Best USB-C Chargers for iPhone 11 in 2019: Charge Your Beast at a Blazing Fast Speed

No one loves a dead battery on their iPhone, isn't it?! To get rid of this, we've reviewed some of the best USB-C adapters for iPhone 11 which charge your device 40% faster. Get one of your iPhone now!

I have always wondered why Apple isn’t going with USB-C port when the world is going crazy after it. Even the other Apple products have USB C port now then why not iPhones? Well, I have found many reasons and I think they might think of including it next year. But the iPhone 11 Pro series comes with an 18W USB Type-C port and a USB-C to lightning cable as well.

Since Apple does not offer a USB-C charger in the package of iPhone 11, a dedicated list of USB-C chargers is required. Here we’ve listed some extraordinary USB-C adapters for iPhone. We’ve reviewed each adapter in detail and made the top 10 list of best iPhone 11 USB-C chargers of 2019!

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Best iPhone 11 USB-C Chargers in 2019

By using these USB-C wall chargers for your iPhone, you can charge the battery 40% times faster as compared to the traditional chargers. So here we go with the top 10 chargers of all time!

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#1. Anker 60W

Anker 60W USB C Charger for iPhone 11

If you aren’t satisfied with the speed of the normal 18W USB-C charger, then Anker’s 60W charger would satisfy you in all ways! Given the larger output, it can charge your iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes or even less sometimes. And moreover, it can charge almost 2 times faster as compared to the regular 18W chargers. 

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You can also charge your 2 MacBooks simultaneously if you want to and it charges both of them fully in just 2 hours! Now that’s commendable, to be honest. The intelligent power allocation system is another feature that got my attention. When 2 devices are connected, it equally distributes the power and when a single device is connected it produces up to 60W power for a single device. 

It generates less heat and it’s smaller than ever. With this charger, you will need a USB-C to lightning cable separately as it doesn’t come with this product. 

USP: Power House of 60W with 2 Ports
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#2. ESR

ESR iPhone 11 2 Port USB C Charger

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ESR’s accessories have always been on top of my list, especially for my iPhone and MacBooks! Be it a case for iPhone 11 or a sleeve for MacBook, ESR products always deliver the best and are durable too.  And if you’re wondering what’s the output of this USB-C adapter, it’s 36W and this is an ideal companion when you have less time to charge your iPhone while traveling. 

Of course, you can use it in day to day life as well if you have hectic schedules and often get less time to charge your iPhone. The smart IC chip is actually smart and it analyses the input which is needed by the device and delivers the output as per that. This saves the battery of the device and also ensures there’s no harm to the battery life. 

It also protects itself from overheating due to its unique inbuilt chips and structure. Just in case if you’re unhappy with the product, you can claim a refund or get a replacement right away!

USP: No Overheating & Smart IC chip
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#3. Baseus

Baseus USB C Wall Charger for iPhone 11

If you are looking for a USB-C charger along with the cable included, Baseus must be your first choice. And cable isn’t the only reason, you get a 30W adapter as well which is greater in terms of power output as compared to the original Apple charger. Of course, it’s not USB C to lightning cable but it’s a USB C to USB C cable. So anyway, you need to get that if you want to charge your iPhone 11. 

Just like ESR, this adapter also has a smart IC chip that delivers the required output. It’s safe to use as the wall charger is sturdy enough to protect itself from overheating and can sustain in over current, over voltage situations. The foldable plug design makes it easy to carry on the go and it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee as well. 

USP: Comes with USB C to USB C Cable
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#4. Anker 30W

Anker 30W iPhone 11 2 Port USB C Charger

Here’s yet another product from Anker but this time it’s of 30W. Do you know why Anker is so successful in producing high-quality accessories for iPhone users? Because of the materials used and the durability as well along with the safety features. There’s a lot more to say but let’s see what this USB C charger has to offer for your iPhone 11. 

It has one USB C port and another port is just USB port where you can charge other devices simultaneously. The wall charger is pocket-friendly and you can carry it on the go when you go for a trip. Anker’s charger juices up your iPhone faster than any other normal 18W charger.

The charger is available in white and black colors. It comes with a worry-free warranty for 18-months, so be rest assured if anything goes wrong. 

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USP: Fordable Plug
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#5. Choetech

Choetech USB C Charger for iPhone 11

This pretty charger is rated by more than 1000 customers on Amazon and this speaks the popularity of this USB C adapter. Of course, it comes with just 1 port but that’s fast enough to charge your iPhone quickly. Choetech charger protects itself from over heating, over current, over voltage and short circuit as well. 

