How to Share Notes App Folders on iPhone​, iPad, and Mac

How to Share Notes App Folders on iPho​n​​e, iPad, and Mac

iOS 13 brought a plethora of changes some more significant than the others. While Dark Mode and revamped Maps App are applauded by many, it is the minor changes that have caught my eyes. One such feature is the folder sharing on the Notes app. To tell you a bit about this app, well I have been using the stock Notes app as the primary note-taking app on my iPhone and even on my Mac for quite some time now. Thus, this feature was much appreciated by me. And so in this post, you will discover how you could share Notes app folders on iPhone and iPad.

In my opinion, the Apple Notes app is highly underrated, even though it is functional and simple. After reading this tutorial, people might change their perception towards this app. From gallery view to handwriting integration, I love everything about this app, and thus the folder sharing option is like a boon to people. So take a quick look at the simple steps you have to take to discover how to share note folders in the Notes app on iPhone and iPad.

How to Share Folders in Notes App on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

IMPORTANT: It goes without saying that you cannot share folders when your iOS device or Mac not connected with the Internet. Moreover, you cannot share default folders, i.e., All iCloud, Notes, and Recently Deleted.

Step #1. Open Notes app on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Now tap on any folder you wish to share with other people. Alternatively, you can also tap on the Edit button from the top right corner when you are on the home page of the Notes app. This will disable the default folders on your iPhone or iPad; however, you can see the folders you have created in the Notes app.

Tap on any folder or edit button to share notes app folders in iPho​n​​e

Step #3. Whether you are on the Home page or on the folder page, tap on More button (see those three dots in a circle).

Tap on More button circle in Notes App on iOS 13

Step #4. A menu will swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen; there are a few options, which include Add People, Move This Folder, Rename, Select Notes…and View Attachments. You need to tap on Add People.

Tap on Add People from select option in Notes App on iOS 13

Step #5. You are now on Add People screen; from the bottom, you can change Share Options. Here you can change PERMISSION, which allows people to make changes or just view the folder.

Change Share Options or PERMISSION to share Folders in Notes App in iPhone

Step #6. Now come back to Add People screen and select one of the sharing options from Messages, Mail, Copy Link, and so on. I have selected Mail.

Select Mails from Sharing options in in Notes App

Step #7. Enter the name of the person’s with whom you wish to share the folder, and then hit the Share button.

Add Name you wish to share the folder in Notes App on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

Your Notes folder will be shared with other people. On the Home screen right below the folder, you can see the name of the person with whom you have shared a folder.

Share Folders in Notes App on iOS 13 running iPhone

How to Share Folders in Notes app on Mac

Step #1. On your Mac, open Notes app.

Open Notes App on Mac

Step #2. Select the folder from the left navigation panel.

Select the folder from navigation panel in Notes app on Mac

Step #3. Click on More (three dots in a circle).  When options appear, click on Add People.

Click on More and Add People to Share Folders in Notes App

Step #4. A few sharing options will appear on the screen: Mail, Messages, Copy Link, AirDrop, etc.

Select Mail to Share Notes App Folders on Mac

You can click on any one of the options; I have selected Mail.

Step #5. In the next dialog box, enter the mail ID of the person with whom you want to share your folder.

Enter mail ID you wish to share folder in Notes app on Mac

Step #6. Once you enter the mail ID, click on the Send button from the right corner.

Click on Send button to Share Folders in Notes app on Mac

When the folder is shared, you can see a profile icon on the shared folder name.

Profile icon on Shared Notes App Folders on Mac

That’s it! You have successfully shared your Notes app folder with other people on your Mac. 

Signing Off…

That’s it for now folks… I hope you enjoyed this guide on how-to share Notes app folders on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you have any issues that need troubleshooting, then mention them in the comments below; we will try and solve it for you. In the meantime, you could follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for some quick fixes of your Apple devices.

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