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Best wireless chargers for iPhone in 2024

Wireless charging relieves your iPhone charging port and reduces the chances of an electrical surge. Moreover, it has proved more durable than its wired counterpart, as the charging coil has a better enclosure. So, if you are looking to switch to a cordless era, keep reading as I have listed the best wireless chargers for your iPhone!

1. Apple MagSafe charger – Editor’s choice

  • Connector type: USB-C
  • Compatible iPhone modelsiPhone 8 and above
  • Wattage15W
Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in the wireless charging revolution. And this Apple MagSafe charger is a significant shift from the norm. Charging speed is one of the reasons this wireless charger has wide adoption. This version of the MagSafe has a better magnetic alignment experience, and of course, it supports Qi charging, considering that it’s an Apple standard product.

The 15-watt charger is more portable and flattened than most wireless chargers and has smooth surface compatibility for iPhone 8 and later. However, the Apple Magsafe charger also extends its usability to Apple devices, including wireless charging-supported AirPods models.

It has an input voltage of 5 volts and comes with a USB-C power cable, ideal for a wireless charging unit. You better pair this with a USB-C power cord for a better charging experience.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable and smooth charging interface
  • Support for Qi charging
  • Magnetic alignment for iPhone 12 and later


  • Expensive
  • Charging and using your phone simultaneously is difficult

Check out on: Amazon | Apple

2. Anker Qi wireless charger – 18-month warranty

  • Connector type: Micro USB
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhone 8 and above
  • Wattage: 15W
Anker Qi-Certified Wireless Charger

The Qi wireless charger from Anker is compatible with many smartphones. It comes with a charging station that you can position sideways or upright. As a result, you may charge your phone in either landscape or portrait mode. This means you can use your iPhone while charging.

The Anker wireless charger uses 10 watts, 5 watts less than Apple’s MagSafe charger. So while it may charge a little slower, it’s still ideal for charging iPhones at a steady speed. If you must charge your iPhone while wearing a case, use an Otterbox case with your Anker wireless charger, as others may hinder charging.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Use and charge your phone simultaneously


  • Doesn’t support fast-charging

Check out on: Amazon

3. Yootech [2 pack] wireless charger – 2-in-1 charging pad

  • Connector type: USB-C
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhone 8 and above
  • Wattage: 10W
Yootech 2 Pack Wireless Charger for iPhone

The Yootoech wireless charger is one of the best deals to grab to charge at least two devices simultaneously. Not that it accommodates two devices at once to achieve this. But Yootech includes two wireless charging mats as well as two charging modes: a 7.5-Watt charging mode for iPhones and a 10-Watt charging mode for Samsung.

The pack comes with a 3-feet USB-C power cable. So keep that in mind when purchasing a power cable. Like Apple’s MagSafe charger, it’s a flat piece. So it’s not suitable for a use-and-charge purpose.

The magnetic interface is quite strong but might not be enough to penetrate wireless charging-supportive cases. The charging pad is a fire-resistant ABS material, so efficient temperature control is part of its strong points.


  • Offers a 2-in-1 charging pad
  • Separate wattage modes for iPhone and Samsung
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Top-notch temperature control prevents sparks and electrical surges


  • Not suitable for a use-and-charge purpose
  • Doesn’t support wireless charging-compatible cases

Check out on: Amazon

4. Logitech 10W wireless charging pad – Charging indicator

  • Connector type: Micro USB
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhone 11 and later
  • Wattage: 9W
Logitech 10W-Powered Wireless Charging Pad

The Logitech wireless charger also sits flat, but it’s rectangular with cut edges. So it has a better balance and sits beautifully, ideal for a tabletop without the risk of flipping off. This charger is Qi-compatible. So, it comes with safety in mind and is compatible with iPhone 11 and later.

The charger delivers a total power of 7.5watts while charging an iPhone but peaks by an extra 1.5 Watts when plugged into a Samsung smartphone.

