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iGBAccessoriesFast GaN X USB-C Fast Charger from UGREEN

Fast GaN X USB-C Fast Charger from UGREEN

Ugreen Gan X 100W

  1. Maximum 100W power output.
  2. Features 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port
  3. Collapsible design

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Ugreen Gan X 65W

  • Maximum 65W power output
  • Features 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port
  • Collapsible design

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Are you tired of carrying multiple power adaptors and cables for your iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, etc.? I have something that might be able to soothe your pain. While you’ll still need to carry the charging cables, you no longer need multiple power adaptors if you use either the Ugreen GaN 65W or 100W fast chargers. Both of these are compact yet powerful.

Let’s dive deeper and understand how powerful they are!

Ugreen GaN X 100W

I might be going on a tangent here, but if you look at the GaN X 100W for the first time, it looks like a miniature version of the Mac mini. I say this not only because it has a similar color (which it does ) but also because the product looks refined. Let’s explore its build and design in detail!

Ugreen GaN X 100W fast Charger

Built like a brick, yet looks so chic

The charger comes in a metallic gray color scheme with a matte finish to its body. The edges, however, are black and glossy. This shines a light on the amount of attention paid to details by the designers.

Compact 100W chargers are not very hard to come by, but the dimensions of the Ugreen GaN X 100W are just 6.9cm x 6.9cm x 3.3cm. Nice!

The maximum power output of the charger is 100W while weighing only 245 grams. Many might consider 245 grams heavy, but you need to understand the product in the discussion here. While traditional 100W chargers weigh almost double, companies can keep the weight to the minimum because of GaN technology.


For power output, we have 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port. The power connector is collapsible and rests in the power brick itself. It does protrude a little, but it is to ensure you can pull it back out with ease.

However, Ugreen could’ve provided a switch. Not everyone will care about these details, and rightly so; the utility of the charger is to charge devices. But when a product is designed so well, it should get the appreciation it deserves!

How much power does the Ugreen GaN X 100W deliver?

The maximum power output of the charger is 100W, meaning the total power the charger can output is 100W. So, if all four ports are in use simultaneously, the 100W will be divided among those four ports.

The chart below specifies the power delivered through all ports. It also specifies the maximum output each port supports and the division of power when 2, 3, and 4 ports are used simultaneously.


The power delivery protocols supported by the USB-C port are USB PD 3.0, USB PD 2.0, QC 4+, QC 4.0, QC 3.0, QC, PPS, AFC, Apple 5V2.4A, and BC1.2. Whereas, the USB-A port supports these power delivery protocols: SCP, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, APPLE 5V2.4A, and BC1.2.

Most devices you use daily support these protocols, so you’re covered on that front. However, proprietary charging technology is not supported by the Ugreen GaN X 100W simply because the tech is proprietary.

Get rid of all power adaptors; the Ugreen Gan X 100W is enough

USB-C to USB-C for MacBook and iPad, USB-C/A to Lightning for iPhone and AirPods, and USB-A to Apple Watch charger are the most used cables of someone invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Yes, you will still need to carry these cables while traveling to charge your devices, but on the brighter side, you won’t have to carry separate power adaptors; that, in my opinion, is incentive enough to get the Ugreen Gan X 100W.

It can charge both your MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro at the same speed the Apple adaptor does, at least the 13″ and 14″ MacBook Pros. And this applies to almost all Apple devices. Also, getting a separate fast charger for your iPhone is eliminated. The next time you’re on a long trip, all you need to carry is the Ugreen Gan X 100W or set it up beside your desk to cut the clutter.


  • Collapsible design
  • Excellent built quality
  • Efficient charging


  • Smudges easily
  • Protruding power connector

Ugreen GaN X 65W

The Ugreen GaN X 65W is the younger sibling of the GaN X 100W. Smaller yet scarier. It shares the same DNA but cuts a few corners to maintain a smaller frame. Read along to see if it suffices your needs or if you should opt for 100W one!


Compact, not cumbersome

The design language of the charger is a total replication as it comes in a metallic gray color and has a matte finish. You can’t forget the glossy edges that spice up the design even further.

In terms of weight, the GaN X 65W weighs 135 grams while delivering 65 watts of power. All thanks to GaN technology. The dimensions of the charger are 6.6cm x 4.0cm x 3.1cm. It is so small that it can fit in my palms, and I have small hands.

The Ugreen GaN X 65W features 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, just one port less than its older sibling. Most lengths of both the pins lie in the brick itself as the power connector features a collapsible design. Nonetheless, it protrudes a little from the sides, but the edges are blunt.

How much power does the Ugreen GaN X 65W deliver?

65W is the maximum power the Ugreen GaN X 65W delivers. It is the total power output, and when multiple ports are in use simultaneously, power will be divided among all the ports. Power delivery from all the ports is different, and here’s a chart to help you understand this better.


As the GaN X 65W shares the same DNA as its older sibling, the power delivery protocols are the same. Most devices support these protocols, and the only con is that proprietary charging protocols are not supported but obviously because these protocols are proprietary.

Is the GaN X 65W fast charger your perfect travel partner?

Love traveling light and packing for a vacation or a workcation for a few weeks with your MacBook, iPhone, and a couple of other devices? Most devices come with USB-C to USB-C cables; even if not, you still have access to one USB-A port. The 3 ports of the GaN X 65W are sufficient.


Thanks to its size, it doesn’t take up much space in your bag either, and the collapsible plug is the icing on the cake. MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (the 13″ and 14″ models), iPhones, etc., can charge at optimal speeds with the GaN X 65W. Yes, the Ugreen GaN X 65W is the perfect travel partner to juice up your devices.


  • Collapsible design
  • Compact form factor
  • Excellent built quality
  • Efficient charging


  • Smudges easily
  • Protruding power connector

Are Ugreen GaN X 65W and 100W chargers the right choice for you?

Having used both these chargers, the only gripe I have with them is that they get smudges all over them, which is also subjective as I have sweaty palms. Not everyone will face this issue, and the utility these GaN chargers provide is reason enough to get them.

The GaN X 100W is available for ~$80, and the GaN X 65W for ~$46. Both of these, in my opinion, are value-for-money products and serve their purpose well.

Buy now: GaN X 100W | GaN X 65W

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