Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Apple Watch in 2020

Although Apple Watch sensors measure our heart rates precisely, people love to use some third-party apps. These apps provide neat and clean user interface and easy-to-understand metrics. It also allow users to customize their fitness activities and workouts. To make your life easy, we have listed some of the best heart rate monitor apps for Apple Watch.

#1. Qardio Heart Health

Qardio Heart Health Apple Watch App Screenshot

Qardio Heart Health is an award-winning health app for your Apple Watch. The app has won many laurels and accolades, and the reason is medical grade accuracy and extraordinary user experience. You can easily pair the app with any Qardio device and start taking measurements by pressing a single button.

Since Qardio devices are clinically proven and validated, you can trust its readings. The app also seamlessly works with your Apple Watch. Instead of giving complex data, the app serves users with simple charts, statistics, and trends.

Price: Free

#2. Zones for Training

Zones for Training Heart Rate Monitor Apple Watch App Screenshot

Unlike the default Health and Activity apps on Apple Watch, Zones for Training can track more than 70 fitness activities. Measure your workouts on your watch and review it on the bigger screen of your paired iPhone. The app can monitor real-time exercise intensity and heart rate during your fitness sessions.

The app is primarily divided into four heart rate zones viz. Peak, Cardio, Fat Burn, and Warm Up. By using this app on your Apple Watch, you can surely improve your performance, speed, cardio endurance, etc.

Price: Free (Pro – $4.99)

#3. HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate

HeartWatch Monitor Heart Rate Apple Watch App Screenshot

HeartWatch is a paid app and therefore, there are no interruptions in the form of advertisements or third-party codes. Moreover, the app does not track your analytics. The app measures different metrics of daytime, sedentary, sleeping, waking, and workouts.

Two of the notable features of this app is detailed trend analysis and exporting all health metrics. Get your heart rate, training, summary, GPS maps and more. You can also stream workout information from your watch to iPhone.

Price: $3.99

#4. Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer Apple Watch App Screenshot

Heart Analyzer provides you what your Apple Watch does not. The app explore the full potential of your Apple Watch and presents your health data in graphs, metrics, and reports. Apart from the current health data, the app also shows average, maximum, minimum, and resting heart rates from the past three years.

The best thing about the app is it exports PDFs of monthly heart reports, which you can send to your doctor. The app lets you customize complications so that you can keep pace with your heart rate.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $1.99)

#5. Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor

Cardiogram Heart Rate Monitor Apple Watch App Screenshot

Keep your eyes on your heart’s everyday activities by using Cardiogram on your Apple Watch. The app gives visual presentation of your heart rate with interactive graphs; you can quickly spot any anomalies and trends. Check the heart rate graph in real time on your wrist.

As you see any change in trends, you can take a note of it and also jot down the symptoms or potential triggers of the change. Cardiogram combines the capabilities of Health and Activity apps on your iPhone and Apple Watch respectively.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $3.99)

#6. Heart Graph

Heart Graph Apple Watch App Screenshot

Get a real-time graph of your heart rate on your iPhone. The app supports Bluetooth sensors and Apple Watch as well. You can also review your workout sessions offline to check trends in data. An important feature is integration with Apple Health app; this allows you to import your current workout data and store new sessions.

Landscape orientation allows you to watch your data on the bigger screens of iPhone and iPod touch. Make a single payment and enjoy premium features of the app.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts from $0.99)

That’s all folks!

Summing up…

Since third-party apps provide more detailed data to uses, they wish to download heart rate monitoring apps on their Apple Watches. Moreover, such apps allow users to customize their fitness activities and workout sessions.

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