Best GaN chargers you can buy in 2023

What is a GaN charger

It hadn’t been long since GaN (Gallium Nitride) chargers started to make their space in the consumer technology segment. Bestowed with numerous attributes, they offer multifold advantages compared to silicon chargers, including fast charging. Considering this as a need of the hour, I thought of sharing some information with you. Keep scrolling to know what a GaN charger is and some of the best GaN chargers you can buy in 2022.

What is Gallium Nitride (GaN)?

During the early 90s, Gallium Nitride was used as a semiconductor material for LED lights. It was unmatched in giving light to displays in the bright daylight. Besides this, it is also used for solar cell arrays on satellites. Counting on its attributes, recently, manufacturers started using it to create charging adapters. The primary reason behind this is that it produces less heat without compromising power charging.

The semiconductor material lets the manufacturers design compact charging bricks for faster charging and enhance thermal performance.

GaN charger Advantages!

GaN chargers aren’t new, though the technology kept evolving. While names like Huntkey and Satechi are known to introduce compact power adapters, Hypershop gained all the attention by releasing the world’s first stackable GaN charger.

Let’s look at some of its primary advantages;

  1. Produces less heat
  2. Offers powerful charging in comparison to silicon
  3. Compact and Affordable
  4. Safer charging option
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Why is GaN superior to silicon?

In layman’s language, GaN a crystal-like material that can pass through higher voltages faster than silicon. However, if we take a more in-depth sneak into technology, we may require little physics knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, gallium nitride is a semiconductor better than silicon. The primary factor resulting in this is ‘bandgap.’ Smaller the bandgap, the better is electricity flow. However, there’s a catch. Despite silicon having a lower bandgap of 1.12eV compared to 3.4 eV in gallium nitride, silicon still loses the efficiency race. The bandgap is so low that it creates more heat dissipation and increases energy loss.

Phew! Let’s get over Physics now and look at some of the best GaN chargers.

Best GaN chargers in 2023

  1. Amazon Basics
  2. MINIX
  3. Anker Store
  4. NekTeck

1. Amazon Basics: Pocket-friendly GaN charger

Amazon Basics 30W GaN USB-C Wall Charger

The affordable GaN charger can deliver power charging of 30W to your compatible iDevice. Aligning with GaN charging attributes, it produces less heat and wastes lesser power compared to silicon chargers. Besides, it comes with an LED indicator that turns blue when plugged into a power socket. The single-port GaN charger comes with integrated safety features like overheating and short circuit protection for added security.

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2. MINIX GaN Wall Charger & Adapter

This MINIX 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger delivers ultra-fast charging speeds in a smaller form factor design than traditional silicon-based chargers. It works perfectly with both PD & QC charging protocols for seamless use with your laptop, smartphone, and all USB-charged devices at the same time.

Further, it’s foldable and compact with worldwide universal 100-240V voltage. You also get UK/EU/AU pin converters, so it can be used in virtually any country. At the same time, it boasts built-in safety mechanisms to prevent overheating and overcharging. It automatically adjusts the power output of each port depending on the devices connected.

3. Anker Store: A reliable GaN charger

Anker 65W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger Adapter

The high-speed charger can offer a max output of 45W. It features a slim design and charges four devices simultaneously, including 3 USB ports and one USB-C port. The ultra-slim charger is powerful and doesn’t heat up while delivering powerful charging.

Some of the key features include improved heat dissipation, increased efficiency, and reduced size. With the adapter, you receive a 5 ft detachable power cord that charges your devices with the utmost ease.

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4. NekTeck: GaN tech & USB-IF Certified

Nekteck 100W USB C GaN Charger

The rugged, fast charger is extremely compact and can deliver a power output of up to 100W. Talking about its size, it is 40% smaller than your MacBook Pro charger. This eventually makes it handier and more convenient to carry.

With the adapter, you receive a 2m long USB-C to C cable that makes charging further convenient. You can also stay assured of safety as it is UL Listed, with FCC Certification, and has passed USB-IF (TID: 4170).

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Are you planning to buy a GaN charger?

The GaN power chargers didn’t take long to earn the market’s attention and for the right reasons. Besides fast charging, they also ensure the safety and long life of your adapter.

What do you think about them? Do you have plans to buy one for your iDevice? Share your answers in the comments below.

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