Best iPhone 12 Mini Waterproof Cases in 2021

When you are an adventure-junkie, your phone is often at the risk of physical damage. Natural elements like water, snow, sand, dust, & dirt can potentially harm your precious device. And then there’s a risk of accidental slips or falls. But why risk it when these best waterproof cases for iPhone 12 Mini can offer 360-degree protection whether you are outdoor or indoor.

  1. Lifeproof
  2. Vapesoon
  3. Ghostek
  4. Oterkin
  5. Snowfox
  6. Armor X
  7. Cozycase
  8. Mpow

1. Lifeproof FRĒ Waterproof Case

Lifeproof FRĒ Series Waterproof CASE for iPhone 12 Mini

A pioneer in waterproof cases, Lifeproof protects your device from the harshest environments. The fully enclosed design is waterproof to 2 meters for 1 hour, snowproof, dustproof, and drop-proof to 2 meters.

And it manages to do so while maintaining a slim form factor & all functionality. Thanks to a built-in screen protector, anti-reflective camera lens, and optimized audio experience.


  • Screen, buttons & ports are fully-accessible
  • Crafted from 60% recycled plastic


  • Expensive

Price: $89.99

Buy it from LifeProof

2. Vapesoon Rugged Waterproof Cover

Vapesoon Designed Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Mini

You were looking for a case that protects your iPhone 12 mini and allows you to show off its true beauty? Vapesoon offers a super slim and clear cover that efficiently safeguards against water, drops, and shocks.

It will fit your phone perfectly, so touch sensitivity, speaker output, button tactility, camera functions, and Qi-compatibility are not hindered at all.


  • Clear back
  • Supports wireless charging
  • 6.6 Ft drop protection


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Smudge marks or oil stains show easily

Price: $19.99

Check out on Amazon

3. Ghostek Extreme Waterproof  Case

Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Mini

A 360-degree dual-layered, watertight shell makes the iPhone 12 Mini fully submersible up to 20 feet for 1 hour. And not just underwater, the rugged case keeps your device protected on the ground as well.

With a combination of a shock-absorbing bumper, lifted bezels, scratch-resistant back, and anti-slip handgrip, it boasts up to 12 feet drop protection.


  • Shock-absorbing corners & edges
  • Anti-slip, comfortable grip
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • Bit expensive
  • Slight bulk around the edges

Price: $49.98

Buy it from GHOSTEK

4. Oterkin IP68 Waterproof Case

Oterkin Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Oterkin lends all-round protection without compromising on the device’s functionality. It manages to keep water, dust, dirt, scratches, and cracks at bay quite effectively.

Crafted from impact-resistant TPU material and a hard plastic frame, the sleek case is perfectly suited for outdoor water sports and daily use.


  • Scratch-resistant back panel
  • Mil-grade drop protection
  • Textured bumper for better grip


  • Affects the audio output a bit

Price: $19.99

Check out on Amazon

5. Snowfox Waterproof Case

Snowfox Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Snowfox has got it all, a scratch-resistant back panel, precise cut-outs, optimized audio solution, and even an anti-slip TPU. Moreover, it also boasts wireless charging compatibility.

And thanks to an intelligent snap-on design, the full-bodied case is easy and quick to install and remove.


  • Easy Installation
  • Clear, anti-scratch back
  • Effectively absorb shocks.


  • Oil stains and fingerprint show up easily

Price: $20.99

Check out on Amazon

6. Armor X Shockproof Case

Armor X Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Armor X is designed to support a user’s active lifestyle. The protective, waterproof case integrates a uniquely designed adaptor that works as a secure mounting solution.

That is, you can mount, clip, and lock it as per your need and preference. While the pack has some essential tools like ActiveKey, carabiner, magnet, etc., you can separately buy compatible mounts or other accessories.


  • Integrates interchangeable mounting solution
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Mil-standard drop protection


  • Not pocket-friendly

Price: $24.99 to $69.99

Buy it from ARMOR-X

7. Cozycase Rugged Waterproof Case

Cozycase Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Mini

The 100% sealed case cozily & securely encases your iPhone 12 Mini, keeping it protected from water, dust, snow, shocks, and drops. It meets the IP68 rating and can be immersed in 2 m water for 30 minutes.

Crafted from high-quality, scratch-resistant TPU and PC materials, the case maintains the stylish and compact profile of your device.


  • Raised bezels around the camera
  • Anti-scratch back and front panel


  • Fingerprint Magnet
  • Clear back, yellows with use

Price: $19.99

Check out on Amazon

8. Mpow Waterproof Phone Pouch

Mpow Waterproof Pouch for iPhone 12 Mini

Full-body cases can be bulky and not suited to your daily, office-to-home lifestyle. In which case, a dry pouch can be your best traveling and adventure companion.

When locked inside the bag, your phone is isolated from water, dust, sand, and snow. What’s great is that that transparent cover neither hinders the touch-screen or camera access.


  • Value for money
  • Lanyard for convenient carrying
  • Secure lock Mechanism


  • Limited life-cycle
  • Does not support thick cases

Price: $7.99

Check out on Amazon

Keep Your iPhone 12 Mini Dry and Protected with Waterproof Cases

Whether a casual swim or a snorkeling excursion, whether on the mountain top or the beach. These iPhone 12 Mini waterproof cases will always keep your device well-protected. So, whenever you are heading out for your next adventure, don’t forget to pack this essential item.

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