Best USB C to Lightning Cables in 2019: Power Up Your Smartphone 40% Faster

Time to embrace fast charging! Handpick one of these top 10 Type C to Lightning cables to charge and sync data with blazing fast speed.

The long due fast charging has arrived on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus. But you need to use USB C to Lightning cable and USB C adapter to charge your device fast. If you don’t want to go for Apple’s official cable ($25) and are looking for a more affordable yet reliable solution, check out these best USB C to Lightning cables.

Whether it’s charging your device with top-notch speed or providing the needed safeguard against overcurrent, all of these Type C to Lightning cables ideally stand up to the task. What’s more, many of them come in double packs and also offer the one-year warranty. Hence, if you find them not living up to the billing, you can easily replace them without any issue. Enough talk, let’s head over to explore them all!

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Best USB C to Lightning Cables in 2019

#1. Apple

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you don’t want to compromise with the quality and willing to pay some extra dollars; go for this USB-C to Lightning cable from Apple. It’s got a well-built design and fully capable of offering a secure charging solution.

You will use this cable with the Apple 29W, 61W, or 87W USB-C power adapter to power up your iPhone. Lastly, this cable comes in two variants like 1m and 2m.

USP: Well-built quality
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METRANS USB C to Lightning Cable

This one from METRANS is a decent option and can live up to the usual task without any problem. The nylon braided cable is very durable and won’t tangle. Due mainly to the strong construction, it’s up to 5x more durable than the ordinary wires.

The 480 Mbps data transfer speed makes METRANS a pretty reliable option. With the six feet length, you can comfortably charge your device. Even better, this durable cable comes with a 24-month warranty.

USP: Nylon braided cable
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#3. Syntech

Syntech USB C to Lightning Cable

I find “Syntech” more than just a decent option. Featuring soft TPE cable sleeve and aluminum alloy connector, it can do a reasonably good job in letting you turbo charge your iPhone.

The cable is designed to fight heat and strain. Having withstood more than 5000 bending, Syntech can be a long-term solution for your iOS device.

USP: Sturdy aluminum alloy connector
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AUKEY USB Type C to Lightning Charging Cord

AUKEY introduces one of the most durable USB-C to Lightning cables for iPhone. With the more than 1,2000 bend lifespan, it’s made to be a long-lasting companion for your device.

It supports data transfer at up to 480Mbps which is considered to be up to the mark. You can use it to power up your iPhone up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Thanks to the TPE jacket, the cable is fully capable of resisting regular wear and tear. Even better, AUKEY comes with a reliable 24-month warranty.

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USP: More than 12,000 bend lifespan
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#5. Sensus

SensusTech USB C to Lightning Cable

With SensusTech, you are looking at the simple tangle-free design. It’s capable of charging your iPhone up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Regarding durability, I find the double-sided connector on point. It can also resist strain.

One notable feature of this cable is that it works with Apple 29W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapter to power up your iPhone rapidly.

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USP: Low-profile connector
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NEXISS USB C to Lightning Cable

I find this USB-C to Lightning cable from NEXISS up to the task on most front. It boasts high tensile strength to charge your iPhone at a rapid speed.

The nylon braided fabric and aluminum alloy connectors make the cable extremely durable. Due mainly to the presence of high-quality copper wires, it can transfer data at high speed. Lastly, NEXISS cable is completely tangle-free.

USP: Coated with tightly nylon braided fabric
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#7. Syntech

Syntech USB C to Lightning Cable

Syntech (3.3ft) powers up your smartphone not only faster but also more securely. It features a soft TPE cable sleeve that prevents straining. Aluminum alloy connectors have been perfectly designed to work in most cases.

This cable is capable of charging your device with up to 2.1A speed. It allows you to sync data at up to 480Mbps speed which is up to the mark. Above all, Syntech comes with a lifetime warranty.

USP: Soft TPE sleeve
Check out on Amazon

#8. Morror

Morror USB C to Lightning Cable

When it comes to charging the iPhone efficiently and transferring data at a maximum rate, Morror can go head-to-head with the very best.

The cable seems to be enormously sturdy and is fully capable of fighting out random wear and tear. What further boosts its longevity is the braided nylon jacket.

As for charging speed, you should expect this cable to live up to the high demand reasonably well. Additionally, Morror comes in dual packs powered by a one-year warranty.

USP: Braided nylon jacket
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#9. Mcdodo/Crebri

Mcdodo Crebri USB Type-C to Lightning Cable

As far as durability is concerned, Crebri has got three times longer life than an ordinary cable. The low-profile aluminum connectors are equipped to resist heat.

Due mainly to the strong built-up, it doesn’t strain out. It lets you sync data at 480Mbps speed, which is quite decent. Another notable quality in this cable is the ability to offer the complete safeguard against short-circuit and over voltage.

USP: Strong built-up
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#10. ZeroLemon

ZEROLEMON USB C to Lightning Cable

ZeroLemon is known for producing exceptionally efficient charging accessories. And its USB-C to Lightning cable belongs to the elite league.

Made of top-grade material, the cable has 6X more strength than its counterparts. In combination with a supported power adapter, it can turbocharge your iPhone fast and securely.

Moreover, ZeroLemon offers a dependable two-year warranty on this cable.

USP: 6X more strength
Check out on Amazon

That’s it! Assuming you have liked exploring these cables with me.

What’s your favorite?

Out of these top cables, which one have you selected for your device. Do let us know your pick and the qualities you have liked in it.

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