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Best iPhone armbands for runners in 2024

Finding the best iPhone armband can be a slightly complicated affair. These bands are used for running, and you need the right fit for the armband. From their durability to how snug they feel, if the armband isn’t a good fit, you will think more about your phone than running itself. That’s why we’ve curated the best armbands for iPhone today.

Let’s take a look at the entries!

1. Shapeheart- Editor’s choice

Shapeheart magnetic sports armband 450x450 1

During extreme sports activities, it’s essential to have an armband with excellent grip and comfort, and the Shapeheart sports armband proves to be the best. It offers a removable magnetic sleeve for your arm to attach and detach your iPhone quickly. In addition, the patented magnetic technology can hold up to 50 times your iPhone’s weight.

The magnets are sandwiched between two iron plates, cutting the magnetic field. So, iPhone’s MagSafe is safe. Besides, the sleeve has a transparent, responsive touchscreen. So, you can use your phone without pulling it out of your armband while doing activities. If you want to charge your iPhone, you may connect a cord through the central opening in the sleeve.

The best part is that the sports armband is unisex and fits arms from 20 to 38 cm in circumference. Additionally, the high-quality breathable material ensures comfort. Thanks to the wide headband, it doesn’t slip and holds place for a long time. As you don’t need to fasten the armband, the blood circulation in your arm will not be affected.



Buy now from: Shapeheart

2. E Tronic Edge – Simplistic

E Tronic Edge Phone Holder

Our best pick for an iPhone armband is more of a sleeve than an armband. The E Tronic Edge provides a comfortable fit while running that’s almost unmatched by any other armband.

The armband is made with a comfortable, breathable fabric. It soaks up the sweat induced by sporting activities, yet doesn’t allow it to seep through to your phone. Moreover, there’s a zipper that locks your phone in place and prevents it from falling.

Thanks to the stretchy material, the armband also comes in a universal fit. Regardless of your phone size, you can store phones of up to 7-inch screen sizes without any hassle. Lastly, it comes at a very reasonable price and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet for it.

That said, the armband can be quite loose since the size fits aren’t exactly accurate. I recommend you order a size down from what’s shown online.


  • Good build quality
  • Holds the phone securely
  • Universal phone fitting
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Size depicted on the product isn’t very accurate

Check out on Amazon

3. Tune Belt AB91 – Best for running

Tune Belt AB91 Cell Phone Armband Holder Case for iPhone

If running is the name of your game, you won’t find too many better iPhone armbands than this offering from Tune Belt.

The comfort provided by Tune Belt AB91 is unparalleled. This is thanks to the premium neoprene material that the armband is made from. It can be adjusted easily to fit your arm and won’t leave an itchy or burning sensation after a long and tiring workout.

Your phone also receives screen protection and placements for lighting connectors due to the design. Moreover, it fits phones with no cases or very thin cases. In either case, you’re assured that no sweat or liquid splashes will hinder your touchscreen experience.

Unfortunately, while the manufacturer claims that the armband is waterproof, no specific IP rating is provided.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable material
  • Screen protection and lightning connectors provided


  • No IP rating specified despite waterproof claim

Check out on Amazon

4. LifeProof LIFEACTIV – Value for money

Lifeproof LIFEACTIV Armband with QuickMount

LifeProof has been making good accessories for iPhones for a while now.
The company has provided an excellent armband with their LIFEACTIV product line of iPhone armbands.

The LIFEACTIV armband doesn’t have the conventional armband design. It uses a quick-mount setup for holding your phone. You can mount your phone on the armband with a quick click of the mount. It can also be adjusted and set in portrait or landscape mode based on your requirement.

In addition, it works with plenty of phone cases, including LifeProof’s own. Finally, you also get a year’s worth of limited manufacturer warranty. The only issue with this armband is that you’ll have to attach a magnet to the phone’s case for mounting. It’s a small issue but can affect the entire aesthetics of your phone case.


  • Quick mount setup is fast and easy to use
  • Mount can be adjusted accordingly
  • Compatible with most phone cases
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Magnet addition is unwelcome

Check out on Amazon

5. New Balance – Best for working out

New Balance Running Phone Holder Armband Sleeve

If you’re into the active lifestyle, New Balance wouldn’t be a new name for you. They’ve produced excellent products over the years for athletes and sporting conveniences. With this armband for iPhone, they’ve done it again. They’ve produced a decent product that provides enough room for your phone, ID cards, cash, and other important items.

