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iGBAccessoriesBest pop sockets and grips for iPhone in 2024

Best pop sockets and grips for iPhone in 2024

While some iPhone cases come with a stand at the back, not everyone admires the extra weight. Pop sockets come in handy in such cases. Using plain cases for your iPhone is one of the best ways to display your device’s glory. But you’ll hardly find those with a pop at the back, except for some OtterBoxes, which can be expensive.

However, you can buy a pop separately and attach it to your iPhone’s case, and it all still appears as a whole, in addition to the elegance and functionality it confers. Keep reading as I show you the best pop sockets and grips for your iPhone!

1. PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch – Editor’s choice

PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch for iPhone and Cases

The PopSocket PopGrip goes with any iPhone case considering it comes in four different patterns and colors. It has a slidable base holding a removable pop socket in place. The pop socket grip stretches easily to fit most iPhone sizes. And the transition between socket popping and compression is sleek.

The pop socket presses flat enough to fit your iPhone into your palm, pocket, or pouch. And the edges are smooth, giving it an appealing texture. Although you’ll get a pop socket on a sliding clip, the socket is removable. This ergonomic feature is valuable when using a MagSafe charger since you can remove the socket easily.

The slidable socket clip also rolls the pop socket to and fro across your iPhone’s rear, giving it the extra function of a multidimensional stand. However, the edges of the slide are curved. So this might be picky with phones and may not be compatible with flat, mini-boxed iPhones like iPhone 12 mini, but it works for iPhone 13.


  • Pop socket and slide included
  • Remove the pop socket easily
  • Smooth compression and stretching
  • Smoothness on the edges confers fine texture
  • Different colors and designs
  • 3-year warranty


  • It can be selective

Check out on: Amazon | Popsocket

2. Velvet Caviar ring holder – 360° rotation

Velvet Caviar Cell iPhone Ring Holder

The Velvet Caviar features a strong ring stand sitting on a flat grip that adheres to your phone firmly. The ring grip features leather, silicone, and marble materials, so it’s sturdy. A rotating knob stands between the ring and the ring grip, giving enough room for a 360° orientation.

Considering the ring’s diameter, you can use it to fix your iPhone to your index finger or even hang it on a wall anchor. This grip is also available in various patterns. So I’m sure you’ll find a design matching your iPhone or its case.

However, this one might not be suitable for standing the phone in portrait orientation since it’s close to the ground. While it may obstruct MagSafe wireless charging, you can remove the grip for allowance.


  • Highly durable material
  • Offers a 360-degree rotation
  • Hang your iPhone on the wall or fix it to your finger
  • Available in various patterns


  • Might not be suitable for standing the phone in a portrait orientation

Check out on: Amazon

3. Case-Mate MINIS iPhone grip – Sturdiest

Case-Mate – MINIS – Phone Grip for iPhone

The Case-Mate iPhone grip is compatible with any phone, whether or not you use a case with it. Its golden tint is also applaudable, as it gives your iPhone the needed fitting, regardless of its color or case design. The material strength is also worth our attention.

The pop socket uses strong adhesion to grip smooth surfaces. But it also has a smooth adhesive disk that lets you attach it to roughly textured cases. So, this serves as an interface between a roughly textured iPhone case and the pop socket.

It doesn’t pop in or out on your iPhone’s back, but it’s detachable. It doesn’t support wireless charging. Hence, you’ll have to remove the socket if you need to use a wireless MagSafe or compact your iPhone to fit the pocket.

Considering that you can stick this anywhere on your iPhone’s rear, it takes the place of the typical ergonomic stand on most iPhone pouches.


  • Detachable socket to use MagSafe charging easily
  • Firm grip
  • Adhesive disk for attachment to rough cases
  • Durable


  • Frequent detachment and attachment can limit grip power over time

Check out on: Amazon | Case-Mate

4. Pela: Collapsible grip & stand for iPhone – Most lightweight

Pela Collapsible Grip & Stand for iPhone

The Pela Collapsible grip has a unique ergonomic design, perfect for any iPhone case. Unlike pop sockets, this one is lightweight. It’s a flat paper grip, but it’s adjustable. So you can fold it into a stand, making it the ideal replacement for LoopyCases. The look is also stunning, and the surface gives a soothing texture.

The Pela grip hails from a green initiative, and the manufacturer crafts it from the Flask plant to eradicate the more commonly used plastic or rubber pop sockets. Indeed, the Pela grip adds value to nature in addition to its functionality. And what’s more amusing is the strength of this grip.

Further, it also offers pocket and palm comfort. Considering that it has a tiny surface, it doesn’t obstruct MagSafe wireless charging. Overall, this one has two layers. A lower one sticks firmly to your iPhone’s back, holding the upper one within a thin slider.

