Best Slim Cases for iPhone 11 in 2020

There are a plethora of flagship devices that are slim but to be honest, iPhone is the prettiest one I have ever used! And the same goes for the iPhone 11. It’s slim and it deserves a better case to draw someone’s attention. There are many slim cases for iPhone 11 but a few of them aren’t worth trying!

Choosing the right case for your valuable iPhone is a daunting task for many! To clear your chaos, we’ve picked and reviewed some of the best iPhone 11 slim cases. These cases don’t let your iPhone 11 go bulky and provides the thinnest look ever! 

#1. Spigen Thin Fit Case

Spigen iPhone 11 Thin Case

Be it a clear case, kickstand case or thin case, Spigen always produces the best cases for iPhone users. With features like lightweight, pocket-friendly and magnetic car mount compatibility, it stands unique in our lineup today. Raised edges near the camera and the front screen keeps your iPhone 11 safe from flat surfaces. 

Spigen’s case is slim and it hardly adds any weight your iPhone as it weighs just 0.8 ounces. With seamless cutouts and responsive buttons, it only adds extra functionality to the case. It supports wireless charging even when the case is on.

Besides the back cover, it also comes with a frame that covers the front side. And all this is made of scratch-resistant PC material that makes you feel soft when you hold your iPhone! It’s available in black color only!

USP: Easy to Grip & Slim
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#2. i-Blason Slim Designer Case

i-Blason Slim Bumper Case for iPhone 11

There has been a craze for marble themed cases these days and i-Blason has got the thinnest case for iPhone 11 this time. Of course, it’s not made of marble. The case is made of TPU material and it protects your iPhone from sudden bumps and drops as well. So basically, it’s a combination of a bumper case and a slim case overall!

i-Blason’s case has precise cutouts that allow you to access the ports and buttons without blocking any of the sensors of iPhone 11. It’s stylish, slim, lightweight and supports wireless charging too.

The combination of pink, white, gray and rose gold creates a perfect blend of colors that a case can have. I would definitely love to get my hands on it and this would be my go-to choice in this list of iPhone 11 thin cases.

USP: Marble Look with Military Standard Protection
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#3. MoKo Protective Slim Case

MoKo iPhone 11 Slim Fit Case

The design and look of MoKo case are quite similar to that of Spigen’s case which we saw earlier in this list. But this thin case is made of liquid silicone gel rubber that gives a soft touch when you hold your iPhone.

It’s designed keeping iPhone 11 users in mind and it glues perfectly once installed. MoKo’s case is lined with soft microfiber which safeguards your device from accidental bumps and falls. The case is slim and without adding any bulk it keeps the iPhone look original. 

Pinpoint cutouts and the raised edges provide easy access to the ports and protect your iPhone from flat surfaces respectively. This case supports wireless charging and comes with a lifetime warranty. MoKo is available in black and red colors. 

USP: Soft Touch
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#4. CASEKOO Ultra Thin Case

CASEKOO iPhone 11 Ultra Thin Case

Casekoo says “You Like It Slim, We Make It Slim.” And yes, that’s what their case speaks. It’s as slim as paper with a thinness of just 0.04 inch and weighs just 0.6 ounces. Wow, that’s simply amazing and I bet you won’t find a case with such lightweight, at least in today’s list!

Casekoo takes care of every minute thing that must be a part of the case. Right from the raised edges near the camera to easy access of buttons and ports, it’s a masterpiece in every aspect. Besides this, it prevents your iPhone from scratches, stains and gives basic protection as well. 

The case is easy to grip and gives you a silky feeling when you get your hands on it. It supports wireless charging and comes with a 1-year warranty. 

USP: Ultra Slim
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#5. TORRAS Thin Clear Case

TORRAS Crystal Clear Thin Case for iPhone 11

Don’t just take it for granted just because it’s a back cover because it can even protect the iPhone screen as it is 0.5mm higher than the screen. Moreover, the reinforced corners protect your iPhone from sudden drops and bumps. As it’s a clear case besides being slim, you can show off your iPhone 11 in style.

It protects your device from scratches, stains, dirt, dust and it sticks to your iPhone and leaves no space for bubbles. The non-yellowing feature is what I love the most about Torras’s case. It’s made of TPU material and the rubberized bumper gives a nice grip. 

The buttons and ports are easy to access as the case has precise cutouts. Torras’s thin case is available in clear white and red colors and comes with a warranty of 180 days.

