Best iPhone 11 Leather Cases in 2019: The Covers Crafted with Genuine Leather

Getting a leather case is a style statement in itself! Finding the right one is always hard. And hence, we've compiled a complete list of best iPhone 11 leather cases of 2019. Check them out now!

Apple touts that iPhone 11 comes with the toughest single piece of glass that can endure bumps and also ward off scratches. Add to that the durable aluminum sides that further enhance the durability of the budget-friendly iPhone. But then again, no matter how robust glass is, it shouldn’t be trusted beyond a certain boundary (and we all know that, don’t we?.)

That’s why it’s better to safeguard the sandwich design (glass and aluminum) – right out of the bat. And what better to go for protection than choosing the best iPhone 11 leather cases that can give the classy look and feel to the smartphone while also shielding the device against unexpected drops and scuffs.

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10 Best Leather Cases for iPhone 11 in 2019

All the leather covers for iPhone 11 listed below are made from genuine leather and are sure to impress you. We’ve already listed some of the finest cases for iPhone 11 and today it’s time to check out some leather ones. So let’s dive into it and see some of the top-rated leather cases. 

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#1. Pad & Quill

Paaad and Quill iPhone 11 Leather Case

Pad & Quill is known for its variety of cases for all iPhone models. Especially for those who travel a lot, Pad & Quill offers unique cases that suits them the best! Of course, there’s something for everyone in their leather case. It fits perfectly on your iPhone 11 and is made of grain leather. Moreover, it just adds 2mm of thickness to your iPhone hinting that it’s lightweight. 

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The most interesting thing about this case is the card pocket on the back that can hold up to 2 cards. Well, that’s a perfect one for those who don’t want to carry their wallet on the go! It’s easy to install and all the ports, buttons can be easily accessed as the case has precise cutouts. 

The best thing about Pad & Quill’s case is, it’s crafted by hand which ensures quality that you’re looking for. The stitching used is considered as marine-grade giving your iPhone 11 premium protection and making it durable as well. It comes with an unbelievable warranty of 25 years!

USP: Super Slim & Durable
Check out on Pad & Quill

#2. Kulor Cases

KULOR Leather Case for iPhone 11

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Ever imagined a case with a combination of 2 colors and that too made of leather material? Well, Kulor Cases has made it possible with a combination of peacock blue and crimson red colors. It’s made with top-grain genuine leather giving a luxurious feel when you have it on your iPhone 11. 

The cover is durable as the leather is wrapped on all the four corners from outside and inside as well. And all this is handmade, yes, you heard that right! Those who have the right sense of color combination would love this case for sure! One can easily access the ports and buttons as the frame is built with polycarbonate frame along with the leather coating. 

There are several customization options available at Kulor Cases and they are super fast in terms of delivery. Scroll down the product page to see what other colors are available. 

USP: Perfect Combination of Colors
Check out on Kulor

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#3. Bellroy

Just when I saw Bellroy’s case, it made me feel WOW! Simply amazing! Every case comes with access to all the ports and buttons but this one even comes with a SIM card slot as well which isn’t available in most of the cases and covers! It’s made from a premium polymer, environmentally certified leather along with a soft microfiber lining on the back cover. 

The case has an integrated wallet which can hold up to 3 cards and it can be used a kickstand stand as well when needed. With sloping edges on all the corners and magnetic closure make it a highly protective case for iPhone 11 as it fits perfectly. It comes with a 3-year warranty!

USP: Wallet & Kickstand Case Included
Check out on Bellroy

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#4. Shieldon

SHIELDON Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

If I had to choose an all-in-case for iPhone 11, I would love to buy Shieldon’s case that comes with 3 card slots, a side pocket and invisible kickstand. The case is made of genuine leather and a feature that everyone would love RFID blocking! Built-in magnet protects your valuable cards, cash and any other receipts that you place in your wallet with magnetic closure. 

With durable soft on the inner side of back cover protects your iPhone from sudden bumps and accidental drops. Moreover, it makes it easy to hold your device as it provides the best grip. Overall, I would say, anyone who’s looking for a perfect leather case for iPhone 11, Shieldon is your way to go!

It’s available in 7 vivid colors and one of my favorites is dark blue. The case comes with a lifetime warranty so if there are any issues, you can directly contact the seller to get them solved instantly!

