Best cable management accessories for Mac in 2023

Best cable management accessories for Mac

With a surge in the number of peripheral devices accompanying our Macs, cable management has gotten challenging. From tripping over them to spoiling the look of a workspace – we have seen it all. This is where cable management accessories for Mac come into play.

The market today offers a diverse collection of cable management accessories that can help you manage the cords well. If you love keeping things organized, these entries will help you satiate your whims and declutter your ever-growing Mac setup. Let’s start!

  1. OHill
  2. Delamu
  3. AhaStyle
  4. D-Line
  5. Globomotive
  6. TidyHelper
  7. Scandinavian
  8. Yecaye
  9. Alex

1. OHill Cord Holders – Editor’s Choice

OHill Cord Holders

OHill cord holders are a perfect accessory for Mac users. These tiny cord holders keep your desk organized, and the cables untangled. These holders are made from superior-quality adhesive pads and stay intact once attached to a surface. For using these clips, all you need to do is peel the protective film and stick them wherever you want. 

The strong adhesive in these solid cord holders keeps them sturdy on the surfaces. No falls or drops! In addition, the adhesive that holds the holders attached to the surface does not leave stains when removed from their original spot.

The small build of the holders makes it convenient to stick them on small surfaces like the edges of a table. They hardly take up any space on the surface, do not stick out in looks, and do not spoil your space’s look. 


  • Strong adhesive  
  • No stains on removal 
  • The small size ensures easy application 
  • Perfect for home and office 


  • Not suitable on all surfaces

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2. Delamu cord hider – Compact and convenient design

Delamu cord hider best cable management accessories for Mac

Embrace efficient cable organization with Delamu cord hider. This easy-to-use cable organizer features an attach-and-snap design to ensure smooth installation on any surface. The click-on-and-off system lets you add and remove cables on any surface you choose in a breeze.

Measuring 15.7-inches in length, these hiders can store all sorts of wires. Delamu’s plastic cord hider can be a good pick if you have a knack for organizing your space, like me.  The high-quality PVC plastic used in making the cord hider has higher flame retardancy, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your gadgets.

Moreover, the raceway channels’ sleek design only consumes a little space. You can easily fit 2-3 cables in the cord concealer without scarping or bruising the wires. Further, the white color of the strip mixes with the room’s surroundings quickly, saving the overall look of your room. The sturdy design of the cable hider is perfect for home and office setups.   


  • Attach-and-snap design  
  • High-quality PVC build 
  • Sleek design for a clean look 
  • Stores 2-3 cables in one hider 


  • It can leave a mark when removed 

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3. AhaStyle Desk Cable Clips – Perfect for all types of cables

AhaStyle Desk Cable Clips best cable management accessories for Mac

If you are looking for a budget-friendly cable management accessory, desk cable clips by AhaStyle can be a good consideration. These cable clips are made of silicone and boast a unique compact design featuring four slots for different-sized cables.

In addition, the lightweight build ensures easy placement of the clips on multiple surfaces. Installing these clips is easy; you only need to peel the adhesive cover and stick. Each AhaStyle cable clip has super strong 3M adhesive on the backside to give sturdy support. The solid, sticky pad saves the tiny cable organizer from falling and dropping even when you are a little harsh while loading cables.

Moreover, the cable insert slot is feasible for various products like charging cables, audio cords, USB cables, earphone wires, etc. Trust me; you won’t find a better cable organizer than this.   


  • Silicone build gives durability 
  • Strong adhesive for security 
  • Multipurpose organizer 
  • Easy to use 


  • Cables slip out easily

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4. D-Line Cable Management Box – Cable safety at its best

D Line’s cable management box is all you need for a tidy-looking office or home. Created using superior-quality ABS plastic, these cable organizers are spacious enough to store power strips measuring 13.4 inches in length. Thus, giving you a safe enclosure to keep your cables and plugs.

Moreover, the compact, lightweight design of the box fits perfectly in small spaces like office desks or coffee tables. The D-Line cord organizer features curved edges, pinholes, and three cutout slots to ease cable movement inside and out.

In addition, the electrically safe plastic build saves you and your pets from electric shocks. This multipurpose cable management box is a must-have for organizing your Mac peripherals, TV setup, kitchen appliances, gaming accessories, Christmas decorations, etc. Reclaim every wasted space with this useful box.   


  • Compact yet stylish design 
  • Entry/exit slots for cables 
  • Electrically safe plastic material 
  • Multipurpose organizer 


  • Adjusting the top lid is tricky 

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5. Globomotive cable ties – Good for outdoor cable management

Globomotive cable ties best cable management accessories for Mac

Cable ties are one of the cheapest yet feasible cable management accessories for Mac. Globomotive brings you the best quality self-locking cable ties that can help you transform a cluttered cable bundle into an organized one.

Each cable is made of high-quality nylon 6/6 UL-recognized material having high tensile strength, flexibility, and durability. Indeed, a pocket-friendly way to organize cables on your office desk or home.   

The self-locking fastener has a robust lock system featuring a smooth finish on one side and a grooved one on the other. In addition, the round edges of the ties save your hands from cuts and abrasions. Also, the material used here is weather-resistant and heat resistant. With these qualities in check, you can use Globomotive cable ties for indoor and outdoor cord management without compromising quality or performance. 