USP: 0.5mm Higher Than iPhone Screen
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#6. ESR Slim Marble Case

ESR Slim Marble Pattern Case for iPhone 11

Here’s another case that has a marble pattern. ESR’s case is just 1.2mm thin and provides all-round protection without adding any bulk to your iPhone 11. It’s scratch resistant, fingerprint resistant which makes you feel smooth and provides perfect grip without being slippery. 

The case is made of soft TPU flexible material which is easy to install and remove when you don’t need it. ESR’s raised edges near the screen and camera prevent direct contact to a flat surface. And just like any other thin case, it has precise cutouts which give you quick access to all the buttons and ports without any hassles. 

ESR brand is trusted by more than 50 million users around the globe and it has been manufacturing some masterpieces for iPhone users over the years. This slim case is no less than a masterpiece, to be honest, and the marble looking cover spices it up even more!

USP: Flexible TPU
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#7. GVIEWIN Ultra Thin Marble Case

GVIEWIN Ultra Slim Case for iPhone 11

If you’re looking for a combination of style and durability, Gviewin must be your first choice. Moreover, it’s elegant in design, looks slim, and colorful as well with a vibrant combination of colors. The corner bumpers of the case protect your iPhone 11 from sudden drops and bumps too. 

The raised bezels give perfect protection the camera and screen as well. And with pinpoint cutouts, accessing ports and buttons just got easier. What I love about this case is the glossy look with lively colors on it.

There’s no confirmation about the wireless charging comparability, so if you want to buy this case, cross-check it with the seller for the same. The case is available in Green/Gold and White/Gold color combinations. 

USP: Glossy Look
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#8. AICase Slim Fit Clear Case

AICase iPhone 11 Thin Case

AICase isn’t much known for the iPhone cases but this case is something special. The combination of PC and TPU material is a perfect blend for a thin and clear case and it’s specially designed for iPhone 11 users only! With these materials, the case looks slim, clear and gives basic protection against drops and bumps. 

Anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint are two more features that come in the basket with this case. It’s comfortable to grip and you can showcase your iPhone 11 without any flaws as it’s transparent. AICase supports wireless charging even when the case is on and it comes with a 1-year warranty as well. 

There are two variants available, one is made of just TPU material and another one is the combination of TPU and PC materials. So you choose the best one as per your needs for your valuable iPhone 11. 

USP: Clear Case with Slim Fit
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#9. Inno Electronic Ultra Thin Protective Case

Inno Electronic Ultra Thin Soft Case for iPhone 11

This case by Inno is unique in design and gives you a feel of a matte finish. The carbon fiber on the back gives a comfortable grip and feels smooth. Soft TPU makes the case flexible and it’s easy to remove whenever you don’t need a case. During the sudden impact drops the soft TPU absorbs the force giving premium protection to your iPhone 11. 

The raised edge near the camera and screen gives ultra protection from flat surfaces. Features like anti-scratch and anti-fingerprints ensure that your case is always away from scratches, dirt, dust, smudges and keep it clean and clear! It’s slim and doesn’t add any bulky look to your iPhone. 

It’s not just for yourself, you can even gift it to your loved ones on special occasions as a small gift! This case comes with a warranty of 180 days and can replace the case if anything happens to it. 

USP: Matte Finish
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#10. TORRAS Slim Fit Case

TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone 11 Case

If you’re looking for one of the finest iPhone 11 thin cases, Torras is your way to go! It’s just 0.03-inch thin which is the slimmest of all cases listed here! This doesn’t even let you feel that the case exists. The matte finish coating which is anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch resistant protects your iPhone from scratches, dust, and dirt all the time. 

With a case that slim, you’re bound to love it. And the 0.5mm raised screen bezel and 0.5mm raised lips near the camera guard your iPhone against flat and uneven surfaces. We already have a case from Torras in this list but this one is different from the earlier one in all terms.

It gives an excellent grip and fits perfectly to your iPhone without any tiny spaces and it supports wireless charging as well. You can easily carry your iPhone with style when you have this case on it. This case is available in red, navy blue and space black colors. 

USP: 0.03-inch Slim (Slimmest of All)
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That’s it for today, folks! I am sure it will clear your chaos after reading my reviews about each case.

Final Opinion

If getting a slim case is your only wish, then I would strongly suggest you to buy Torras case (#10). And if protection matters along with the thinness of the case, I would recommend you to go for either Spigen, ESR or i-Blason which completely depends on your needs and styling.

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So which of these slim cases would you love to buy for your iPhone 11? Do let us know in the comments section below right away.

Best iPhone 11 Slim Cases

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Best iPhone 11 Slim Cases
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