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iGBAccessoriesBest iPhone 11 USB-C chargers in 2024

Best iPhone 11 USB-C chargers in 2024

Do you want to charge your iPhone 11 at a super-fast speed? Well, you will require a USB-C charger and a USB-C to lightning cable. As usual, we got you covered with some of the best iPhone 11 USB-C chargers currently available in the market. We’ve reviewed each adapter in detail, and it was after a strict litmus test, these made it to our list.

1. Marchpower USB C Fast Charger

Marchpower USB-C Wall Charger for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Marchpower brings an 18W type C power adapter with USB-C to lightning cable for your iPhone. It is a six-feet Mfi certified cord, which is compatible with your latest iPhones. In just 30 minutes, this charger can charge your iPhone more than 50%. Since the product is Apple MFI certified, it delivers faster charging and ensures stability and safety.

It is universally compatible and therefore, you can charge other Apple devices apart from iPhone 11. Marchpower has used the intelligent chip in this wall charger, which quickly identifies your device and delivers optimal power to charge your device.

USP: Intelligent chip
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2. USB C Wall Charger from UGREEN

UGREEN iPhone 11 Pro Max USB-C Charger

Safety of your latest iPhone is your utmost priority, and therefore, UGREEN has packed extraordinary safety features in this USB-C charger for iPhone. This wall charger is equipped with a USB Type C port; the PD 3.0 charger gives you 18W output power.

Your premium iPhone is always protected against the evils like over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit. UGREEN has used the intelligent chip to manufacture a high-quality wall charger, which quickly recognizes your device and delivers power accordingly.

USP: Compact size
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3. Anker 30W USB C Charger With Powerport

Anker 30W iPhone 11 2 Port USB C Charger

Anker’s wall charger with intelligent detect technology has wooed almost every tech lover. The key reason behind this love is the materials used and the durability and safety offered by them.

The 30 W charger has a USB C port and a USB port with Anker’s PowerIQ. The pocket-friendly wall charger is perfect for a trip as it can simultaneously charge two devices. Available in white and black colors, it sports an 18-months worry-free warranty.

USP: Foldable Plug
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4. Quntis Apple Certified USB C Charger With 6FT Cable

Quntis iPhone 11 Fast USB C Charger

Quntis has got Amazon’s Choice tag for the “iPhone 11 fast charger” term and there must be a reason for that, isn’t it?! Moreover, it comes with a USB-C to lightning cable which is 6 feet long and I think that’s more than enough. To add on top of this, it charges your iPhone quickly as compared to the traditional charger. 

With the cable, you can also transfer the data from one device to another which has a USB-C port, the latest MacBook to be precise. So you don’t need an extra cable to share or transfer the files when you need them the most. Other than the iPhone 11, it works with older iPhone and iPad as well. The power output of Quntis is 18W and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

USP: 6 Feet USB-C to Lightning Cable Included
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5. JSAUX MFI Certified PD USB C Adapter

JSAUX iPhone 11 USB-C Wall Charger

JSAUX has manufactured a 50% smaller adapter, which is highly portable. Moreover, the compact size does not obstruct other outlets. It is an MFi Certified Type C fast charger for your iPhone; the product supports PD fast charge and also supports the standard charge.

The brand has taken good care of your device security, and hence, it has installed advanced safety features. With UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications and multiple protection systems, your iPhone is well guarded against several damages.

USP: 50% smaller adapter
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6. 60W 2-Port USB C Charger By Anker

Anker 60W USB C Charger for iPhone 11

If you aren’t satisfied with the speed of the normal 18W USB-C charger, then Anker’s 60W charger would satisfy you in all ways! Given the larger output, it can charge your iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes or even less sometimes. Moreover, it can charge almost two times faster as compared to the regular 18W chargers.

You can also charge your two MacBooks simultaneously if you want to, and it charges both of them entirely in just two hours! Now that’s commendable. The intelligent power allocation system is another feature that got my attention. When two devices are connected, it equally distributes the power, and when a single device is connected, it produces up to 60W power for a single device.

USP: Power House of 60W with 2 Ports
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So these were some of the best iPhone 11 USB-C adapters which you might like!

Summing Up…

If I had to charge multiple devices on the go, I would go with Anker’s 60W USB-C charger on any given day. And if I wanted a charger and cable keeping affordability, fast charging, and safety as a priority, Quntis charger would be my go-to choice.

If you had to pick one USB-C adapter for your iPhone 11, which one would you pick from the above-given ones? Do let us know in the comment section now! 

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