Even though iPhone 11 has an IP68 rating, the thought of my new device underwater sends shivers down my spine. So, if you love watersports or underwater photography, these are some of the best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 11 available.

Encasing your device in one of the cases enables you to click endless pictures, videos, selfies and Slo-Fies underwater. Moreover, thanks to their high saftey certificate, you can take your device along on almost every adventure trip.

Best iPhone 11 Waterproof Cases in 2020

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#1. Vapesoon Waterproof Case

Vapesoon Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

Made from high-quality shock-absorbing TPU bumper and PC hard materials for the front and back guard. This case can withstand a 6.6ft fall without causing any damage to your device. All the controls, speakers and ports are completely sealed without causing any hindrance to the functionality.

This case by Vapesoon has an IP68 Certificate which approves that this case is waterproof. An iPhone with this case on was submerged under 1.5-meter deep water for over 20 minutes while the case was being tested, and it withstood this harsh test. It is perfect for people who are water babies and love to capture underwater images.

USP: Sustains 6.6ft high drop
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#2. CozyCase Rugged Waterproof Case

CozyCase iPhone 11 Waterproof Case

The Cozy Case waterproof case for iPhone 11 has a perfect snug fit that is anti-slip and saves your phone from accidental slips and drops. But under some unfortunate circumstances even if your precious smartphone slips from your hands. You still take a breath of relief because this case has surpassed the military-grade drop test.

This 360° protective case is undoubtedly waterproof, but it also meets up to the requirements of the IP68 rating according to waterproof tests and standards. The case also gives full access to all the controls, ports, and speakers of the device, but at the same time, it is 100% sales.

USP: Tire Pattern
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#3. Heavy Duty Waterproof Case from Alofox

Alofox Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

With impressive underwater sustenance of under 6 ft deep water for over one full hour of protection of your smartphone, this Alofox case is a perfect accessory for all the water sport enthusiasts. This case has also surpassed the military-grade shock absorption standard tests.

With your phone encased in this case, you can easily take your phone underwater to capture images, videos, or Slofies using the side button. This iPhone 11 case is compatible with wireless chargers so that you can charge your phone wirelessly without taking off the case.

USP: Can sustain under 6 ft deep water for 1 Hour
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#4. Temdan Clear Waterproof Case

Temdan iPhone 11 Rugged Waterproof Case

This specially designed case is fully sealed with standard IP68 waterproof grade that would allow you to submerge your phone under 6.6 ft deep water for over an hour. You can take your phone underwater to capture your water baby moments.

The case also exceeds the military-standards of 810G-516, which safeguards your 6.1-inch screen. This case was drop tested from 2m height that is about 6.5 ft for over 1000 times. It is rugged to adapt to all harsh environments and is snowproof, dustproof, and dirtproof.

USP: Snowproof, Dustproof and Dirtproof
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#5. Waterproof Case With Screen Protector from Nineeasy

Nineeasy Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

This fully sealed 360° waterproof case by Nineeasy is suitable for all underwater sports and activities. You can even take beautiful ultra-wide photos of the fascinating world that resides underwater. This case supports all the functions of your device, giving full access to all the controls, speakers, and port.

The case has a tight body skin that is shock-absorbing because of the edges of the case that takes away all the shocks caused due to falls and drops. It is shockproof, dustproof, and soundproof that protects your iPhone under all weather conditions.

USP: Tight-Body Skin
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SportLink Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

This IP68 certified iPhone 11 case is a fully sealed waterproof case that will give a tension-free beach or pool outing with your friends and family. With the SportLink case on your phone, you can take it underwater and capture amazing images and videos of the colorful underwater life.

Apart from being waterproof, this case is also a full-body heavy-duty protection case that this made to adapt under all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Just like a loyal bodyguard protects a person, this case protects your iPhone at all times.

USP: Rugged Case
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#7. LifeProof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case

LifeProof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

The scare of getting the charging port clogged with sand, is a real one. Precisely designed for iPhone 11, the LifeProof FRĒ case keeps the nightmare at bay.

With easy access to the power button, volume button, and the lightning port, your usage isn’t hindered at all. It has got the IP68 certificate along with military-standard test because of the dire circumstances this case has been tested under.

USP: Built-in screen protector is clear and slim
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#8. Huakay IP68 Waterproof Case

Huakay Protective Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

If you are planning to go diving on your next vacation then don’t forget to capture some fantastic underwater shots of yourself as well as the marine life. To ensure your iPhone’s 100% safety from water damage, get your hands on the Huakay iPhone 11 waterproof case.

It’s slim and light body makes sure that the case doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone, making it suitable to use for both men and women. Although the case is slim, it doesn’t compromise even a percent on the safety and protection of your device. The case is also snow, dust, and sand proof.

USP: Slim
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#9. Lamcase Scratch Resistant Waterproof Case

Lamcase Waterproof Case with Screen Protector for iPhone 11

For deep divers, this case is like a dream come true with this amazing Lamcase waterproof case that can be submerged under 6ft deep water for over 3 hours. Yes, you read it right 3 hours and I am bombed with this information. Although, It is fully sealed the Face ID works completely perfect in this case.

It is made of durable plastic and hard silicone frame to protect your phone from shocks and drops. The case also sports a built-in screen protector that is anti-scratch and all sensor compatible. Its slim and lightweight design not only makes it easy to carry but also protects your phone well. The extra hand strap is convenient for all types of outdoor activities.

USP: Easy Installation
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#10. ANTSHARE Sleek Waterproof Case

ANTSHARE iPhone 11 Waterproof Case

Swim underwater, scuba dive or enjoy some great water sports and flaunt your adventures with your friends and family. The layered design ensures the device safety, while the sleek profile maintains portability.

The crystal clear built-in screen protector prevents scratches without compromising on the touch sensitivity. This case also supports seamless wireless charging, simply place your phone on the wireless charger without even removing the case.

USP: Supports Wireless Charging
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Signing Off…

Safeguard your device with these waterproof iPhone 11 cases and create beautiful memories by not letting any moment pass by, even underwater. Which case did you like the most on this list? Let me know that in the comments below.

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