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Best iPhone 11 Sleeves in 2024

Sleeve covers and cases are not everyone’s cup of tea! These days, not everyone loves these kinds of covers but there are many users who go crazy for these sleeves that provide an enclosed loop for your iPhone 11. Are you one of them? If yes, you’re surely going to love the best iPhone 11 sleeves lineup right below!

1. Dockem Executive

Dockem Executive Leather Sleeve for iPhone 11

Dockem is a perfect example of what a classic sleeve must look like! The premium synthetic leather on top of the cover gives a glossy look besides being soft in touch. It’s not too tight and it makes it easy to slide in and out without any hassles. Dockem’s sleeve is a perfect replacement for a case if you often remove it.

Besides being sleek in design, it also provides minimal protection to your iPhone 11. It is designed in such a way that if the iPhone has a screen protector on it, it might get a bit tight during the slide in and out. But that’s fine, it can be managed once you get used to it.

The clean and smooth surface is what I loved about this sleeve cover. Moreover, it’s slim and it’s a perfect alternative to iPhone 11 cases available online.

USP: Clean and Smooth
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2. fitBAG

fitBAG iPhone 11 Custom Tailored Sleeve

This product is made from microfiber and that got my attention right away! The pouch case looks elegant in terms of design with a fashionable fabric crafted top on it. It protects your iPhone 11 from dust, scratches and little bumps too. The microfiber material ensures that it keeps your iPhone display clean through automatic cleaning.

Of course, it cannot provide the protection of what a bumper case can do but it’s good enough for those who take of their iPhone. If your iPhone is having any case on it already, you need to remove it before sliding into this pouch case from fitBAG.

It’s available in 14 vibrant colors and I would go with Jive Blue color variant on any given day! Which one would you prefer for your iPhone 11?

USP: Available in Vibrant Colors
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3. Happer Studio

Happer Studio Italian Leather Pocket Sleeve for iPhone 11

If you’re looking for a premium sleeve cover for your iPhone, Happer Studio’s product is your way to go! Crafted with Italian premium PU leather, it should definitely suit your personality and it gives a powerful statement of what your iPhone deserves. Of course, it’s a little costly as compared to other products, but it should be worth look at its design and features.

You can also customize the name on the cover by writing the details to the seller on the check out page. That’s the best part of this case! Besides this, you can also carry your cards and cash in the sleeve itself as it has a slot for the same. If your iPhone doesn’t fit in the case, the seller can also provide the customized design as well which fits your iPhone.

USP: Monogram your Name on Cover
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4. Sena Cases

Sena Cases iPhone 11 Ultra Slim Sleeve

Due to its slim and sleek design, Sena Cases is loved by many iPhone users around the globe. The soft microfiber lining and the genuine leather on top of the cover give an attractive look to maintain your style statement. It’s easy to fit and you can slide in and out your iPhone 11 without any hassles.

The sleeve protects your smartphone from minor drops, impacts and it’s a perfect match for those who want to show off their iPhone 11 in style. Of course, it cannot match the clear cases in terms of showing off your smartphone but sleeve cover is a different niche overall and there are people who love these covers! It’s available in brown color variant only!

USP: Perfect Sleeve to Show Off
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5. Dockem Wallet

Dockem Wallet Synthetic Leather Card Sleeve for iPhone 11

Here’s yet another sleeve cover from Dockem. And this time it comes with a wallet slot as well where you can carry your important credit cards, business cards and some cash too if you want to. It has a total of 4 card slots, 2 on the back and 2 on the front side of the cover. With this, I am sure you need not carry your bulky wallet for minimal things and it can be a perfect replacement for a wallet case too.

Just like the previous sleeve from Dockem, it might not support the iPhone which has a screen protector on it as it gets tight to slide in and out. So it’s recommended to remove the screen protector or you can get used to it once you start using it. In spite of having 4 card slots, it somehow manages to be slim.

The only thing which I didn’t like was, it keeps your phone 2.5cm out of the sleeve through which you can easily slide out but it may be compromising in terms of protection. If you’re fine with this feature, Dockem would be a good choice overall.

USP: 4 Card Slots
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6. Modos Logicos

Modos Logicos iPhone 11 Sleeve

The elastic pull strap in this cover makes it easy to pull out your iPhone from it and you can easily slide in too. If easy to use was my priority, Modos Logicos would be my go to option in today’s lineup. The leather coating on the top of the case gives a shiny look and the soft fabric inside the cover will protect your iPhone against dust, bumps and scratches too.

If there’s already any case on your iPhone 11, make sure you remove it before sliding into this cover as it may not fit and the reason is, it’s just made for a smartphone size. It’s available in black and brown color variants.

USP: Pull Strap
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7. Yinoinge

Yinoinge Soft Sleeve Cover Purse for iPhone 11

Yinoinge’s sleeve is specially made for those who want to buy a cover with a traditional design. It’s simple but it is durable as well. The soft neoprene material inside the cover can protect your iPhone from water, snow and dust as well. That doesn’t mean it’s a complete package for a waterproof case but it gives decent protection in normal rains and snowfall.

It’s lightweight and looks elegant in design too. And as every sleeve doesn’t fit your iPhone 11 with a case, this product too has the same set of features. It’s available in small and large sizes so that you can pick the one which suits your iPhone size.

USP: Simple with Traditional Design
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That’s it for today, folks!

Summing Up…

In the end, I would just say one thing, if you want to showcase your iPhone in style with minimal protection, these sleeves would be a perfect match for your iPhone 11. Of all these, I would go with Happer Studio’s sleeve which is, of course, a bit costly but it allows me to put my name or business logo on the case.

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Which one did you love out of these sleeve covers? Do let us know in the comments right away! 

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