One of the features I find helpful on this one is the blinking charger indicator right at the front of the pad. Also, its magnetic coil produces a strong field, which can penetrate charging power through most 3mm max thick iPhone cases.


  • Well-balanced with smoothly cut edges
  • It has a charger indicator
  • Q1 support offers safe charging


  • You might not use and charge your phone at the same time

Check out on: Amazon

5. Pendrajec foldable wireless charging station – Most spacious

  • Connector type: Micro USB
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhone 8 and upwards
  • Wattage: 18W
Pendrajec Foldable Wireless Charging Station

Wireless chargers that can charge multiple devices are uncommon. The Pendrajec foldable wireless charger isn’t only convenient but also a charging station for an Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone 8 upward, and many other wireless charging-compatible smartphones.

Unlike some other brands, its manufacturer decided to ship an 18-Watt adapter with it. The charger is fancy and spacious, making it a befitting craft for your tabletop. I won’t hesitate to try this out to support my Apple MagSafe charger considering that it distributes an 18-Watt power accordingly, depending on a device’s capacity.

It allows you to charge your iPhone in vertical or horizontal orientation. So this means you can sit to enjoy a night of movies while charging your iPhone. And there’s an indicator to show if your phone is charging. You can switch that off if it ever becomes flashy. However, the Pendrajec wireless charger can be picky with iPhone cases.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t work with my Otterbox case!


  • Charge your iPhone with the case on
  • Charge many devices simultaneously
  • Ergonomic and fancy
  • Rapid charge
  • Charge your phone vertically or horizontally


  • Doesn’t work with some cases

Check out on: Amazon

6. Anker 313 wireless charging pad – 18-month warranty

  • Connector type: USB-A
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhone 8 and upwards
  • Wattage: 10W
Anker 313 wireless charging pad

The Anker wireless charging pad is the flat version of the Anker PowerWave stand, available in three colors. Although the latter comes with a bit of flexibility, you can still tell that this charging pad keeps a low profile and serves people with a preference for a minimal product from the same company.

The Anker 313 wireless charging pad provides fewer details on the surface but produces a 10-Watt charge with a minimum output of 9 volts. Although we’ve seen a couple of wireless charging pads, this Anker charging pad is flatter than most and ships with a four-feet long micro USB charger.

The Qi-compatible component prevents electrical surge and heating up, making this a safe charging option. The magnetic field delivers the appropriate charge considering its output voltage.

However, its charging speed still pales behind MagSafe’s. I expect them to match equally, though, since this is a solid brand. If you must charge your iPhone with a case on, you might want to use one less than 5mm thick.


  • Portable and convenient
  • Qi-compatible
  • Charging indicator
  • Compatible with many cases
  • 3 color options
  • 18-month warranty


  • Flat-laying orientation discourages phone usage during charging
  • Doesn’t support MagSafe charging

Check out on: Amazon | Anker

7. WAITIEE wireless charger – Bulky

  • Connector type: USB-C
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhone 8 and upwards
  • Wattage: 15W
WAITIEE Wireless Charger for iPhone

The WAITIEE wireless charger has extra weight, so it’s more of a charge station. However, I wouldn’t want to exchange its roomy attribute for a flat Anker. Besides, this one delivers up to 15 Watts of power and supports fast charging in addition to multi-device compatibility.

The ratio of the power stand to its base is a bit high. But the silicone support beneath the base confers friction to prevent it from falling. I also admire the indicating light, which doesn’t only show that your phone is charging but also flashes a warning whenever foreign objects are about to intrude on your charging space.

Although you might need to do some wiring to start using this wireless charger, that’s easy, thanks to the instruction manual.

This charge station has a power stand to hold your phone vertically or horizontally while charging. There’s a side anchor at the top side of the power stand to charge your Apple Watch. The port on the power is more suitable for charging your AirPods.

The charging station is elegant and what’s more interesting is that it comes in various colors. While you may not want to take it with you on a casual outing, I recommend using it as a tabletop charger. However, you might want to remove your iPhone from the case while charging for the best result.