  • Made of top-notch nylon material 
  • Heat resistance for outdoor uses 
  • Flexible and durable  
  • Easy-to-use design  


  • Mediocre quality 

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6. TidyHelper Cable Clips – Strong adhesive for sturdy grip

TidyHelper Cable Clips best cable management accessories for Mac

Adhesive wire clips by TidyHelper are a good consideration for smart cable organization. Made of eco-friendly PA66 material, these cable clips feature a design capable of accommodating cables with diameters up to 0.26 inches.

These small-sized cable clips are a perfect tool for keeping the cluster of USB cords, phone charger cables, ethernet cables, and fairy lights safe and working. The robust build keeps your wires intact with no drops or slips.   

Using these cable clips is super easy. Peel off the cover on the super sticky tape attached to the clip and apply them on any surface you want. This can include walls, plastic, glass windows, and wooden or metal desks.

Moreover, the compact size of the clips ensures that you can stick them easily on narrow spaces, including table edges. You can remove the clips once your purpose is served without any leftover marks. Easy-peasy. 


  • Easy-to-use cable organizer 
  • Compact sized clips 
  • Work on glass, metal, and wood 
  • Strong adhesive support 


  • Not suitable for thick cables 

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7. Scandinavian under-desk tray – Complete safety with clean look

Scandinavian under-desk tray best cable management accessories for Mac

With a Scandinavian under-table cable management kit, you can get away with this universal problem smartly. Created using steel, these organizers are fully welded and powder coated to offer a durable finish. Moreover, its sturdy build ensures that all the wires and plugs are held securely within the tray with no drops, falls, or slips.   

The innovative design of the cable hiders works well for office desks with tiny overhangs. In addition, you can mount this cable rack from anywhere along its length. Moreover, the shelves work seamlessly on wood, particleboard desk, or MDF. Mount these trays below your desk and get instant relief from the buggy cables. The dustproof, low-maintenance design keeps your setup neat and clean.   


  • Simple to install and remove 
  • High-quality steel build 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Sleek design and dustproof 


  • Size issues 

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8. Yecaye JCCR-05 channel – Efficient Apple accessories organizer

Yecaye JCCR-05 channel best cable management accessories for Mac

Say goodbye to cluttered cables stealing half the space on your desk with the Yecaye JCCR-05 cable management channel. This fine-quality build of Yecaye’s J channel cord organizer offers a large storage capacity. Impressive!

Further, you don’t have to drill holes or insert nails to install the channel. All thanks to the robust 30MM adhesive PE taping attached at the back of the organizer. Just peel the tape off and stick it on any surface you choose.   

One of the best features of the Yecaye JCCR-05 cable organizer is the open-top design that lets you add and remove cords the way you want. In addition, the channel boasts a sleek build that fits aptly in narrow spaces like table legs or edges. With this easy-to-stick cable organizer, you can save yourself from tripping over unwanted cables.   


  • Strong adhesive tape 
  • Open top for easy sliding of cables 
  • Easily fits in small spaces 
  • Made of quality material


  • Tricky removal  

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9. Alex Tech cable sleeve – Innovative cable management 

Alex Tech cable sleeve best cable management accessories for Mac

How about switching to an organized workspace? You can free yourself from messy cables hanging around shabbily with the Alex Tech cable sleeve. The wire loom wraps all the loose cables to give your Mac setup a clean and well-arranged look. It hides and conceals the cords completely, irrespective of their size or design. Indeed, a must-have accessory for your home and office setups.   

The perfect split adorning this sleeve helps you quickly load the bulky pile of cords. Once put, you can close the split and enjoy high-end safety. In addition, this top-grade cable management for USB cables ensures that the wires are safe from your furry friends’ sharp teeth and paws. Further, the polyethylene material in making this wired loom gives it high-temperature resistance and is lightweight.   


  • Available in multiple lengths 
  • Polyethylene build gives high-temperature resistance 
  • Split helps easy loading 
  • Wraps wires strongly 


  • Not safe for pets 

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10. N NOROCME cord management kit – Tool collection for managing cables

N NOROCME Cord Management Kit best cable management accessories for Mac

Picking a single cable management accessory from a pool of options can leave you lost. Luckily, N Norocme offers a cord management kit comprising 192 pieces of functional organization tools. Here you get 46 cable holders of seven unique styles, ten big roll ties, 100 self-locking ties, four cord protectors, two self-adhesive rolls, 20 cable zip tie mounts, and many more accessories. The collection serves all your cable organization requirements effectively.  

The brand vouches for using the best quality material in creating all the components of the cord management kit. In addition to quality, the tools have easy installation and removal. For instance, the cable clips have a strong adhesive, while the wire loom features a clear split for easy loading and unloading of cords. This cable management kit is a must-buy for organizing cords in multiple desks or rooms.  


  • Good quality and durable material 
  • Multiple wire organization tools 
  • Easy to attach and remove 
  • Pocket-friendly 


  • Issues with adhesive  

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Wrapping up 

Cable management is more than just a basic organizational skill. It helps you manage the messy cables and make the maximum from limited space. The list here presents the best cable management for desk or home. All the MacBook cable management tools and kits listed in the article belong to a particular variety and serve a unique purpose. You can analyze your requirements and pick the product that fits them well.   

I hope you will find something useful from this list. Do share your views in the comments.  

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