iOS 14: How to use Reminders app on iPhone and iPad

The Reminders app has seen significant improvements with iOS 13 and iOS 14. Earlier it was a simple application with basic functionalities. Now, Reminders is laden with robust features that let you add subtasks, images, and more! iOS 14.5 even lets you print reminders and sort them accordingly. Let us get right in and show you how to use the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad.

Before You Begin: Make sure iCloud Reminders is set up so that everything syncs across all your Apple devices.

  • On iPhone and iPad: Open the Settings app → your name from the top → iCloud → make sure the switch for Reminders is turned ON.
  • On Mac: Open System Preferences → Apple ID → iCloud → make sure the box for Reminders is checked.
  • Upgrade: If you see an option to upgrade your reminders, make sure to do that, after reading this important piece of information on Apple’s official support page.Upgrade Your Reminders on iPhone or iPad

Let’s get started with the Reminders app

How to create a reminder on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Reminders app, tap on + New Reminder from the bottom left.
  2. Give it a title, like, Wish Happy Birthday. In Notes, you can add a little something, like Get the cake first.
  3. Tap on Details. According to your needs, set a Date, Time, Location, etc. We will talk more about all these in the headings below.
  4. Finally, tap on Add.Tap on New Reminder Type Name and Set Details

Note: Suppose you tap on a list and then tap on + New Reminder. In this case, you may tap on (i) to add details like the date, time, notes, location, etc.

Create a reminder with Siri

Summon Siri by long-pressing the Right Side button on iPhone with Face ID. On models with the Home button, long-press it. You can also use ‘Hey Siri’ if you have it set up. Once Siri is on screen, ask it something like, ‘Remind me to take medicines at 9 PM‘ or ‘Remind me to switch on water purifier when I reach office,’ and things like this…

Create a reminder from another app

Using the iOS Share Sheet, you can create reminders from other apps.

  1. From inside another app, tap on the share icon to see the Share Sheet.
  2. Tap on the Reminders icon.
  3. Add title, notes, details, etc., if needed.
  4. Finally, tap on Add.Tap on Share Icon Choose Reminders Fill Details and Tap Add

Note: To add a reminder from the Notes app, tap on the three dots icon from the top, tap on Send a Copy, and choose Reminders.

Use quick toolbar to add notifications and more to reminder

When you add a reminder, you will see a quick Toolbar on top of the iOS keyboard that expedites the process. Note: You may not see it if you use a third-party keyboard app like SwiftKey.

  • Date and time: For any reminder, setting the exact date and time is the key. When you are typing or done typing, tap on the tiny calendar icon from the left. Now, select Today, Tomorrow, or Next Weekend. Tap on Date & Time for custom preference.
  • Add a location: Tap on the icon that looks like an arrow-head. Chose an option or tap on Custom and search for an address.
  • Flag a reminder: Tap on the flag icon to mark a reminder as extra important. All flagged reminders are listed in a smart list.
  • Add an attachment: Tap on the camera icon. From here, you can add media to the reminder. Click a picture, choose an existing image from Photo Library, or scan a document.
  • Assign a reminder: For this, you will have to first make a shared list. After that, tap on the assignment button to assign the reminder to the person with whom you are sharing the list.
  • Use smart suggestions: By learning from the reminders you created, the app may suggest a date, time, and location for reminders that it thinks are similar.Using Quick Toolbar in the Reminders App for Fast Workflow

How to create subtasks in reminder on iPhone or iPad

Subtasks are fantastic as they let you have reminders that are under the main reminder. For example, the main reminder is ‘Monthly Grocery Shopping,’ and its sub-reminders are toothpaste, tissue paper, soap, dog food, etc. Here are multiple ways to create subtasks in the Reminders app.

  • Method I. Tap on (i) while you are adding a new reminder. Or, tap on an existing reminder to see the (i) button. Next, tap on SubtasksAdd Reminder.Tap on i Subtasks and Add Reminder
  • After you finish adding subtasks, tap on <Details to go back and finally tap on Done.Type Reminder Go Back and Tap Done to Add Subtasks
  • Method II. Swipe left to right on an existing reminder and tap on Indent. This reminder will become a subtask of the reminder above it. To remove the subtask, swipe left to right on it, and tap on Outdent.Swipe Right tap Indent to Make Reminder Subtasks Tap Outdent to Undo
  • Method III. Touch and hold on a reminder and drag it over the other. The dragged reminder will become a subtask.

How to complete a reminder

  1. You can complete a reminder from the notification center. For this, press on the notification, or swipe right to left, tap on ViewMark as Completed.Swipe Left Tap View and Choose Mark as Completed
  2. Alternatively: Inside the app, you can tap in the circle next to a reminder. To view all completed reminders, tap on the More button, and choose Show Completed.Tap in Circle Next to Reminder Tap Show Completed to View Finished Reminders

How to delete a reminder

  1. Open the Reminders app and go to the desired reminder.
  2. Swipe right to left and tap on Delete.
  3. Additionally: To delete multiple reminders at once, tap on the More buttonSelect Reminders → select the desired entries, and tap on the trash icon.Swipe Left on a Reminder and Tap Delete or Select Reminders and Tap Trash

To delete a reminder list

  1. Launch the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad. From under My Lists, swipe right to left on a list. Tap on the red trash icon.
  2. Alternatively: Tap on a list. On the next screen, tap on the More button and choose Delete List.
  3. Important: When you delete a reminder list, all reminders inside it are also erased.Swipe Left on a List and Tap Trash Icon or Tap on More Button and Delete List

Note: You can not delete Smart Lists (shown on top). But you can hide them all. For this, tap on Edit, uncheck the boxes and tap Done.Tap on Edit from Reminders Screen Uncheck Boxes to Hide Smart Lists

How to create a new reminders list on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Reminders app and tap on Add List.
  2. Give it the desired name and then choose a preferred list, accent color, and icon.Tap Add List Give a Name Select Color Icons and Tap Done

To rename or edit the color and icon of an existing list, swipe left to right and tap on the info icon (i). You may also tap on the list, tap on the More button, and choose Name & Appearance.

