How to Identify a Dangerous Fake Apple Charger

How to Find Fake Apple Chargers

Based on the test of 400 fake chargers available online from eight different countries including the USA, massive 99% of them badly failed the safety standard.

According to BBC, the test of the Apple chargers was commissioned by UK consumer protection body Chartered Trading Standards Institute. It concluded that out of the 400 chargers purchased online, merely three had sufficient insulation to safeguard against electric shocks in the most basic safety test.

The CTSI called upon the buyers to purchase chargers only from reputable suppliers.

How to Identify Fake Apple Charger

“Only buy second-hand electrical goods that have been tested and only buy online electrical goods from trusted suppliers. It might cost a few pounds more, but counterfeit and second-hand goods are an unknown entity that could cost you your home or even your life, or the life of a loved-one.” Leon Livermore, Chartered Trading Standards Institute chief executive, said.

Three most significant things you must check out while buying Apple charger online:

Plug pins

  • Simply plug the charger into a socket
  • Don’t switch it on or connect it to a device. In case the charger does not fit easily, the pins may be the wrong size
  • It should be minimum 9.5mm (0.3in) between the edge of the pins and the edge of the charger


  • Check out the manufacturers’ brand name or logo, model and batch number. Make sure to see the “CE” safety mark; which could also be forged

Warnings and instructions

  • Make sure to check out the warning as well as instructions
  • User instructions must include conditions and limitations of use, how to operate the charger safely, basic electric safety guidance as well as details of safe disposal

Apple had said in October that it would sue third-party vendors for selling dangerous chargers and risking the life of customers.

The report just reveals the real picture of the rampant forgery. iGeeksBlog also requests you all to buy chargers only from reputable suppliers. Don’t be tempted by the cheap ones which are most likely to be the culprit.

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