Best Calendar Apps for Mac as of 2020: Plan Your Time to The Perfection

In this fast-paced digital world, life has become rather hectic. Unless you plan your time to perfection, you may not be able to get things done with the expected result. To manage your professional and personal life neatly, you would love to have one of these best calendar apps for Mac.

With these top calendar apps for macOS, you can efficiently manage events, assignments, and appointments. The reminders never let you forget any crucial tasks. Besides, you get the needed freedom to customize the app to suit your needs better. Want to explore them all? Let’s dive ahead!

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Top 10 Calendar Apps for Mac of 2020

#1. Mini Calendar

Mini Calendar Mac App Screenshot

Mini Calendar doesn’t boast of powerful features like some of its big rivals. However, if you are looking for an easy-to-use calendar app that gets the job done seamlessly, it would be a reasonably good pick.

You can quickly open your calendar by clicking on Menu bar/dock icon or by using the configurable keyboard shortcut or through notification center widget.

Furthermore, you can use color preferences to prioritize your key meetings. Adjust your calendar to see the sunrise and sunset by using a tiny floating calendar on your desktop. There is also a configurable global shortcut which shows popup calendar.

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Price: Free

#2. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 Mac Calendar App Screenshot

Fantastical 2 is highly expensive, but it does prove its worth by letting you organize your schedules, plan your events in a much better way. It shows full calendar window having, day, month, year views. You can instantly turn on/off multiple calendars with a click.

Setting up a meeting in a different city? Then, you have a feature for the location-based reminder. How about adding a few lines to events? Yes, you can add event notes to help you recall your thoughts as well. What’s more, use the dark and light themes to add some fine customization.

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Price: $49.99

#3. Planner Pro

Planner Pro Mac Calendar App Screenshot

Aiming to organize your daily life better, Planner Pro can be your ideal companion. The app is built with a number of effective features that help arrange tasks efficiently. You can instantly add, edit and remove events. Besides, you will be able to modify meetings’ timings without any hassle.

For each task, you can create various notes and set them based on priority. To manage tasks a little better, you can set reminders. Don’t want anyone to bump into your secret events? You can hide them to keep special events confidential.

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Price: $24.99

#4. Calendar 2

Calendar 2 Mac Calendar App Screenshot

If there is one word to describe Calendar 2, I would say it’s truly versatile. With this elegant calendar app, you can easily access all of your events, schedules and birthdays. It also allows you to access Google calendars and Facebook to stay in touch with everything with optimum ease. 

As it’s integrated with Facebook, you will be able to easily find out events you have been invited for. Besides, you can check out who is going to attend any event.

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Make the most of 20 gorgeous themes to bring some cool personalization to the play. Furthermore, it lets you check out weather forecasts of up to 15 days and plan your events accordingly.

Price: Free

#5. InstaCal

InstaCal Mac Calendar App Screenshot

InstaCal is simple but pretty neat regarding functionality. You can instantly open this app using a configurable keyboard shortcut. Then, you will view your calendars and configure them.

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It allows you to use any calendar apps which you have added to your Mac. For instance, it works with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365 and more. Besides, you can use customizable calendar colors make the interface more appealing.

Price: $4.99

#6. Calendar 366 II

Calendar 366 II Mac App Screenshot

Calendar 366 II works seamlessly in letting you fine-tune your agenda on a daily basis. You can plan your meetings, functions, and events easily and never forget to carry out any important work. The app supports natural language to let you comfortably create events and reminders.

You can customize menu items like an icon, date/ time. Set reminders for upcoming events to remain alert. It lets you sync your documents and attachments via iCloud to let you easily access them across your device. Additionally, the app has the support of multiple languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).

Price: $17.99

#7. BusyCal

BusyCal Mac Calendar App Screenshot

What sets BusyCal apart is the range of highly user-friendly features. The app enables you to create a quick to-do list, set reminders and alarms for future gatherings or events. Plus, you can instantly arrange events using natural language.

It displays your calendar in day, week, month and year view. You can also customize these views as per your need. There is also an option to display to-do list in the sidebar. Any special trait? You can also view live climate forecast.

Price: $49.99

#8. EzyCal

EzyCal Mac Calendar App Screenshot

Want to be highly productive? EzyCal helps you organize your daily tasks, meetings, be it social or professional and manage them immaculately. Since it is a Gregorian calendar, it will let you use natural language event and set reminders with beautiful calendar views.

You can effortlessly add events and make to-do lists to remain ahead of the time. Keep track of your activities. Apply vibrant colors to highlight key sessions. How about altering size? Yes, you can have various screen sizes to have a comfy look at your agenda.

Price: $1.99

#9. TimeWorks

TimeWorks Mac Calendar App Screenshot

The app truly justifies its name. It can be enormously helpful in letting you manage your time. You can create the desired event quickly. Organize and track your work agenda with ease.

You can display your calendar events in a window, screensaver or even on the desktop. Use the hotkey to quickly access it. Better still, it works with multiple languages like English, French, German and more.

Price: $9.99

#10. Calendars

Calendars Mac App Screenshot

Calendars app is your one-stop solution to access your events, weather information, Google, Facebook, birthdays and more. This app surely saves your time as you are not supposed to check your emails and Facebook feed separately. A great boost to your productivity at the office and home.

Facebook integration in Calendars is a praiseworthy move as you can check birthdays of your loved ones with a single click. Moreover, you can check events you are invited to and friends who are going to attend the events. The app also gives you weather forecast up to 15 days. Now plan your day or week much in advance!

Price: Free

Your Pick?

Now is the time to let me know which one of these calendar apps have won you over? I guess it’s the one that stands tall in all the aspects, isn’t it? Let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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