Best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases in 2023

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

Since you have bought the best iPhone available, it will be an injustice if you do not give it proper protection. And if you are confused about the best case for your iPhone 13 Pro Max, I have made a list of the best options available, all with different features.

Just snap one of these on and let go of your worries about dropping or scratching your precious device. Besides, enjoy that advanced pro camera setup, extended battery life, and the power of the latest A15 Bionic chip worry-free. Let’s get started!

    1. Apple silicon case
    2. Spigen
    3. ESR
    4. UAG
    5. Ringke
    6. Speck
    7. Moft
    8. Razer
    9. Totallee

    1. Apple silicon case with MagSafe: Editor’s choice 

    Apple’s silicon case for iPhone 13 Pro Max offers that classic look and feel that’s difficult to beat. I love the silky soft finish that provides an ideal balance of protection and style. Moreover, it’s got MagSafe which gives you the power of quick and convenient wireless charging.

    The microfiber layer inside prevents scratches on your iPhone’s body to keep it as good as new for years. Choose from various splendid colors such as red, pink, green, blue, and marigold. You can add a touch of customization with MagSafe accessories such as wallets.


    • Silky-smooth finish
    • Snug fit
    • Excellent grip
    • Lots of color options


    • It attracts fingerprint smudges easily

    Check out on: Amazon | Apple

    2. Spigen Liquid Air Armor: Best rugged case

    Spigen is a master at crafting durable cases at affordable prices. This iPhone 13 Pro Max rugged case is an excellent example. It’s form-fitted, and lightweight yet offers sturdy protection against bumps and drops. The anti-slip surface ensures fingerprint resistance and a comfortable grip.

    Further, it comes with air-cushion technology to absorb shocks from drops. Spigen provides military-grade protection at a pocket-friendly price with this case. But it reduces the magnetic power of MagSafe magnets so that the accessories may come off. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is available in two color options: blue and black.


    • Anti-slip surface
    • Slim and lightweight
    • Air-cushion technology for advanced shock resistance


    • MagSafe magnets become weaker while using the case

    Check out on: Amazon | Spigen

    3. ESR: Clear case with kickstand

    I love my iPhone, but it gets tiring to hold it for hours, especially when watching something or video calling. So, this ESR iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case is a life-saver! It’s got a nifty kickstand that securely props up your phone whenever, wherever.

    The unique design of the super sturdy hinge provides you the freedom to choose any angle you want, up to 60 degrees. At the same time, the Air-Guard corners protect against drops while raised bezels and camera edges keep scratches at bay.

    The transparent body means you can flaunt your beautiful iPhone without compromising protection.


    • Unique design with a built-in kickstand
    • Multi-angle viewing
    • Anti-yellowing transparent back
    • Raised bezels and camera edges


    • It can feel a bit slippery

    Check out on: Amazon | ESR website

    4. UAG Pathfinder: Rugged design

    If you want the best shock protection case for iPhone 13 Pro Max, I think your search can end on UAG cases. The brand is best known for making shock protection cases, especially their Pathfinder series offers mil-standard protection. UAG claims protection from drops up to 4.8 meters.

    It has raised bezels around the screen, camera array, and skid pads for scratch resistance and chiseled corners for better drop protection. But these extra protections will make your iPhone 13 Pro Max bulkier and heavier even though UAG has worked its best to make it as slim and easy to hold as possible.

    Unfortunately, the case doesn’t support MagSafe accessories. However, it supports wireless charging. Contactless payment apps such as Apple pay also work without any issues.


    • Military-standard certified
    • Lightweight and handy
    • Contactless payment works flawlessly


    • No MagSafe support
    • Not for those who prefer slim cases

    Check out on: Amazon | UAG official website | Best Buy

    5. Ringke Fusion-X case: Clear and rugged design

    Ringke Fusion x iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

    The Ringke Fusion-X case, as the name suggests, is a fusion between clear and shockproof rugged cases, offering the best of both worlds. Other than these features, the ability to attach hand or neck straps through the built-in dual QuikCatch lanyard holes is also a good feature.

    Unfortunately, you have to buy the straps separately. While Ringke says its raised edges won’t affect screen protectors, many customers have commented it will have issues with edge-to-edge screen protectors with this case. It also supports wireless charging!


