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Best note-taking apps for Mac in 2024

While Apple Notes checks off most boxes, it may not fit everyone’s needs. So, you might need one of these note-taking apps for Mac in your arsenal. No matter which format you like, text, audio, or video, this list has a suitable Note app alternative to match your need. Just keep strolling.

1. Boost Note – Editor’s choice

Boost Note app for MacBook

Boost Note is a versatile, feature-packed markdown editor mainly designed for developers and their teams. Thanks to real-time co-authoring, teams can create and edit documents together. 

Plus, you can completely customize and automate your workflow with 3,000 external tools and apps integration. An IDE-like UX enables rich searchability options complete with smart folder and document property features. 

Remarkably, the software automatically stores all changes in a document, and you can roll back anytime to review version history or revert changes. And most importantly, it offers multi-platform compatibility from macOS, web to mobile apps. 

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Price: Free (Subscription starts at $3*)


2. Evernote – Notes organizer and planner

Evernote Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

Despite the cut-throat competition, “Evernote” remains one of the most appreciable note-taking apps both for macOS and iOS. The highlight of this app is the wide range of tools that provide more flexibility.

The option to make notes in several formats like video, audio, web clippings, sketch ensure you are able to give your thoughts the right shape. With an easy-to-format word processor at your disposal, you can write your thoughts elegantly.

You can create an agenda to be discussed in a meeting, write a quick memo and transfer your Evernote notes to Apple Notes.

Often forget to do some important tasks? Make a checklist of all the things you have to do. Besides, you will also create presentations to express your thoughts with the desired impact.

Price: Free


3. Microsoft OneNote – Capture notes, ideas, and memos

Microsoft OneNote Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

“OneNote” is a complete package. The app lets you capture your ideas in a variety of formats and offer you the needed freedom to keep everything in perfect sync.

You can tag your notes to find them quickly. Make a list of to-dos and keep track of them so that you are able to do your tasks in time.

The collaboration features works immaculately, allowing you to work with your colleagues. For more security, you will also add an extra shield to your projects to keep them private.

Better still, OneNote for Mac is compatible with a ton of international languages including French, German, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish and more. So, a language should never become a roadblock to your note-taking.

Price: Free


4. NotePlan – Calendar, To-do list, and gestures

NotePlan note taking app for Mac

NotePlan’s UI may remind some other apps you may have come across. When we get past those UI similarities, NotePlan is an app that can be considered a replacement for a calendar and a task manager app since this app has built into it.

If you enter a note that mentions a deadline, NotePlan will auto-detect it and add that to the calendar. That’s not all; you can sync these events with the Apple calendar or Google calendar.   

Other than syncing your calendar data, there’s also the option to backup the information you have stored into NotePlan to the iCloud server. Yes, the data won’t be shared with any third-party servers. A great relief for those privacy-concerned people.   

Since there is the option to store data in the cloud, users can access their data seamlessly across devices.  

Price: $9.99/per month with Setapp subscription or Free (Personal Monthly subscription at $14.99 ) 


5. Notebook – Take notes and sync

Zoho Notebook Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

Zoho Corporation is well-known for producing powerful apps. And Notebook does have all the qualities to be highly efficient.

While there is a lot to like in this app, I find “Smart Cards” very adorable. What it basically does is automatically format the contents into specific cards like the recipe, video, and link.

The app provides several predefined note covers to let you design your stories elegantly. If you don’t like the readymade options, you can create a custom cover. Moreover, there is also an option to make public notes using shareable links so that anyone can view them.

With the dark-themed night mode, you will enjoy working till late at night. Plus, the reminders won’t let any of your tasks go out of your notice.

Price: Free


6. Bear – Markdown notes

Bear Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

Should you want to have a top-notch writing-cum note-taking app for your Mac, give a close look to Bear. I’ve used this app for a long and always found it pretty neat.

The best thing about it is the simple interface coupled with the easy-to-use tools. Therefore, you can write amazing stories and give your wildest thoughts the ideal shape.

Bear has a good library of more than a dozen themes that make it a lot easier to design stories. Features like tagging, archiving, and adding tasks to notes enable to take control of your stuff. Furthermore, you can export your projects in multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and EPUB.

Lastly, after a free trial of 14 days, you will have to upgrade to Bear premium’s $2.99 monthly or $29.99 annually plan.