Do you want to see a movie or make a sketch on your iPhone and need some support? You only need to fold this upward to make an iPhone case stand.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • It doesn’t obstruct MagSafe wireless charging
  • Strong despite its thinness
  • Folds into a stand easily
  • Made from a natural material


  • Might get damaged when you try to remove it

Check out on: Amazon

5. Cute Black Camo pop case – Minimal

Cute Black Camo pattern darck grey design for boys girls PopSockets for iPhone

The Cute Camo socket grid is a minimalist pop socket. Although the top is swappable for another design, the camo pattern on this one looks attractive.

The pop socket doesn’t support the MagSafe charger. So you might have to remove it if you want to charge your iPhone wirelessly. The fact that you can swap the top of the grip gives room for variety. The pop grip also compresses and pops easily. So it can serve as a stand.

With surface adhesive, all you have to do is pin it to your iPhone’s back or its case to stick it. One primary con of this grip is that it doesn’t glue to silicone or roughly textured materials.


  • Removable head to swap designs
  • Smooth pop and compression transition
  • Easy attachment
  • Cute design


  • You can’t use it with silicone cases or those with a rough surface

Check out on: Amazon

6. Motorsports Pop Sockets – Best pop socket for kids

Motorsports & Drag Racing For Car Lovers for iPhone

Do you want to get a pop socket for your kid? I’m sure they’ll appreciate the Motorsports pop socket. The wheel design at the top is what sells this to most people. Otherwise, it’s no different from the camo design.

As in the camo design, you can replace the top in this pop socket with another one. It also has an adhesive property that lets you attach it to a smooth case surface firmly. And you can stretch it to use it as a stand, too. Also, you might have to remove the pop grip to use a MagSafe wireless charger.


  • Elegant design
  • Swappable top for varied design
  • The adhesive base creates a firm grip on the case or iPhone surface


  • You can’t attach it to a rough surface

Check out on: Amazon

7. PopSockets PopGrip – Swappable top

PopSockets PopGrip – Swappable Top for iPhone

Here’s another durable popping piece for your iPhone back from PopSockets. The PopSockets PopGrip wields a polycarbonate material, making it rugged on the go. I particularly love the carbon fiber design covering its upper part. This makes it more lightweight than most pop cases.

The top is also swappable. So you can replace it if you grow tired of it while keeping the pop grip. There’s also enough space between the grip and the top cover to hang your hand when popped.

Like most of its kind, this pop grip has an adhesive base that attaches it firmly to your iPhone’s back. However, this adhesion works best on smooth surfaces. So you might choose your case carefully while picking up this pop socket.


  • Carbon fiber reduces pop socket weight
  • Durable
  • Hold your iPhone firmly
  • Can use it as a stand


  • Only attachable to smooth surfaces

Check out on: Amazon

8. MOFT X reusable adhesive 3-in-1 Stand – Most ergonomic design

MOFT Pop Sockets and grips for iPhone

Whether you want to stand your iPhone vertically or horizontally, the MOFT phone stand is flexible to achieve it. It’s slim and blends well with your phone’s width, and its design is top-notch.

It’s a magnetic, flattened phone grip with an RFID-protected cardholder. This one also comes in various colors. So you have a couple of design patterns at your service.

The MOFT phone stand is a multilayered mini pouch. But its details are in its back stand, as they have flexible joints that let you form a 45 or 60°-oriented stand in a portrait or landscape position for perfect viewing. The stand also curves inward into the case to form a strap. This serves as an anchor for your hand while holding your phone.


  • Highly ergonomic
  • Comes with an RFID-protected cardholder
  • Beautiful design
  • Suitable for portrait and landscape viewing
  • Ultra-slim design


  • The grip might loosen up with heavier phones

Check out on: Amazon

9. enGMOLPHY MagSafe ring holder – 2-year warranty

enGMOLPHY MagSafe ring holder for iPhone

Finally, here’s a case grip that works with a MagSafe case. The enGMOLPHY MagSafe ring holder is selectively compatible with iPhones 12 and 13 and is one of the best ring grips you can get, as it’s functional and sturdy.

Its support for MagSafe means you don’t have to worry about removing the grip before you can use a wireless charger. Simply attach your MagSafe with the ring attached and your phone charges. You can attach it directly to the naked back of your iPhone or pair it with a MagSafe.

However, keep in mind that this grip uses the super-magnetic force of attraction. So it might not work with non-MagSafe cases. The ring on this one is strong, and all it takes is a flip to change its orientation in any direction. As expected, you can leverage the ring as a stand or hanger to fix it on your finger or the wall.


  • Compatible with MagSafe wireless charging
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Sturdy grip and ring
  • 360° orientation


  • Doesn’t attract your iPhone if you use a non-MagSafe case

Check out on: Amazon

That’s it!

Besides serving as iPhone stands, pop sockets and grips add to the elegance of your iPhone. And they also make the phone handier by providing an anchor for the hand. I’ve recommended the best ones here, and I believe you’ll find what you need.

Which of these pop sockets would you prefer to buy? Let me know in the comments section below.

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