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iGBAccessoriesBest USB-C to Lightning Cables in 2024

Best USB-C to Lightning Cables in 2024

Perhaps the most vital accessory for your iPhone and iPad is the lightning cable to charge it up. These come in several varieties, and a USB C to lightning cable can boost your device’s charging speed and enhance the data transfer speed. Further, these modern cables can sustain overheating and overcurrents, preventing all sorts of damage caused due to charging. Since there’s so much variety when it comes to these products, we’ve made it easier for you to pick from these best USB-C to lightning cables.

1. Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

apple lightning to usb-c cable

Original Apple accessories are the most trusted companions for your devices, so this is the by far the best USB-C to lightning cable you can get. It’s a meter long, and you can plug it into Apple 29W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapter to charge your compatible iOS device.

Further, it also comes in a two-meter version for extended access to your devices when charging. With this cable at your disposal, you can take full advantage of the fast charging capabilities on compatible iPhones.

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2. Belkin USB-C to Lightning Cable

belkin fast charging cable

Here’s a boost-charge USB-C cable with a lightning connector. You can leverage the latest fast charging standard for a quick power boost or sync photos and videos with your MacBook.

The best part is that it is a 4-foot cable that is longer than the short cables, so that you can comfortably connect and charge your iPhone in the car, on the nightstand, and more. You can get it in white and black colors.

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3. Spigen DuraSync USB C to Lightning Cable

spigen usb c to lightning cable

Here’s another cable with MFi certification that ensures perfect compatibility when charging any Lightning device. It’s designed to withstand excessive bending and can handle more than 30,000 bends to last a long time.

At the same time, it also features an ergonomic design for convenient plugging anywhere. It’s 3 feet long and offers the fastest charging speeds of up to 30W for your premium iPhone or iPad.

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4. ESR Braided Nylon USB-C to Lightning Cable

esr mfi-certified cable

Charge your iPhone with this cable that will take your battery from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. This cable has the MFi certificate and has been tested under rigorous situations to ensure a safe charge with full fast-charging compatibility for your Apple devices. It’s available in varying lengths.

This cable is made with braided nylon, for added durability and style, because let’s all acknowledge the Elephant in the room, Apple cables are the most durable of them all. The aluminum casing around the charging pins has been tested to withstand being plugged in over 5000 times.

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5. Anker Powerline USB C to Lightning Cable

anker usb c to lightning cable

PowerLine II capable of charging speeds that are 2.5× faster than stock Lightning technology. It also lasts twelve times longer than other cables and is proven to withstand over 12000 bends in strict laboratory tests.

Further, MFi certification and strict quality testing ensure your Apple devices are charged safely at their fastest possible speed. You can rest assured about this since it comes with a lifetime warranty in case of quality issues.

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6. JSAUX USB C to Lightning Cable

jsaux fast charging cable

Here’s a USB C to lightning cable with Apple MFi certification and JSAUX strict quality testing that ensures the safety of your Apple devices even when fast charging at the highest speed. It uses the newest C94 lightning end, which is specially designed for fast charging,

It can take your compatible iPhone from 0% to 50% in just 30 mins. You would now be able to charge your iPhone 2.5 times faster than the usual USB-A to lightning cable that comes with all the iPhones apart from the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

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7. Xcentz Nylon Braided USB C to Lightning Cable

xcentz usb c to lightning cable

This Xcentz USB-C to lighting cable is a perfect choice for you if you are a fan of top quality products. It can transfer data at a whopping speed of 480 Mbps for ultimate convenience every day. It’s available in four color options.

The wire s braided with a superior quality of nylon and can withstand over 30,000 bents. Moreover, it can survive a weight of up to175 pounds that equals to 80KG. Thus this case lasts 30 times longer than the other cables.

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8. UGREEN Nylon USB-C to Lightning Cable

ugren power delivery charging cable

Here’s another excellent cable with a data transfer speed of 480Mbps. This means that even large files such as 1GB can be transferred within 25 seconds. It is an ideal accessory to make most existing USB-C devices charging and syncing for your newest iPhone.

Further, the cable includes built-in protection against over-voltage, and it is tested for up 15,000 bends. This makes it a safe and durable product for all your Apple devices. You can get it in black or green color options.

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Summing Up 

Which of these USB C to lightning cables do you choose for your Apple devices? Let us know in the comments below. If you have a Mac, be sure to check out the best thunderbolt cables too.

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