How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac without Losing Quality

Portable Document Format, better known as PDF is one of the popular file formats to share documents. PDF files are primarily used by designers and marketing executives to present ideas or pitch deals. Since such files are massive in size, it is difficult to send them via emails and other file sharing systems. A better way is to compress or reduce the size of such PDF files on your Mac.

Does it make any difference if you reduce the file size of PDF? Yes, it makes a huge difference. This process can shrink the size from 100MB to 3MB. Another question that might hit your mind: why should I compromise on quality by reducing the file size of PDF? Well, every time quality doesn’t matter, and therefore, you may wish to cut the size of PDF files on your Mac.

How to Compress a PDF File on Mac

This feature of reducing PDF file size is not known to many. In a few easy steps, you can bring down those MBs and send your PDF files to your boss or colleagues via emails.

For this purpose, you can either download a PDF from the web, or you can create one on your Mac, or you can use any PDF file you have received from somebody.

My colleague sent me a PDF file that contained all the models of iPhones. The file size of that PDF was 30,90,070 bytes (3.1 MB on disk). To check the effectiveness of this feature, I reduced the file size, and voila! It worked well. The PDF file size reduced to 8,18,962 bytes (819 KB on disk) on my Mac.

File size of PDF on Mac

In case you want to create or generate a PDF file from the Word, Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint, you can use File menu on the file. Next, click on Print from the options.

Alternatively, you can press Command+P. A dialog box opens on the screen; from the bottom left corner, click on PDF drop-down menu. And then select “Save as PDF” option. Finally, give the path and hit Save button.

Create PDF File on Mac

Now, you can reduce the size of this newly created PDF file.

Step #1. First off, select a PDF file you want to compress on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, double-click on that PDF file; you will see a Preview on your Mac. This is a default feature on your Mac; in case, Preview doesn’t open, you need to try again.

Double Click on PDF to see a Preview on Mac

Step #3. Now, click on the File menu, A drop-down menu appears; from this menu, click on Export.

Click on File and then Select Export in PDF File on Mac

Step #4. Here, you will see a dialog box. You can see Quartz Filter option and beside this, a drop-down menu.

Click on Quartz Filter option in PDF file Export option on Mac

Step #5. Click on that menu and select Reduce File Size, and then hit the Save button.

Reduce File Size of a PDF on Mac

Click Save to Compress PDF File Size on Mac

Before saving this reduced PDF file, you can select the location where you want to save the file.

Summing up…

There is one short-coming of this feature: you cannot measure the compression level on your file. However, this add-on may not matter to you. Just enjoy the reduced MBs of your large PDF files and quickly send them to your contacts.

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How to Reduce File Size of a PDF on Mac

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How to Reduce File Size of a PDF on Mac
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