  • Delivers fast charging
  • Easy to set up
  • Charge many devices simultaneously
  • Silicon underneath offers stability
  • Available in various colors


  • Not compatible with cases
  • Might take extra space

Check out on: Amazon | WAITIEE

8. Oinmely Z1 Wireless Charger – Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Connector type: USB
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhones 8 and above
  • Wattage: 7.5W
Oinmely Z1 Wireless Charger for iPhone

Do you want a simple and appealing wireless charger delivering the correct voltage to your iPhone? The Oinmely wireless charger comes in handy and has a lifetime warranty. The charging-phone interface is crisp and allows for horizontal and vertical charging.

The Oinmely wireless charger uses a dual coil to produce a 7.5-Watt power max for iPhone 8 and later. You also get a 10-Wattage mode for charging your wireless charging-compatible Samsung.

The charger can work when your wear a case for your iPhone. But try not to use a case thicker than 5mm. Like many other wireless chargers, this one also indicates LED to show if your device is charging or not. Unfortunately, many iPhone 12 and 13 users have complained that Oinmely doesn’t charge these series.


  • Simple and handy
  • LED indicator shows charging status
  • Compatible with cases not thicker than 5mm
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Allows vertical and horizontal orientation


  • Some users complain that it doesn’t work with their iPhone 12 and 13

Check out on: Amazon

9. ANGELIOX wireless charger – Rugged design

  • Connector type: Micro USB
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhones 8 – XS Max
  • Wattage: 10W
ANGELIOX Wireless ChargerAmazon for iPhone

The ANGELIOX wireless charger is ideal if you don’t want something beyond Apple’s 5-Watt USB charger, as this one has the same power output for iPhones. This piles up by additional 5 Watts while charging wireless charging-compatible Android phones. The body is acrylic, giving it the ruggedness it needs to perform.

The ANGELIOX wireless charger comes with extra detail with a base raising it a bit higher above the ground. Its charging pad extends outward, flanking your phone by the sides. And for what it’s worth, this Qi-standardized charger delivers value despite it being cheaper than most charging pads.

The internal components are also top-notch, designed with anti-heating and anti-surge chipsets, making the charger safer. You can also charge your iPhone with a case on, as far as it’s no thicker than 3mm. A quick charge 2A or 3A is the ideal adapter for this.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to buy an adapter separately, as this doesn’t come with one!


  • Compatible with cases not thicker than 3mm
  • Anti-heating and anti-surge chips
  • Durable material
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Might not work well with iPhones 11 and later

Check out on: Amazon

10. NANAMI Qi wireless charger – 1-year warranty

  • Connector type: Micro USB
  • Compatible iPhone models: iPhones 8 and above
  • Wattage: 10W
NANAMI Qi-Certified Wireless Charger for iPhone

The NANAMI wireless charger is ideal for charging any phone that supports wireless charging. The charger has a standard double coiling technology that enables quick charging in addition to its 10-Watt charging output. You can also charge your iPhone in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The charge indicator extends across the front side of the base to add a touch of elegance to its functionality. There are four friction-enabling rubbers beneath the foot to prevent falling, considering that the ratio of the power stand to the foot is high.

The charger also supports charging with your iPhone case, provided it’s not thicker than 5mm. However, you might want to use thinner cases for iPhones 12 and 13 for better results!


  • Rubbers beneath the base maintain balance
  • Compatible with many smartphones
  • Charge your iPhone horizontally or vertically
  • Beautiful LED indicator


  • Works better without a case

Check out on: Amazon

That’s it!

Despite the shortcomings of wireless charging, some people still find it more convenient than using a conventional cable. Moreover, it offers more convenience and safety since most wireless chargers dissipate less heat. The wireless chargers recommended in this post are all decent. So feel free to make your choice based on your budget. Also, check out our handy guide to identify a fake Apple charger to avoid being scammed.

Got any questions or comments? Let me know in the comments section below.

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