The armband can also be adjusted to fit your custom size. Moreover, it protects your phone from splashes of water thanks to the protective screen that covers your phone. Overall, if you’re into the fitness lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with this armband. If you are a fitness freak, check out amazing running apps for your iPhone.

Unfortunately, if you’re using a phone cover, you’ll have to remove it before placing it inside the armband.


  • Lots of room for keeping items
  • Can be adjusted for custom arm size
  • Protective screen for the phone


  • Doesn’t support phones with cases

Check out on Amazon

6. Armpocket Racer Plus – Highly durable

Armpocket Racer Plus Armband for iPhone

With a name like Armpocket, you’d expect their iPhone armbands to provide something worthwhile. In this case of the Racer Plus, you get supreme durability.

The armband provides complete control of your phone through the protective window. You won’t have to put your workout on hold and take out your phone to use it. Moreover, it’ll protect the phone from sweat and water. The armband has enough room to keep items such as keys and cash next to your phone.

In terms of the build quality, you get padding at the back for drop and shock resistance. Furthermore, the straps are secured through Velcro for the ultimate custom fit and security. Lastly, you get a 7-year limited manufacturer’s warranty! Unfortunately, this is quite an expensive armband for iPhone. The price tag may put off prospective buyers.


  • Highly durable
  • Plenty of room for keeping cash, ID, etc
  • Extra padding for shock resistance
  • Can be fit to custom size
  • 7 year limited warranty


  • Quite expensive for an armband

Check out on Amazon

7. VUP – Versatile option

VUP Upgraded Running Armband for iPhone

When you’re looking for an iPhone armband, versatility is a factor that should always be a priority. With this armband from VUP, versatility becomes the norm.

The armband uses a mount that can be adjusted and rotated through a full 360 degrees, based on your needs. Moreover, there’s a silicone strap that can fit all iPhones, without blocking the essential features such as the camera.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever lost your AirPods, you don’t have to worry about this ever again. The armband comes with an AirPods holder that’s snug and prevents the AirPods from falling, regardless of how strenuous the workout can be.

It’s also a great fit for your arm as it uses a soft material that doesn’t irritate your skin. The snug feeling comes through the adjustable buckles and elastic bands that make up the rest of the ensemble. Lastly, you also get a 360-days manufacturer’s warranty.

The only minor issue here is that the AirPods holder can only accommodate earbuds with stems.


  • Can be oriented through 360 degrees
  • Great space for keeping AirPods
  • Breathable material
  • 360-day warranty


  • Can’t accommodate earbuds without stems

Check out on Amazon

8. YUNYILAN – Simple and elegant

YUNYILAN Universal Sports Armband for iPhone

When you don’t have a lavish budget for an iPhone armband, you look for simplicity and ease of use. This is what you get with this armband from YUNYILAN.

The armband has anti-skid granules on the inner surface to ensure that the phone doesn’t slide out, and for a better fit around your arm. In addition, it comes with three openings on the surface for your headphones, keys, cash, and other items.

In addition, it’ll also make your runs during the night much safer, thanks to the reflective outer surface that can notify oncoming vehicles about your presence. Finally, the material for the armband is breathable and won’t cause any issues with your skin.

Unfortunately, you can’t see your phone’s screen when you’re keeping it inside the armband, due to the lack of a clear, protective screen cover.


  • Decent design with essential openings
  • Anti-skid granules prevents slips
  • Reflective outer surface for safer night runs


  • Phone screen can’t be seen or used when placed in the armband

Check out on Amazon

9. Tune Belt Running Waist Belt – Better accessibility

Tune Belt Running Waist Belt for iPhone

The final entry on our list of the best iPhone armbands isn’t an armband. It’s a waist belt instead. However, I felt I should include this in the list if you want a different option.

Thanks to its placement, this waist belt provides better accessibility than an armband. Moreover, there’s plenty of room for all your important items, including the phone itself. Even if your phone uses a bulky cover, you can place it inside the waist belt.

There are no openings on the skin of the waist belt. In addition, the material of the belt ensures that no moisture can reach your phone. You’ll also find proper, protected slots for Lightning connectors and headphone jacks. I believe that the build quality of the belt’s buckle could’ve been better though. It feels slightly cheap and frail.


  • Very roomy option with lots of space
  • Excellent material that wicks away all moisture
  • Protected slots for headphone jacks and Lightning connectors


  • Buckle feels flimsy

Check out on Amazon

That’s it!

I hope you liked this list of the best iPhone armbands. If you’ve used any of the selections from this list, let me know your experiences with them in the comments. If you haven’t used an iPhone armband yet, which of these would you prefer to use and why? Post your thoughts in the comment section.

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