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iGBAccessoriesMujjo Full Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone 12: Hands-on review

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone 12: Hands-on review

With the launch of the iPhone 12 line-up, there has been a fair and composite competition to create cases to match the products. While numerous brands came with a range of iPhone 12 Series wallet cases and clear cases to lure the buyers, a gap remained unfilled to match the needs of those seeking luxury and durability. Mujjo iPhone 12 cases can be called a part of the segment. However, there might be a common question. Buy a case from the brand that will be an expense or an investment?

Well, I’m delighted to share that I got the opportunity to have hands-on and slip iPhone 12 devices in these full-leather and wallet cases, and here’s what I found.

Full-Leather Wallet cases for iPhone 12 by Mujjo

Befitting synonym for luxury at its best: Mujjo

Before we move ahead, it’s essential to know a little about the brand and its vision. Since its inception, they have commendably kept a balance between luxury and durability. If we closely look at their product line-up, the same can be authenticated. However, considering that the iPhone 12 line-up is pretty recent, and it isn’t necessary that old masters can be proficient with new trends, being dicey to an extent can be justified.

Mujjo iPhone 12 series leather and wallet cases

Mujjo has a dedicated and loyal customer base. The brand earned this rapport by consistently serving unbiased perfection to its target audience. To ensure the same treatment for its iPhone 12 series cases, it created two variants, precisely;

  1. iPhone 12 series leather case
  2. iPhone 12 series leather wallet case

Besides a few differences, both the cases are very much alike. Here’s what I experienced.


Mujjo Case Lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber

Both the cases come wrapped in premium packaging, which is secured by a magnetic flap. Hence, the moment they reach, you can feel the brand’s commitment to luxury and safety.

Moving further, the cases feel exceptionally soft and has a sophisticated finishing. To ensure that your iPhone rests in a cozy bed, it has luxurious Japanese micro-fiber lining, giving it a satin-like finish.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini are available in Tan, Black, and Monaco Blue, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with an additional Slate Green option.


Both the Mujjo Cases are Lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber and feature curved edges running all through the front section to hold your iPhone steadily and with security. The leather feels smooth to hold. The leather on volume and power buttons feels exceptionally smooth, giving you the ease of access and premium look together.

Volume and power buttons fully covered in leather


While the case feels light in weight, I found them extremely durable. They can indeed serve as a resourceful protector for your iPhone 12 line-up devices. The raised bezels at the rear and front lips surrounding the screen ensure that your device accepts no direct damage, even when lying flat on a surface.

The soft inner microfiber cushion also adds to the durability of the case. It protects your device from any harsh jerk after a fall or sudden drop.

Difference between Mujjo leather case and leather wallet case?

I noticed two differences in these cases. Here are they;

  1. The rear pocket is missing in the leather case.
  2. I found the leather on the wallet case different from that on the plain case. The former offers a better hold in comparison to the latter. I have a sweaty palm, and I felt the leather case a little slippery, which wasn’t the case when I held the wallet case.

Key takeaways

  1. They are crafted using full-grain genuine leather.
  2. They offer a Premium and soft feel.
  3. Soft microfiber lining for added protection and a rich feel.
  4. The leather pocket can comfortably house one card. I found it difficult to place more than that. Maybe with continued use, the soft pouch loosens, allowing you to add one more.
  5. The Stitching around the pocket looks and feels sturdy.
  6. The leather case is comparatively little slippery.
  7. You can use them with MagSafe after removing your cards. However, to leverage the best charging capacity, I would recommend you remove the case. If not the case, at least remove your card.
  8. While the raised lips add to protection, the empty substructure might make your iPhone 12 prone to any bottom-faced direct fall.

Mujjo leather case

Full-Leather Wallet cases for iPhone 12 by Mujjo

Check out on – iPhone 12 Mini

Mujjo leather wallet case

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12

Check out on – iPhone 12 Mini

Our verdict

It’s elegant and crisp, with equal attention to every minor detail. It’s an investment you make to secure your iPhone 12 and not an expense.

Though I would like to mention two points here, firstly, it might not allow you to charge with the said 15W speed. Secondly, the leather case has a different feel in comparison to the wallet. Maybe with continuous usage, it gives you an improvised feeling, but for initial days, you might find it slippery.

If you have sweaty palms, I’d suggest you consider a wallet case over a leather case. You’ll surely fall in love with it.

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