Not just iPhone 11 but you can also charge your older iPhone X series phones if you have one with you. Its lightweight makes it travel-ready to carry on the go whenever you need it. Safety is the first thing, I would prefer in any charger and that’s what Choetech is at its best! 

USP: Safest Charger
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#6. Quntis

Quntis iPhone 11 Fast USB C Charger

Quntis has got Amazon’s Choice tag for the “iPhone 11 fast charger” term and there must be a reason for that, isn’t it?! Moreover, it comes with a USB-C to lightning cable which is 6 feet long and I think that’s more than enough. To add on top of this, it charges your iPhone quickly as compared to the traditional charger. 

With the cable, you can also transfer the data from one device to another which has a USB-C port, the latest MacBook to be precise. So you don’t need an extra cable to share or transfer the files when you need them the most. Other than the iPhone 11, it works with older iPhone and iPad as well. The power output of Quntis is 18W and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

USP: 6 Feet USB-C to Lightning Cable Included
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#7. Aukey

AUKEY USB C Charger for iPhone 11

Aukey is the most loved brand when it comes to 18W chargers and that’s beyond Apple’s original charger if I am not wrong. It’s not just compatible with iPhone 11 but all the devices that support USB power delivery. The fast charging technology ensures that your iPhone is charged faster than never before!

With features like over voltage protection, over heating protection, and over current protection, it has all the basic things which a USB-C adapter must have in it. The compact size makes it possible to carry it with you while you’re traveling. It comes in black and white color variants. 

It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and 24-months product replacement warranty card as well. So it’s a win-win situation for you at such an affordable price. Of course, you need to get a USB-C to lightning cable as it’s not included in this. 

USP: Charges iPhone Faster than Ever
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#8. Galvanox

Galvanox Fast USB C Charger for iPhone 11

This charger from Galvanox is MFi Apple Certified so be rest assured about the safety concerns when you’re using this adapter with your iPhone. There’s not much difference as compared to the original Apple charger but just in case, if you lost it or broken it, this could be a perfect alternative for Apple 18W charger. 

It also comes with a USB-C to lightning cable which is a bonus given the price tag of this product which is just under $25. Moreover, the cable is tested more than 10,000 times and it still doesn’t get damaged and this speaks the quality cable you get with this wall charger.

The power output is 18W maximum and it works with other iPhone models too. With temperature sensing technology, your charger can be safe enough from overheating problems for sure!

USP: Temperature Sensing Technology
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#9. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics iPhone 11 One Port USB C Wall Charger

We’ve seen more than enough products from Amazon itself and the quality of these products speaks a lot besides affordability. And the same is the case with its USB-C adapter for iPhone 11. It’s just under $15 which makes it the cheapest USB-C charger for iPhone. 

The features like lightweight, compact design, etc make it easy to carry to your office, travel or business trips. Its blue LED indicates when the charger is connected to your iPhone and moreover, it makes it easy to find in dark. The cable is not included and hence, you need to get it separately if you want to use this wall adapter for iPhone. 

Not just your iPhone but you can charge many other devices as well with this USB-C charger. It comes with a limited warranty for 1-year. And yes, it’s an 18W power delivery charger. 

USP: LED Indicator
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#10. Nexgadget

NEXGADGET 2 Port USB C Charger for iPhone 11

The 30W adapter for iPhone comes with 2 ports. Of course, they don’t distribute equal power just like Anker’s 60W charger does, but it has a USB-C port that delivers 18W and the USB-A port which delivers 12W making it a complete 30W charger. The USB-C port charges your iPhone, iPad, and iPod whereas the USB-A port charges your Kindle, power bank, etc. 

It comes with 110-240V compatibility and the foldable plug which makes it a perfect choice for your international trips. The smart IC identifies the device you’re charging and delivers only the required power. It comes with a warranty for 12-months and friendly customer service as well if you face any technical issues. 

USP: 110-240V Compatability
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So these were some of the best iPhone 11 USB-C adapters which you might like!

Summing Up…

If I had to charge multiple devices on the go, I would go with Anker’s 60W USB-C charger on any given day. And if I wanted a charger along with cable keeping affordability, fast charging and safety as a priority, Quntis charger would be my go-to choice.

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If you had to pick one USB-C adapter for your iPhone 11, which one would you pick from the above-given ones? Do let us know in the comment section now! If you want to get the latest accessories for your iPhone 11 series, download our iOS App to get regular updates. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to follow our social media updates as well. 

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