shapes easily, mix between any kind of papers and be able to insert PDF docs inside a notebook as well.

You have several types of templates to choose from: lined papers, graph papers, music papers, and a number of notebook covers. Besides, you can also add your template using an image or a PDF file. Due mainly to the advanced OCR technology, you can quickly search your handwritten notes.

Price: $7.99

#4. GoodReader

GoodReader iPhone and iPad PDF Editor App Screenshot

GoodReader is much more than just a PDF editor. You can use it to not just take control of your PDFs but also manage your entire files effortlessly. You will be able to read and annotate your files with complete peace of mind.

It lets you multiple file formats including MS Office, TXT, and HTML. You will rename, zip, unzip and unRAR files and folders. It offers you more flexibility to store your data to several cloud services Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive,, etc. Did I say; it also comes with a text-to-speech feature to make your device read PDF and TXT files for you.

Price: $5.99

#5. iAnnotate 4

iAnnotate 4 iPhone and iPad PDF Editor Screenshot

“iAnnotate 4” has long been one of my favorite PDF editors for iPhone. With a wide range of editing tools, the app lets you view, annotate and sign PDF with complete freedom. The intuitive user interface and customizable features ensure you can get your work done more efficiently.

You can select from various tools like pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamp, straight-line, note, underline, strikeout, photo, voice recording, arrow, rectangle, circle, and date stamp tools to beautifully annotate your files. It lets you synchronize your files with multiple cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud Drive. Thanks to the support for all the multitasking features and Apple Pencil, it lets you get the most out of your iPad!

Price: $9.99

#6. PDF Viewer by PSPDFKit

PDF Viewer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are looking for a lightweight yet highly user-friendly PDF editor, give this one a serious look. Use this app to quickly import PDF from cloud services and annotate it with the help of easy-to-use tools.

You can use your finger or Apple Pencil to highlight and markup text. Want to emphasize some important points? Add comments to your files to put a bit more stress on some of the pivotal ideas. To make your files more appealing, you can also add images or audio to your documents. Better still, there is also a night mode to let you work comfortably in the dark environment.

Price: Free

#7. Foxit PDF Reader & Converter

Foxit PDF Reader & Converter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When it comes to editing PDF with the desired flair, Foxit is second to none. Using this easy-to-use app, you can view, annotate, and even protect PDF files. It lets you view several file formats like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT and image files.

You will be able to rename, move, copy and delete PDF file easily. It allows you to zip and unzip files as well. Besides, you can also share your PDF files with your friends and collaborate with them.

Even better, Foxit has the support for 12 languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Price: Free

#8. LiquidText PDF Reader

LiquidText PDF Reader iPad App Screenshot

Specifically designed for iPad, LiquidText is an excellent PDF editor. Whether it’s editing PDF files immaculately or keeping them perfectly organized as per your demanding workflow, it can live up to your task with aplomb.

Add notes, highlight some vital part and even draw on your files. You can also add comments that link to multiple documents. To ensure all of your data remain secure and accessible across multiple devices, don’t forget to synchronize it with iCloud Drive, Box or other cloud services. This app is compatible with iPad only.

Price: Free

#9. PDFelement

PDFelement PDF Editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

To put it straight, PDFelement is one of the finest PDF editors for iOS. What makes this app so handy is the ability to make editing files a pretty simple affair. You can use this app to read, edit, annotate, convert and sign PDF files with optimum ease.

You will be able to combine different format files to create new PDF. With the support for multiple output formats like Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, HTML, Text, RTF (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .txt, .epub, .html.), it ensures you have more flexibility.

You can import your files from several cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. Another notable feature of this app is the compatibility with a number of languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and more.

Price: Free

#10. PDFpen 3 – PDF Editor

PDFpen 3 iPhone and iPad PDF Editor Screemshot

PDFpen 3 may be the most expensive PDF editor for iOS, but if you wish to have more convenience and flexibility, you should consider it. Using the wide range of tools, you can elegantly design your PDF, add text, images, and signatures to your documents.

PDFpen lets you annotate docs with proofreading marks and stamps. To drive home some crucial points, insert the note and valuable comments to your files.

Like to edit your file using a stylus? This app has the support for several top-of-the-line styluses including Apple Pencil, FiftyThree Pencil, Wacom, Jot Touch, Jot Script, Jaja, and Pogo Connect.

Price: $19.99

That’s done!

What’s your favorite?

Hopefully, your search for a more pragmatic PDF reader has come to a happy ending? Which one is it and what are the features that have caught your attention in it? Do share your feedback down below in the comments.

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