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USP: Multi-functional
Check out on Amazon

#5. Maxboost

Maxboost PU Leather Case for iPhone 11

Here’s yet another case which is similar to Shieldon. It has all the features that the above case has just like 3 card slots, a side pocket, magnetic lock and a kickstand as well. With these many things, it does not make it hard to access the ports and buttons as it has precise cutouts. 

The case is crafted with PU leather which is durable and soft. Of course, the outer look of this case is different as compared to the previous one. It’s easy to grip and provides the best protection overall. The innovative design of this case makes your iPhone secure, classy and protects on all corners along with the screen. 

It comes with wireless charging compatibility and a lifetime warranty as well. The multi-functional feature is something which I love about this cover. 

USP: 360-Degree Protection
Check out on Amazon


OCASE iPhone 11 Leather Flip Case

If you’re looking for a classy iPhone 11 leather case, OCASE must be your first preference. It’s specifically designed for iPhone 11 users itself and will not fit any other iPhone. It’s a wallet case made of premium leather which is durable as its handcrafted. 

The case comes with 3 card slots, kickstand, a pocket to carry your cash and a magnetic closure that ensures the safety of your iPhone and the cards too. Your iPhone is safe from sudden shocks as the case is made in such a way that it’s shockproof and is water-resistant as well. 

OCASE looks brilliant in 4 colors that are black, blue, brown & burgundy and my favorite is, as usual, the blue! It comes with a 2-year warranty and 60-day money back guarantee if you face any issues. 

USP: Kickstand & Magnetic Closure
Check out on Amazon

#7. Tendlin

TENDLIN iPhone 11 Leather Case

Tendlin is completely a different case if we compare it with the previous three in the above list. Of course, it comes with a 2-card slot but that’s not enclosed inside the iPhone, instead, it’s on the back cover. So don’t worry if you forget your wallet when you have cards in your iPhone itself.

The raised lip around the camera and screen protects your iPhone 11 from scratches and dust on flat surfaces. It’s sleek, slim and easy to grip making it a most comfortable case ever designed for iPhone. Tendlin is made of PU leather and the back case might seem weird in terms of design but it looks awesome when you get it on your iPhone.

It’s available in black and brown colors. There’s no word from the seller regarding wireless charging compatibility, so cross-check that before you order this case!

USP: Raised Lip
Check out on Amazon

#8. Jijaogara

jijaogara iPhone 11 Slim Premium Leather Case

This is a perfect example of what a leather case should be, at least for me. I just loved the design and the cutouts at the corners near the screen which are round shaped. It’s slim and lightweight which makes it easy to carry on the go! The soft microfiber lining on the inner side of cover keeps your iPhone scratch-free all time.

Well, I have hardly seen a case with 3mm raised edges that protect your screen and this case comes with a screen protector too. It’s made of premium PU leather giving a soft touch on the back cover and gives a luxurious look to your iPhone overall. 

Jijaogara has anti-slip grip and it feels perfect when you hold your iPhone 11. The raised edges even protect your iPhone from sudden drops and bumps. It’s available in brown and grey colors. 

USP: Perfect Finish & Glossy Look
Check out on Amazon

#9. Lohasic

LOHASIC iPhone 11 Leather Case

One of the slimmest cases for iPhone 11 is Lohasic which is made of vegan leather. And the electroplated margin outlines on the back cover give a premium look to the case. The flexible TPU bumper guards your iPhone 11 against sudden drops and impacts. And as the material is flexible, it’s easy to install and remove whenever needed. 

With precise cutouts, it’s easy to access all ports and the responsive buttons make it easy to access them instantly without a hard press. It’s available in black, brown and glossy red colors. 

USP: Slimmest Leather Case
Check out on Amazon

#10. Kavaj

KAVAJ Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

This case is almost similar to what Tendlin offers for your iPhone 11. With 2-card slots on the back, it gives enough space to carry your important cards and a bit of cash as well. Besides premium leather, materials like TPU silicone & hard PC are also used so that the case is flexible and it protects the device from accidental drops and impacts.

Kavaj’s precise cutouts offer easy access to ports and buttons. It supports wireless charging too. Well, you can’t ask for more if you’re looking for a perfect case for your iPhone 11. 

USP: Made of Hard PC & TPU Silicone
Check out on Amazon

So, that’s it, folks!

Closing Thoughts!

Besides getting a leather case for iPhone 11, if the color combination is what you look for, I would suggest you go with Kulor Cases. And if you’re looking for 360-degree protection, Maxboost is your way to go! Which one would you get for your iPhone 11? Let us know in the comments. 

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