Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors of 2019: Safeguard Your Screen Now!

iPhone 11's screen is precious and to get the best out of it, you need to ensure it's protected. We've got some of the best iPhone 11 tempered glass screen protectors in 2019. Have a glimpse at them now!

It’s not a secret anymore of what iPhone 11 camera can do. They are simply amazing, to be honest! And the front camera with 12MP along with slow-motion video recording is just like icing on the cake. The precious camera and the 6.1-inch alluring screen needs protection and it can be possible with a screen protector for iPhone 11.

We’re going to list some of the best iPhone 11 tempered glass screen protectors so that you can safeguard your iPhone’s screen. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the finest screen protectors for the new iPhone.

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10 Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 11

Just getting a screen protector isn’t enough if I am not wrong. If you want high-grade protection, do check out some amazing cases for iPhone 11 that go hand in hand with these protectors.

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#1. UNBREAKcable

UNBREAKcable iPhone 11 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With 9H hardness and made with reinforced technology, UNBREAKcable is the best tempered glass you can get for your iPhone 11. It automatically attaches to your screen without leaving any air bubbles once you place it on your iPhone 11. The protector is easy to install and comes with anti-fingerprint feature.

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It’s designed in such a way that it’s also compatible with most of the cases. The protector comes with a 3-pack so you can easily replace it with another one once it gets older. It has a 36-month worry-free warranty!

USP: 9H Hardness
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#2. LK

LK iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11

LK’s screen protectors always speak of hardness and the quality of the material used. It protects your iPhone 11 with double defense technology. The protector is made from 9H tempered glass which is scratch-resistant and protects your screen from sudden drops and bumps.

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The fingerprint coating on the screen ensures that there are no fingerprints left once you use your iPhone. It’s easy to clean and the oil smudges can be removed easily. The screen is highly responsive and doesn’t affect the normal responsiveness of your iPhone. It comes in a 3-pack of protectors.

USP: Highly Responsive
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#3. ESR

ESR iPhone 11 Screen Protector

ESR is the most preferred brand when it comes to tempered glass screen protectors, especially for iPhone. The protector is sturdy and can withstand 22lbs of weight on it. It’s 5 times stronger as compared to normal tempered glasses. It comes with a bubble-free installation kit which ensures that there are no bubbles left when you install this protector on your iPhone 11.

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The dust removal sticker and cleaning cloth help you clean your screen ensuring no dust particles are leftover on the screen. This 2-pack protectors come with a lifetime warranty.

USP: Bubble-Free Installation
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#4. Supershieldz

Supershieldz Screen Protector for iPhone 11

With HD clarity and 2.5D rounded edge glass gives you extreme comfort while you use your iPhone 11 installed with this screen protector. And the 9H hardness ensures that your iPhone remains safe during sudden drops.

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The highly responsive screen of your iPhone remains untouched and it maintains the original touch experience. And the hydrophobic coating protects the screen from sweat and fingerprints to keep it crystal clear without any marks on it. It comes with a 2-pack protector and lifetime replacement warranty.

USP: Anti-scratch and Bubble Free
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#5. amFilm

amFilm iPhone 11 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

amFilm’s protector is designed especially for iPhone 11 and is 0.33mm thin. It just doesn’t let you feel that you have a screen protector on your iPhone. With 99.9% transparency and highly responsive screen, it only improves your overall experience of using an iPhone.

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It’s durable, scratch resistant, and the hardness of the surface is 9H. So be rest assured of your device against accidental drops or shocks. amFilm includes 2 glass screen protectors, installation kit, guide, and dust removal stickers so that you can easily install it on your iPhone.

USP: 0.33mm Thin
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#6. iCarez

iCarez iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Well, the name itself suggests that it cares about your screen protection. Of course, the hardness level is 3H to 4H which is less as compared to other tempered glasses but it’s still enough to protect your device from scratches and dust if not bumps and shocks.

The best thing about iCarez is the transparency which doesn’t ruin your watching experience on the iPhone 11. Perfect cutouts ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the camera and sensors on the front. It comes in a pack of three.

USP: Transparent
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IRSHE iPhone 11 Screen Protector

If you are looking for the best screen protectors for iPhone 11 of all time, I would definitely recommend IRSHE. With features like shatter-proof, case-friendly, 3D touch support and lots more, it stands unique in the list. 9H hardness makes sure that your iPhone 11 is 100% secured from sudden drops and bumps.

It’s made with reinforced technology so be rest assured about the scratches by keys, nails or even a knife. The installation kit comes with 2 screen protectors, 2 wet clothes, 2 dust absorbents, 2 dust stickers, 1 lint free cloth, and a detailed guide to install it with care.

USP: 3D Touch Support
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TORRAS iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Well, TORRAS’s protector is just 0.25mm thin. And that’s the slimmest of all the screen protectors in today’s list. This gives you the best feel to use your iPhone as it doesn’t make you feel that there’s a tempered glass installed on it. The 9H hardness and the anti-scratch resistant feature only adds a topping on it.

It’s easy to install and it comes with a pack of 2 screen protectors. And the 3D sensitive touch is the best part of TORRAS giving you the best experience while you use your iPhone.

USP: 0.25mm Thin
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#9. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPhone 11 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This protector is made from high quality Japanese PET film which makes it transparent enough so that you have a hassle-free experience while using your iPhone 11. Along with real touch sensitivity, it gives maximum protection to your device with 9H hardness.

The flawless touch is the best thing I loved about this tempered glass. Supershieldz comes in a pack of 6 and it includes lifetime replacement warranty as well.

USP: Sensitive Touch
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#10. Ailun

AILUN is one of the top-rated screen protectors online and the reason is its amazing quality. With HD clarity and hard tempered glass, it gives the maximum protection to your iPhone 11. The 2.5D round edges give the best grip to hold the device.

Ailun has got more than 2000 reviews on Amazon and it’s a clear indication that people love this screen protector. It comes in a pack of 3 along with 12-month warranty as well.

USP: Rounded Glass
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That’s it for today!

Summing Up…

I would go for UNBREAKcable on any given day but if I was to trust the customer reviews, then Ailun would be my go-to product for my iPhone. Which one of these tempered glass screen protectors would you buy for iPhone 11? Do let us know in the comments.

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