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If you use an iPhone, you probably use the built-in calendar app too. And if you do, you might want to know how you can share calendar events that you create with your family and friends.

The ability to share calendar events is one of the coolest things on an iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter). But of course as with all things, it's not really one-stop to sharing calendar events unless you've configured your calendar to be shared.

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To be able to share calendar events, you first need to make sure you sync your calendar over iCloud. Without iCloud sync, you cannot share events to others. This is a default iOS 6 feature.

How to Share Calendar Events On iPhone

So here's how to enable iCloud for Calendars:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Switch on the Calendar

Depending on the data in your calendar and the network speed, it might take a while to sync.

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Suppose you have this enabled already, you can proceed to this:

  • Open the Calendar app
  • When you create an event, you should find a new field called ‘Invite
  • Tap on this and then you can type email addresses of your friends you want to share the event with.
  • You can also tap on the “+” icon and add email from your contacts.

Now when you send a calendar invite to someone (ostensibly, this should be an email used as an Apple ID), they will get the notification in their Calendar app. By default, when they accept the invitation, the event gets added to their Calendar app.

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You can in fact use this method to invite as many people as you want to the event via your iPhone / iPad. Alerts for the events, however, are set according to the recipients settings.

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