Best Rugged Cases for iPhone 11 in 2020: A Brawny Companion for Your iPhone

If you’ve got your hands on your new iPhone already, it’s time that you start thinking to protect it with precision. Of course, your iPhone is a style statement and if you don’t want to compromise on that, you can always go with iPhone 11 clear cases. But if you need a premium military-grade protection, it’s time you switch to the rugged cases.

A full body heavy-duty protection for your iPhone is possible with these cases! And hence, we decided to bring on some of the best iPhone 11 rugged cases so that you have a brawny companion that protects your device all the time. The metal frame, crisp design, rugged armor and 360-degree protection is what defines a rugged case.

Best iPhone 11 Rugged Cases in 2020

Getting a rugged case just by looking at the brand name doesn’t make sense. So have a look at our reviews on rugged cases for iPhone 11 and then decide which one suits the best as per your needs. Here you go.

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#1. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen Rugged Case for iPhone 11

Spigen’s rugged armor case is specially designed for iPhone 11. The sleek design and the cutouts on the back cover got my eye-balls struck for a moment, such is the beauty of this case! Its spider web pattern on the inner side grips your iPhone firmly and the flexible TPU case protects your iPhone from drops and bumps.

The raised lip and bezel protect your screen and camera both from the flat surfaces. And the air cushion technology at the corners is just perfect for shock absorption. Your iPhone cannot get a slimmer case than this one as it just adds 0.15″ depth to it.

With precise cuts and tactile buttons, it’s easy to manage the ports. Moreover, it supports wireless charging too. If you always prefer a Spigen case and covers for your smartphone, do check our detailed review on some of the best Spigen cases for iPhone 11 now. I am sure you would love every piece of it. This case is available in black color.

USP: Slim with Rugged Armor
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#2. Spidercase Anti-Scratched Clear Rugged Case

Spidercase Clear Rugged Case for iPhone 11

The clear cut design is what makes Spidercase unique besides giving full body protection to your new iPhone. When it comes to the style statement, this case gives you a chance to flaunt your device without any fear of falling as it comes with shock-absorption design protecting all 4 corners effectively.

Spidercase is military drop test passed case which ensures to give 360-degree protection to your smartphone. The two-layered protection, one with the built-in screen protector that comes with a reinforcement frame and the back cover which comes with anti-scratch rugged clear panel protects your iPhone like never before.

With the raised camera and screen edges, it keeps your phone safe from the flat surfaces. This case supports wireless charging and hence, you can get a wireless power bank too for the same. You need not remove the case to charge your iPhone using wireless chargers or power banks. It comes with a warranty for 12-months.

USP: Clear & Sturdy
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#3. i-Blason Dual Layer Rugged Clear Bumper Case

i-Blason iPhone 11 Rugged Case

Just like Spidercase, the case from i-Blason too comes with a built-in screen protector which has a solid TPU frame that keeps your screen away from damages done due to drops & impacts. The polycarbonate and soft TPU materials ensure that your phone is safe even if it’s dropped from 20 feet height.

Yes, you heard that right! 20 feet! It gives 360-degree protection your smartphone with dual layer protection. With precise cutouts, it’s always easy to access the buttons and ports. Moreover, these cutouts ensure that your iPhone is always safe from the flat surfaces.

The screen protector and the back cover are both scratch resistant, fingerprint resistant and it doesn’t allow any dust to settle on it. It’s available in black, purple and blue colors.

USP: Your iPhone is Safe from 20 Feet Drops
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#4. SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Rugged Case

SupCase Rugged Holster Case for iPhone 11

This gives you a modern gaming case kind of look to your iPhone. I would definitely suggest this case to those who play a lot of games and wants a better grip for a longer duration. Even if you drop your phone while playing games, the multi-layer materials ensure that your iPhone is safe from all impacts and drops.

The built-in screen protector ensures that your screen is always from scratches, stains, fingerprints, dust and dirt! Meanwhile, the frame on the protector provides rugged protection to your iPhone 11 screen. Its rotating belt clip holster case which is detachable gives you an extra feature to carry your iPhone hands-free.

Additionally, it also has a built-in kickstand so that you can watch your favorite movies, shows and videos hands-free. With precise cutouts, it’s easy to access all the ports and buttons whenever you need them. It’s available in black, blue, metallic purple and metallic red colour variants.

USP: Detachable Belt Clip Holster
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#5. Diaclara Rugged Case with Anti-Scratch Protection

Diaclara iPhone 11 Clear Rugged Case

The case looks similar to what Spidercase provides. Be it in a design, features or look, they are quite similar. The raised screen and camera edge keep your iPhone safe from scratches, drops, bumps and uneven surfaces respectively.

