Best USB C to Lightning Cables in 2020

Lighting Cables and ports are highly in demand for its robust functionality and while Apple has introduced the lightning ports in their iPad Pro and MacBooks, the lightning ports are yet to debut on the company’s most loved products, the iPhones. Though the latest iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max come with a USB-C to Lightning Cable to enable fast charging, the iPhone 11 still comes with the age-old USB-A to Lighting Cable. But in today’s post, I have round-up the best USB-C to lightning cables for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

These cables with boost the charging speed of your device and can also enhance the data transfer speed. All these cables can sustain overheating and overcurrents, preventing all sorts of damage caused due to charging. We have tried all of these cables and have come to the conclusion that these cables won’t harm your device adversely.

Best USB-C to Lightning Cables in 2020

#1. Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable (1 m)

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you are someone who doesn’t trust random products then you should definitely consider buying only genuine Apple accessories only. This Cable by Apple can be purchased blindly without any worry. This cable is 1m long giving you extended access to your iPhone 8/8 Plus or later while it is charging.

You can plug-in this cable with Apple 29W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapter to charge your compatible iOS device. With this cable at your disposal, you can take full advantage of the fast charging compatible iPhones. You might not need to get this cable if you are possessing iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max.

USP: Apple Trust
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#2. Xcentz Nylon Braided USB C to Lightning Cable

Xcentz USB-C to Lightning Cable

This Xcentz USB-C to lighting cable is a perfect choice for you if you are a fan of great quality products and are ready to shed some cash. This case comes in Turquoise Blue color and can transfer data at a whopping speed of 480 Mbps, I mean how fast is too fast? Certainly, 480 Mbps is impressive.

The wire of the cable is braided with a superior quality of nylon that is made of bullet-proof threads making your cable capable of saving your life if it comes to it… Just Kidding. But this cable can withstand over 30,000 bendings and hold up to 175 pounds that equals to 80KG. Thus this case lasts 30 times longer than the other cables.

USP: Can withstand up to 175 pounds of weight
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#3. Spigen DuraSync USB C to Lightning Cable

Spigen USB-C to Lightning Cable

Are you even surprised that Spigen cable gets chosen in this list of Best USB-C to Lightning Cables for iPhones? By now you would have already known that I trust Spigen products completely when it comes to my iPhone be it cases or other iPhone accessories.

These cables are made of reinforced ultra-flex technology that is tested under hard circumstances and are tested to withstand excessive bending. This case works flawlessly with all Apple lightning connector devices. It also comes with the Apple MFi certification.

USP: Comes in 2-Pack
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#4. ESR USB C to Lightning Cable, [3.3ft MFi-Certified]

ESR USB-C to Lightning Cable

Pairing with this USB-C to lightning cable by ESR enables fast charging for the iPhone, shoots your iPhone battery from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. This cable has the MFi certificate and has been tested under rigorous situations to ensure a safe charge with full fast-charging compatibility for your Apple devices.

This cable is made with braided nylon, for added durability and style, because let’s all acknowledge the Elephant in the room, Apple cables are the most durable of them all. The aluminum casing around the charging pins has been tested to withstand being plugged in over 5000 times.

USP: Can be plugged in over 5000 times
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#5. Jsaux USB C to Lightning Cable 6FT

JSAUX USB-C to Lightning Cable

Charge your iPhone compatible with fast charging from 0% to 50% in just 30 mins. This Jsaux USB-C to Lightning Cable supports fast charging on iPhone. Please ensure that you are using the USB-C Power adapter to get that beastly fast charge.

This cable uses the latest C94 lightning end technology which is specifically designed to charge your phone faster. You would now be able to charge your iPhone 2.5 times faster than the usual USB-A to lightning cable that comes with all the iPhones apart from the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

USP: Uses the latest C94 lightning end
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#6. Anker USB C to Lightning Cable [Powerline II]

Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable

If your iPhone cable doesn’t last past a couple of months and the cable cracks then you might want to move ahead and get your hands on the Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable for compatible iPhones and iPads that would last you longer with over 12000 bends.

It comes with the trust-worthy Apple’s MFi certificate and has gone through some strict quality tests that ensure safe charge for all of your Apple devices. The cable is backed by a solid lifetime warranty thus ensuring you a hassle-free use of this cable.

USP: 12,000 Bend Lifespan
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#7. AUKEY CB-CL02 USB-C to Lightning Cable

AUKEY USB-C to Lightning Cable

Why charge your iPhones slowly when you can charge them at a lightning-fast speed? Use the Aukey USB-C to Lightning Cable and power up your phone faster or use it to transfer data from your phone to laptop at a rapid speed. This cable is supported with the original Apple USB-C power adapter.

Boost the speed of your everyday charging with this power adapter even on your 2017 iPad Pro. Data transfers can be sped up to a whopping 480Mbps pace. This cable is durable and flexible that is made from superior quality of braided nylon and has withstood the 12000+ bend test.

USP: 24-Months Product Replacement Warranty
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#8. Poweradd C94 USB-C to Lightning Cable

POWERADD USB-C to Lightning Cable

Comes with the new C94 technology lightning to USB-C, this cable not only charges your device faster but also safer. Use this Lightning cable to connect with your USB-C Power Delivery charger(including Apple 18W, 29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapter) to charge up your iOS device at exceptionally high speed.

Don’t fear over current or overheating with this cable as it absorbs all that only providing your iPhone with the voltage that it is compatible with and is needed. Transfers files at 480 Mbps, this cable not only supports the PD charges with 3A Max grade but it also supports the standard 5v 2.4 Max.

USP: Compatible with iPhones, iPods, and iPads
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#9. Tgvi’s 4ft USB C to Lightning Cable

TGVi USB-C to Lightning Cable

Ensure the complete safety of your device against high voltage or overcurrent with this Tgvi’s USB-C to Lightning Cable for iPhone 8 and later. It is MFI-certified comes along with an Apple authorization chip that’s to ensure charge safety, 100% compatibility of the whole iOS system without causing any damage to your phone.

This cable’s durability has been tested in a laboratory environment to withstand over 15000 bends. It is dirt-proof, pull-resistant and tangle-free which is made of nylon braided cable to straighten and prolong the durability of the case. It also doesn’t break from the joints

USP: 100% safety of your device
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#10. Azhizco 6Ft USB C to Lightning Cable

Azhizco USB-C to Lightning Cable

Don’t bother hunting for the nearest plug-point because this USB-C to Lightning cable comes with a 6ft. a long cord that charges your device at a phenomenally fast speed. This cable ensures 100% syncing and charging compatibility with iPhone.

This flexible charging cable is constructed with a high-quality double Nylon braided jacket and core material. The compact aluminum alloy shell adds more protection to the lightning connector as well as the USB-C connector and it also allows over 10000 bends and repeated plugging in and unplugging.

USP: 6ft. Long Cable
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#11. UGREEN USB-C to Lightning Cable [3FT MFi-Certified]

UGREEN USB-C to Lightning Cable

This USB Type C to Lightning cable supports fast charge and data transfers between your iPhone and a USB-C MacBook or iPad Pro. The data transfer speed can shoot up to 480Mbps and even large files such as 1GB can be transferred within 25 seconds. It is an ideal accessory to make the most of existing USB-C devices charging and syncing for your newest iPhone.

It can fast-charge all your compatible devices like the iPad Pro 12.9″/10.5″, iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5, iPhone X and 11 series device. All your worries regarding the safety of your device can take a back seat now as this cable comes with an Apple MFi Certificate.

USP: 1GB files can be transferred within 25s
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Signing Off…

I hope you found the right USB-C to Lightning Cable for your iPhone.

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