    • Clear case with the features of a rugged case
    • Ability to add hand and neck straps
    • Provides good grip
    • Raised edges to prevent scratches


    • Unable to use with edge-to-edge screen protectors

    Check out on: Amazon | Ringke

    6. Speck Gemshell clear: Dual-layer drop protection

    Speck iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

    So, you want a clear case for your iPhone 13 Pro Max but don’t want to keep it minimal. That’s where Speck comes with its Gemshell clear cases. You can either choose clear cases or clear cases with some designs over them to keep it fashionable too.

    Like many other cases mentioned in the list, the Speck Gemshell also offers raised bezels for camera and screen protection. The case is also claimed to come with Microban, which prevents bacterial growth in your case. But it adds some weight to your phone, much more than the rugged cases from UAG.

    Although Speck claims it has MagSafe support, many users said they could not attach the charger to the back of their device while using the case. So be cautious of that!


    • Designer clear case
    • Supports wireless charging
    • Prevents bacterial growth


    • Heavy
    • MagSafe chargers may not stick properly

    Check out on: Amazon | Speck website | Best Buy

    7. Moft case + stand + wallet set: Best use of MagSafe

    Moft iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

    Moft has been one of the top brands offering wallets for MagSafe. These wallets can also act as a stand, and now, they have brought a set with a case that supports MagSafe accessories and their famous wallet. If your main priority for a case is to have MagSafe support, this is one of the best choices, if not the best.

    Moft has added strong magnets on the case to ensure that MagSafe accessories stay with it securely. The case promises protection from drops up to 5 feet and has raised bezels around the camera and screen. While maintaining the thickness at 0.15 inches, your 13 Pro Max won’t look bulkier.

    But some reviews mentioned that the case is slippery and may easily get scratches if you are a rough user. Hence, it is better to go for it if you are a light user. The case is currently only available in one color, and I hope they will add more options soon.


    • Increases magnetic power of MagSafe
    • Compatible with MagSafe accessories
    • Doesn’t feel bulky


    • Slippery
    • Easily gets scratched

    Check out on: Amazon | Moft

    8. Razer Arctech: Best for gamers

    Razer iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

    If you are a gamer looking for the best gaming case for iPhone 13 Pro Max, I recommend the Razer Arctech Pro. It not only protects your device but also makes sure to give it gaming aesthetics and features.

    It has a heat dissipation design with small ventilation inside the case. But you may think that it’d accumulate dust. Well, yes, that’s the price you have to pay for a case with proper heat ventilation! Not only that, with the Razer Arctech Pro case, Razer has added a Thermaphene cooling technology to reduce the phone’s temperature.

    The case comes with a soft-touch finish with an anti-bacterial coating. As for protection, it comes with raised edges around the screen and camera. While Razer claims that the case has support for MagSafe, it doesn’t stick properly on the back in reality. So, you can still charge it wirelessly, but you might face some issues.


    • Heat ventilation
    • Cooling layer for reducing the temperature
    • Gaming aesthetics


    • May accumulate dust particles through the heat ventilation
    • No color options

    Check out on: Amazon

    9. Totallee frosted clear: World’s thinnest case

    Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

    As we all know, the iPhone 13 Pro Max not only does heavy lifting tasks but also makes the users pull a bit of strength to pick it up and use it, thanks to its weight. Besides, adding a case usually makes the device a mini dumbbell. So, if you want to prevent it, the best is to go with a thin case.

    Speaking of thin, Totallee ‘totally’ took it seriously to bring the thinnest case for iPhone 13 Pro Max. The case comes in a rubbery finish and is available in different colors and transparent variants. It also has a raised ‘lip’ around the camera to protect the lens.

    But many users complained that the case is slippery. So, they could have added a bit of texture on the back for better grip. Despite being thin, it will slightly affect the MagSafe capabilities. Moreover, the case cannot protect your device from anything but scratches and dust.

    These issues can be solved by considering the hybrid variant of the case, which has MagSafe support and offers better protection but comes at the cost of being a bit thick by 0.02 inches.


    • The thinnest case for iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • Transparent and colored options
    • Protection for the camera array


    • Affects MagSafe charging
    • Slippery
    • Doesn’t have drop protection for regular variants

    Check out on: Amazon | Totallee

    Signing off…

    The biggest challenge while doing this listicle was not finding one of the best but was to rank the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases among these. All the cases mentioned here are best in their way with special features. Which case did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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