It gives 360-degree rugged protection as it’s made of soft TPU shock absorption material and also protects all the 4 corners. Built-in screen protector takes care of your screen precisely. The case supports wireless charging and it provides free replacement within 180 days of purchase if you aren’t happy with the results.

USP: Free Replacement within 180 Days
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#6. FXXXLTF Heavy Duty Protection Rugged Case

FXXXLTF Heavy Duty Rugged Case for iPhone 11

The matte clear back design got my attention right away as it looks glossy from all the corners and it protects the iPhone from scratches and scrapes. This case comes with a screen protector which has a shockproof frame made of PC and the back cover comes with shockproof TPU frame giving all around protection to your iPhone 11.

With precise cutouts, it’s now easier to access all the ports and buttons. It supports wireless charging as well and has a non-slip design which gives a comfortable grip all time. The bumper design of this case is what I loved the most from FXXXLTF. It comes with a warranty of 12 months.

USP: Scratch Resistant
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#7. Poetic Military Grade Affinity Series Rugged Case

Poetic iPhone 11 Bumper Rugged Case

If you’re looking for something out of the box design, Poetic is your way to go! With a unique design, it almost seems like a bulky case but it’s not, in fact, it is slim and lightweight too. A solid back cover with a honeycomb design makes it apart from the rest in today’s lineup. With this, you can show off your device in style besides getting it protected.

It protects your phone from all angles due to its shockproof and drop-proof resistance.  And the raised lips and corners on the screen protector only enhance the overall safeguarding. The resistant bumper does the rest if there are any sudden impacts or collisions.

Poetic’s case is available in smoke grey, cobalt blue, forst clear and citron green color variants. The frost clear variant looks impressive, to me at least. Which is your favorite out of these?

USP: Honeycomb Design with Bumper Protection
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#8. OUNNE Rugged Bumper Case with Built-in Screen Protector

OUNNE Rugged Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 11

OUNNE comes with 360-degree protection and that’s possible only because of the dual-layer TPU protection at all the corners of the back cover. The other features such as shock-proof and shatter resistance makes it even better as compared to other cases.

I would say it’s the best one as compared to the iPhone 11 bumper case because of its lightweight and crystal clear back. Of course, this is not a bumper cover but it provides similar protection. And the built-in screen protector guards your screen against scratches and cracks too if you were to drop your iPhone every now and then.

With tactile buttons and precise cutouts, it’s easy to manage the buttons and access the ports respectively. It supports wireless charging and it comes in a crystal clear back cover which gives you a chance to show off your iPhone.

USP: 360-Degree Protection
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#9. Temdan Rugged Case with Wireless Charging Support

Temdan Rugged Case for iPhone 11

Temdan’s case is almost similar to what we saw in Spidercase review in today’s lineup. What makes it unique is the design on both the sides of the back cover. The thin lining on the case makes it a perfect match for your iPhone to make a style statement.

With features all round protection, scratch free, drop proof and highly responsive buttons, you would love to give Temdan a chance. The built-in screen protector doesn’t let your iPhone 11 loose its responsiveness as it is slim and made with premium material.

It’s ultra-transparent and slim as well which make sure that it is lightweight too. Besides that, the rugged protection is always on top of the cards. So be rest assured about the protection of your smartphone when you have a case from Temdan. It comes with a 1-year after sales warranty.

USP: Perfect Fit with Unique Design
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Sportlink Waterproof Rugged Case for iPhone 11

Sportlink’s design might take you back to 2000’s year due to its traditional design. There are not many who love it but there are still a few who prefer the traditional design. If you’re one of them, Sportlink must be your first choice. The heavy-duty full body protection guards your iPhone 11 against sudden drops, bumps and shocks.

The IP68 certified case ensures that it doesn’t make you feel worried when you’re indulging yourself into underwater activities. It’s easy to access all the buttons and ports due to its precise cutouts and design. Just make sure that you have an original size charger cable because it doesn’t fit oversized charger cables due to its cutouts. So if you don’t have the original charger, think twice before you buy this rugged case.

It’s easy to install and it doesn’t interfere when it comes to wireless charging. And if at all, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality, you get your 100% money back as a refund or they will replace it with a new product without any defects.

USP: Waterproof
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So that’s it, folks!

Summing Up…

These were some of the best rugged cases for iPhone 11. So which one would you love to get for your iPhone? Do let us know in the comment section right now! I would recommend you to go with i-Blason if you often drop your iPhone in a hurry from certain heights and if you want an all in one case, SupCase if your way to go without any second thoughts.

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