Bumper cases have always been my favorite for all my iPhones. There are two main reasons for my fascination for these cases: they are robust, and they are stylish as well. Apple has recently announced three iPhones at its Special Event held in Steve Jobs Theatre, Cupertino. iPhone 11, with its low price, is undoubtedly going to be an instant hit among young users. If you are planning to buy this phone, you should also think of its protection. Here we rounded up some of the best iPhone 11 bumper cases that keep your new phone safe in style.

Following cases are made by reputed brands. i-Blason, JETech, and MoKo are prominent names in Apple accessories. You can explore the complete list of best bumper cases and choose one or more for your device. Without further ado, check the collection and place orders now.

10 Best Bumper Cases for iPhone 11 in 2020

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#1. i-Blason

i-Blason Cosmo iPhone 11 Bumper Case

i-Blason is a leading iPhone accessory brand that manufactures robust cases for Apple phones. This bumper case is taken from the Cosmo Lite series of i-Blason, which is known for manufacturing heavy-duty cases for iPhones. However, this time, the brand has surprised iPhone users with a slim protective case. This hybrid case is compatible with wireless charging, so you are not supposed to remove it frequently to charge your device wirelessly.

The lightweight profile keeps your iPhone adorable when you hold it in your hands. i-Blason has used shock-absorbing TPU bumper to provide safety to your device in case it is dropped accidentally. The raised bezel elevates phone’s screen when you place the phone face down.

USP: Smooth and glossy finish.
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#2. MoKo

MoKo Bumper Case for iPhone 11

Once you get the latest iPhone 11 in your hands, you like to show this prized possession to all. At the same time, you wish to protect the premium device against damage. What is the solution? MoKo has got the right answer. Bring home this transparent bumper case for your iPhone. MoKo has added dual qualities of transparency and strength. Its clear reinforced TPU bumper guards your iPhone against scratches and drops.

The case precisely fits over your iPhone body and its transparent back will show Apple logo; thus, you can flaunt your premium device to all and invite some jealous stares. A notable feature of this case is the microdot pattern, which resists water stains and smudges.

USP: Microdot pattern.
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#3. TOZO

TOZO iPhone 11 Bumper Case

Your job requires you to hold your iPhone all day. This makes your palm sweat, and as a result, your new device gets stains of sweat and oily fingerprints. You can prevent this by installing TOZO’s skin-friendly, ultra-thin case. This bumper case is touted as the world’s slimmest case with a comfortable feeling. You can hold your iPhone for a long time and still, you won’t feel any substantial something.

Its super-thin 0.35mm profile makes it slimmer than all other cases available on the market. However, there is no reason to relegate this case to the bunch of fragile pieces. TOZO has manufactured a robust case to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.

USP: Skin-friendly case.
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#4. Weycolor

Weycolor Bumper Case for iPhone 11

Many iPhone users don’t like to hold the phone in hands, neither do they use armband cases to put the phone inside. They just slip the phone in pockets. However, a bulky case would inflate the pocket. Weycolor offers a solution here. The brand has designed an ultra-clear bumper case, which adds minimum bulk to your iPhone. Thus, you can put your iPhone in your pockets, and the trousers would not bulge.

For the protection of your iPhone, Weycolor has used polycarbonate hardback, with semi-flexible TPU bumpers. You can easily operate your phone as the case has a unique design that gives quick access to ports, buttons, and controls on the iPhone.

USP: Unique design.
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#5. Temdan

Temdan iPhone 11 Rugged Bumper Case

Temdan has made a 360-degree protective bumper case for your iPhone 11. The entire case is divided into two pieces – front and back. The front portion has a built-in screen protector to guard your iPhone screen against scratches. And the back cover is made of transparent polycarbonate, which is thin and light but provides maximum protection.

The rugged drop-proof case resists scratches and protects your iPhone’s dual-camera when you place your device on a flat surface. Transparent PC back shows Apple logo prominently on your iPhone.

USP: All-round protection.
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#6. Unov

Unov Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 11

To get the full advantage of the wireless charging feature of iPhone 11, you can use this bumper case. Just put your iPhone on the wireless charging pad without removing the case. While the phone is being charged, you can listen to music via Bluetooth headphones or connect the phone with wireless speakers. Unov has designed this case with the higher bezel to protect your phone’s screen and camera lens.

Unov has used embossed print technology to create a cute pattern of high density. The pattern will not fade away quickly as it is anti-scratch. Since the case is lightweight and has an easy-grip design, you can use it every day.

USP: Embossed print technology.
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CANSHN iPhone 11 Bumper Case

CANSHN has added an oleophobic coating on a crystal clear bumper to protect your phone from oily and sweaty fingerprints. The soft TPU bumper is designed with military technology. Check those four airbags at corners; these airbags protect your phone when it is slipped or dropped accidentally.

The heavy-duty case is innovatively designed with sound conversion cover. This innovative design lets you enjoy wider stereo playback and augmented reality experiences while you are playing games or watching videos.

USP: Sound conversion cover.
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SURPHY Bumper Case for iPhone 11

Although users like to change cases frequently, you can use this crystal clear case for a long time. When you install the case on your device, it does not leave any bubble; moreover, the case is made of high-quality anti-yellow TPU material. This keeps your iPhone case new for a long time, and as a result, your iPhone looks new even after months of use.

The hybrid phone case has advanced microdot technology to avoid smudges. The hard PC back and reinforced TPU bumper protects your iPhone against scratches, and keep a slim profile of your iPhone. Enjoy the thin, good grip and slip your phone in your pockets comfortably.

USP: Anti-yellow TPU material.
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#9. CC Comeproof

CC Comeproof iPhone 11 Bumper Case

CC Comeproof is a full-body bumper case for your iPhone. This case has a built-in screen protector to safeguard your phone’s delicate touchscreen. The case is feature-rich as it can keep your premium phone in good shape for a long time. The dustproof case prevents dust from entering the ports of your phone.

The lightweight case has raised four corners to protect your phone from sudden drops and falls. Don’t miss that deep camera cut-out that protects your iPhone’s dual-camera from scratches. The camera cut-out never comes in the way of flash function. The case precisely fits on your iPhone like a glove.

USP: Dust-proof case.
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#10. JETech

JETech Bumper Case for iPhone 11

JETech is one of the renowned brands in the world of iPhone accessories. This bumper case for iPhone 11 absorbs shocks effectively and keeps your phone protected from frequent falls and drops occurred accidentally. The case has an anti-scratch clear back made of PC and TPU to protect your phone when placed on an uneven surface. The ultra-transparent case shows the Apple logo on your device.

Enjoy quick access to all the controls, ports, and buttons on your iPhone as JETech has designed this case precisely. Its raised bezels protect your phone’s screen and camera. You can put your iPhone face down on a flat surface.

USP: Ultra-transparent.
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Bumper cases are the most effective way to protect your iPhone and use it stylishly. Unlike wallet cases, bumpers never make your iPhone heavy or bulky. Some of the lightweight and slim bumper cases keep your iPhone as beautiful as a newborn baby.

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