Price: Free


7. SideNote – Task manager and share notes to anyone

SideNote note taking app for Mac

SideNote, as its name suggests, SideNote will always be on your side, and that too, without making any distractions for you. The app will only appear when you want to, without affecting what you currently view on your Mac, like an overlay.  

You can change how and where the app should appear according to your preference. You can even assign keyboard shortcuts to call Side Notes. There are multiple options on how the notes are supposed to look, and the one I liked on them was the code-like UI. 

Besides the code-like UI, you also get plain text and standard (markdown) options for UI. You can also use specific colors for them. Alongside the rich customization options, you also get a task manager within the app where you can add or make changes to your tasks. 

You may have liked the sharing feature in Apple Notes. Well, guess what? SideNotes also gives you the option to share notes with anyone you want.  

Price: 9.99 with Setapp monthly subscription / $19.99 on App Store


8. Agenda – Date-focused note-taking app

Agenda Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

If you want to streamline all of your projects and get them ready before the deadline, pick out “Agenda.” One of the notable features of this app is the advanced text editor.

Depending on the specific theme, you can give a befitting look to your notes. It allows you to convert your text into multiple formats like Markdown and HTML. Segregate your files into different categories so that will access them instantly.

The app lets you connect your sticky notes to the events in your personal calendar. As a result, you can plan your meeting perfectly.

Better still, you don’t have to pay any bucks to use all the features of Agenda.

Price: Free


9. Notion – The all-in-one workspace

Notion best mac note taking app

Notion is a comprehensive notes and productivity app for Mac that can help you get things done. It boasts 200 app integrations to streamline multiple aspects of your life, whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, student, etc.

I especially love it for the clean and intuitive user interface that works like a charm across multiple devices. You can also add its extensions to Chrome and Firefox to sync your work in real-time. Use it not just for notes but to organize almost anything you can think of!

Price: Free ($4.99 per month for Personal Pro plan)


10. Simplenote – Easiest way to keep notes

Simplenote Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

There are very few note-taking apps for Mac that look as familiar as Simplenote. Its user interface is pretty clean, and you hardly have to spend any time to master the tools.

One of my favorite feature of this app is focus mode. Times when you want to write with maximum concentration, this feature comes into play really well.

You can use pins and tags to organize your notes. And with Markdown, you will ideally format your projects. To ensure your eyes don’t burn while working in the night, the app comes with the dark mode.

Price: Free


11. GoodNotes – Write outside the lines

GoodNotes Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

I have picked out GoodNotes for a couple of main reasons. First, it makes annotating docs really fun. And if you are fond of giving your docs a creative look, this one can be your thing.

You can highlight or strikeout the text in your PDF documents. Easily move, scale and ideally customize the object color. There is also an option to add the bookmarks to your docs.

Courtesy of the fast iCloud sync, you will find your notes on all of your devices. You can share your notes with others and also print them. The compatibility with a number of languages like English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and more make it an evergreen tool.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases start at $0.99)


12. Quip – Chat, docs, slides, and spreadsheets in one app

Quip Mac Note Taking App Screenshot

“Quip” is a lot more than just a simple note app for macOS. To be more precise, this is what you should use to collaborate with your teammates. Thanks to the chat and messaging integration, it helps you work with your colleagues in a fun way.

You can use the app to note down your thoughts faster, create to-do lists, and edit your docs. It also lets you make comprehensive spreadsheets.

Another notable feature of this app is that it allows you to import your address book from several services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google, and iCloud.

You will create insightful charts by using the data from spreadsheets and Salesforce records. The smart slides would not just make your presentation more impressive but also save your time.

Price: Free


13. Unclutter – Instant access to your data

Unclutter Mac Note App Screenshot

“Unclutter” is really smart! It’s designed to be a multitasker and lets you organize your clipboard data, files, and notes. If you aren’t able to take control of them, give it a chance to sort out the mess.

You can keep an eye on your clipboard history and manage it with ease. Store all of your files at once place and access them quickly. And yes, make sticky notes to never forget to do essential things.

The easy editing tools allow you to make changes conveniently. Due mainly to the quick search feature, you will instantly find a list. Besides, the app can be set up with Dropbox to sync data across the devices.

Price: $19.99


That’s pretty much it! So, this sums up our roundup of the best note apps for Mac.

What’s your favorite?

Now that you have known our favorite note apps, tell us about the ones that can walk into your personal roundup. We’d really appreciate your collection and the valuable feedback.

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