How to move a reminder to a different list

  1. Tap on an existing reminder and then tap on (i).
  2. Scroll down and tap on List. Now, choose a different list.Tap on i Choose List and Then New List

Pro Tip: You can also drag and drop to move a reminder. Touch and hold a reminder until it lifts a bit. Now, with another finger tap on <Lists to go back. Drop the reminder on the desired list.

How to print reminders list in iOS 14.5 on iPhone

Have a long reminder list that you wish to print out for ease? After updating your iPhone to iOS 14.5, you can do this from within the app. Here is how:

  1. Inside the Reminders app, tap a list from ‘My Lists.’
  2. Tap the ‘three dots inside a circle’ icon at the top right.
  3. Tap Print.
  4. Select the printer and the number of copies.
  5. Finally, tap Print.
    How to print Reminders list in iOS 14.5 on iPhone

Tip: Wish to save the reminders as a PDF? After step 3:

  1. Pinch out the reminders thumbnail.
  2. Tap the share icon and choose Save to Files. Open the Files app, and you will see the PDF there.
  3. You may also share the PDF over WhatsApp or other similar apps.
    How to save Reminders list as PDF in iOS 14.5

How to sort reminders in iOS 14

You can sort reminders according to the due date, creation date, priority, or title. Here’s how.

  1. Open the Reminders app and go to a list under ‘My Lists.’
  2. Tap the ‘three dots inside a circle’ icon and choose Sort By.
  3. Select the desired option to sort your reminders.
    How to sort reminders in iOS 14.5

Pro Tip: You may also change the order of reminder by dragging it up or down.

  1. When you are on the screen with all reminders, tap on the More button → Select Reminders.
  2. Touch on the hamburger icon (three small lines) and drag it up or down.Tap on More button then Select Reminders and Drag it Up or Down

Note: You can also drag and drop directly, but take care not to make subtasks accidentally.

View your reminders in smart lists

Upon opening the Reminders app, you will see rectangles tabs on the top like Today, Scheduled, Flagged, All, Assigned to Me, etc. Tap on one to see the reminders.

These are smart lists that are created automatically. Most of the names like All, Today, and Scheduled are self-explanatory. The Flagged smart list has all the most important reminders you have ‘flagged.’ The Assigned to Me smart list has all reminders that others have assigned to you.Tap on Any Smart List to View Its Reminders

Note: You may also see a smart list named Siri Suggestions. It has suggested reminders that the app thinks you should create based on your email and messages.

How to search for reminders

When you open the Reminders app, there is a search bar at the top. Type the reminder name to look for it. When you tap on a reminder, you will also see the info button (i). Tap on it to make changes.Type in Reminders Search Box From Top

How to share a reminders list

  1. Launch the Reminders app and tap on the desired list.
  2. Tap on the More button and then tap on Share List.
  3. Now, use the desired app (like Messages, Email, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.) to send one or multiple people the invitation.
  4. Once they accept, they can view the reminders, add, delete, or mark them as completed.Tap More Share List Send Invitation to Share Reminder List

Note: Suppose you created reminders on your iPhone running iOS 13 or later. Then people you invited must also have a device that runs iOS 13 or later (or iPadOS or macOS Catalina and later).

Assign a reminder in a shared list

You can assign reminders to different people. Let us assume you are going camping, and you have reminders lists. Now, you can assign a reminder, say bring a blanket to one friend, bring a stove to another, and so on. Here’s how to assign reminders.

  1. Inside a shared reminder list (see how to make one above), tap on a reminder.
  2. You will see the assignment button (person icon) above the default iOS keyboard. Tap on it. Now, select a person and tap Done.Tap on Assignment Button and Choose Person to Assign a Reminder in Shared List

Note: If you use a third-party keyboard, you may not see the assignment button. In this case, tap on the reminder, tap on (i), and then tap on Assign Reminder.Tap on i and then Tap Assign Reminder

To remove or reassign, tap on the profile picture of the person next to the reminder.Tap on Tiny Profile Picture to Remove or Reassign

Ready to use Reminders app like a pro!

I hope now you know how to use the Reminders app and make the most of it. I find this inbuilt app suitable, feature-rich, and easy to use. What is your take? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. How to add alarm with a reminder? I used to do that in my very old blackberry phone but I am unable to do the same with iOS 14.5

    1. For every reminder, you can choose the date and time when you want to be reminded. This is shown in the “How to create a reminder on iPhone or iPad’ section of the above article. You just need to enable the switches for Date and Time and set them accordingly. If you want to add these for existing reminders, tap on the reminder and then tap (i). Next, set the date and time.

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