Best Countdown Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

In this fast-paced digital world, it pays to be faster, more active and timely. Sluggish attitude can cost us big and even make lucrative opportunities slip away for good. So, what’s the better way to keep ourselves in sync, plan the events proficiently and also get the desired outcome? Well, take advantage of the best countdown apps for iPhone to better prepare for any event coming your way.

Apart from helping you carry out essential tasks before the deadline, these apps can also make counting for special celebrations like wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day more joyful. Moreover, you can make quick notes so that not a single work is left to be done at the eleventh hour.

Now that pep talk is over, let’s explore the coolest countdown timer apps for iOS to get your beautiful countdown ready for the upcoming event!

Best iPad and iPhone Countdown Timer Apps in 2020

#1. Reminder & Countdown

Reminder and Countdown iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Designed to be a feature-rich reminder-cum-countdown app, it’s got all the ammunition required to cater to your needs. One of the highlights of this app is the integration with several social networking apps. Thus, you can create reminder and timer and share it with all of your friends across social networking apps.

Talking about the interface, it looks pretty impressive. So, managing and keeping track of all of your timers shouldn’t be a big deal.

You have a wide variety of fonts and themes to experiment and personalize the entire stuff. Besides, there is an option to make attractive notes as well.

Price: Free

#2. Days • Event Countdown

‎Days Event Countdown iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whenever a special event is around the corner, we start preparing for them well-in-advance. Timely planning goes a long way in making the event successful. That’s the time where a timer keeps us on the toes, ensuring we don’t miss out anything and also prepare everything as planned.

I find “Days” very user-friendly as it comes with a range of customization options. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are gearing up for the birthday celebration, wedding anniversary or the kitty party, it can let you set up a timer to your heart’s liking. And thanks to the reminders, you can quickly find out how far away that special event is.

Price: Free/ $0.99 for upgrade 1

#3. Countdown Days Since & Until

Countdown Days Since & Until

A striking feature of this app is your countdowns will sync automatically between devices, including your Apple Watch. Hence, you can quickly access your countdowns from your wrist. Countdown or count up from any significant date in your life. You can add many events; also set reminders, import from your calendar, and customize the background.

On your iPhone, you can use its widget to enjoy easy access to a countdown. However, to add a widget, you need to go for in-app purchases. It is great fun to add your photos as a background or select a unique icon for each event. The app offers you seven time formats.

Last but not least – sharing. You can post your countdowns and screenshots on Facebook. Alternatively, Tweet or email screenshots to your friends.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

#4. DayCount

‎DayCount iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“DayCount” is a fully-featured countdown timer app for iOS. Packed in with a range of beautiful themes, it lets you choose a more suitable theme for your event.

You can adjust visibility and choose between light and dark modes. To ensure you don’t forget to carry out an important task, you have the option to add notes for each event.

Thanks to the grid layout, you can easily track multiple events. Set custom notifications to remind about the upcoming celebrations. Besides, the widget allows you to monitor them directly from the Today Widget screen.

Price: Free/$4.99 for Pro version

#5. Countdown+ Calendar

‎Countdown Calendar (Lite) iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With the integration of a smart calendar planner, this app makes it a bit more straightforward to create countdown timers for events. You can check out your iOS calendar and all the events that are lined up and then you can perfectly set up the app to plan for the big days.

Often miss out major Facebook events? Well, this app also syncs them to your device and allows you to add them to your countdowns. With the reminder alarms, it enables you to prepare everything as planned.

Another notable feature of this app is the range of customization options so that you can remain in complete control of your events. On top of all, you will also be able to share your timers with friends to keep them on the charge as well.

Price: Free/$1.99 for the premium version

#6. Exam Countdown Lite

‎Exam Countdown Lite iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What happens when the exam is around the corner? Well, we all start preparing for it more aggressively and also try to solve practice exercises immaculately within a specific time. And this is where a countdown app like “Exam Countdown Lite.”

With this app, you can keep track of all of your test dates and be able to make several exam countdowns to get ready for them perfectly. Select from hundreds of beautifully designed icons and color code your exams to easily spot the specific ones. Plus, you will also be able to make essential notes to never forget an important thing.

Price: Free/$0.99 yearly subscription

#7. Countdown to an event

Countdown to an event iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Should you want your countdowns to look a bit more creative, you need to give it a try. The reason why I say it because the app has an ever-increasing library of over 700 fascinating wallpapers. Therefore, you have a bit more liberty to design the timer as per your taste and theme of the celebration.

That’s not all, you can also create a special website with your live countdown. It would not only make the forthcoming celebration appear more appealing but also help the event attract more attention. Highly recommended!

Price: Free/$1.99 for the pro version

#8. Countdown App (Big Day Event Timer Reminder)

‎Countdown Big Day Event Timer Reminder iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whether you want to remain in sync with all the essential tasks you’ve to carry out or count the exciting future and the memorable past, this app has got you covered.

Based on your requirement, you can quickly make a timer and keep track of it right from Today Widget. And when the time runs out, it would loudly ring to warn you that it’s time to go.

It has a library of several wallpapers that ensure you have enough freedom to design your timer elegantly. Keep in mind, you will have to upgrade to the pro version to have unrestricted access to all the features.

Price: Free/$1.99

#9. Countdown‼

‎Countdown‼ iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What makes this holiday countdown app so adorable is the full-on customization. Depending on your need, you can set countdowns for several things and keep track of them to complete your tasks timely.

It features tons of units like years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and also consists of heartbeats so that you have more flexibility. For a more personalized experience, you can set your own music for the countdowns.

Even better, you will also use a variety of fonts, filters, and attractive background colors to make the countdown display look eye-catching.

Price: Free/$2.99 for Premium version

#10. My Day

‎My Day Countdown Calendar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As I always admire elegant interface and personalization, My Day has turned out to be a spot-on pick for me. Loaded with a plethora of charming wallpapers, the app makes it really easy to design backgrounds based on specific occasions.

That apart, it also offers the option to countdown your Facebook friends’ birthdays. So, if you have tons of friends and always want to be the first one to send best wishes, keep this nice feature on your radar. Another thing worth mentioning is the timely event reminders so that there is no chance of anything missing at the eleventh hour.

Price: Free/$1.99 to countdown display styles

That’s pretty much it!

What’s your top pick?

So, you’ve got a nice app to help you count the holiday or any event elegantly. But before you get completely lost into planning, do tell us about the app that’s going to do your job.

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Best Countdown Apps for iPhone and iPad

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