Cellphones nowadays are like these extensions of ourselves, this mini-me-s that keep our precious information, thoughts and interactive communication inside their slim and classy rectangular boxes, the mobile devices themselves.

Since we’re talking about mobility, it makes good sense to say iPhone car accessories too: being mobile in both the digital and analog worlds. Incidentally, there are a lot of interesting car accessories for the iPhone. The aim of most of these accessories is to use some of your iPhone’s functions to help you drive better, with more information to you. And also to keep your iPhone safe and charged up even when you’re on the move.

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Best iPhone Car Accessories

Car Chargers

iPhone Car ChargersFirst on the list is the car charger. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and it’s vital for your cell phone. If you are a car owner, you can take advantage of your driving hours and keep your cellphone alive and kick with one of these car chargers gathered to meet a wide range of budgets, pretensions, needs and desires.

FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter with LED indicator and car charger
Beyond the vital battery life necessities for your cell phone, there are those related to connectivity and accessibility. The FM Transmitter with LED indicator and car charger is here to make driving more entertaining with those sweet radio revival tunes, while charging your cell phone, while making it accessible through the LED screen indicator. You have thus three benefits gathered in one small and affordable piece that will add some value to your device.

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Car Mounts

Steering Wheel Phone Socket Holder for iPhoneThe steering wheel phone socket holder for iPhone will bring the cellphone closer to your eyes and your hands. You can mount the little piece directly on the steering wheel and have your mobile right in front of you the entire driving time. We don’t much recommend it (owing to the possibility of distraction) but it’s an interesting gadget to check out.

In terms of mounting options, the iPhone is surely spoilt for choice. Take the 360 degree car holder for example. You can make your mobile-phone truly mobile with this car mount. You can keep it in front of you while driving and use the GPS or other cool features.


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Smart Radar Detector for iPhoneThe Smart Radar detectors will let you go full speed without any trials and tribulations. You invest a little and get a lot of worries off your shoulders, especially when you’re in a hurry. The Smart radar detector can be mounted on your dashboard. The next thing you need to do is as easy as changing speeds via automatic transmission…start the car, activate the app and you’re connected to the world’s most informative Social Driving Network.

The live traffic info is vital so you can plan your most convenient route, to avoid traffic jams and heavens forbid accidents.

Furthermore, the Auto Sensitivity mode intelligently identifies real threat from other radar sources and the cherry on the top, as we all know how annoying radar signals can be, is that the Mute and Auto Mute automatically reduce the volume level during an alert to eliminate annoyance from long radar encounters.


Belkin TuneBase Handsfree for iPhoneThe next iPhone car accessory on our list is the Belkin TuneBase Handsfree direct with lightning connector. It connects to your car auxiliary part so you can listen to your iPod or iPhone music and talk hands-free through your car stereo system.

Belkin TuneBase plays music, but then it automatically makes it fade out while the caller’s voice fades into your car’s stereo speakers to come in loud and clear. The microphone reception is top-notch.

This Belkin hands-free charges your cell phone through your car’s 12 volts lighter outlet.

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