Best Short Lightning to USB Cables for iPhone and iPad: A Travel Accessory You Shouldn’t Forget

Planning a trip? Check out the list of best short/mini lightning cables for iPhone and iPad.

Out on a tour, it’s best to travel light. If you’re carrying your usual lightning cable, you’re probably doing it wrong. It’s long and coiling it into your backpack or travel bag is only going to damage it sometime.

That is why short lightning cables are one of the coolest travel accessories for the iPhone (or iPad). Unlike the long lightning cables, short lighting cables for the iPhone are extremely handy and occupy almost no space. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about coiling the cable up into a tiny lump.

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Best Short Lightning Cables for the iPhone and iPad

#1. ZiBay

ZiBay iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

ZiBay is one of the most appreciable Lightning to USB cables for iPhone. And the four stars out of over 500 customer reviews is a testament to its reliable performance.

The cable is well built and pretty short in length (4 inches). With the sturdy copper mesh and aluminum foil wrap, it’s got the strength to resist wear and tear.

The flexible TPE casing further reinforces its structure. Lastly, ZiBay comes in three packs.

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USP: Reinforced copper mesh
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#2. Anker Powerline

Anker Powerline Short Lightning Cable

Anker is one of the most trusted charging accessory makers for iPhone. And its “Powerline” has got all the qualities to be a top-notch Lightning to USB cable.

Thanks to the aramid fiber, the cable is robust and fully capable of resisting fraying. Therefore, it’s able to retain the functionality for long.

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The Apple Mfi compatibility makes it fully onboard to juice up your iOS devices. Lastly, Powerline is backed by an 18-month warranty.

USP: Aramid fiber material
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#3. Ivvo

ivvo Short Lightning Cable

Ivvo has designed this short lightning to USB cable for power bank, charging stations, and laptops. You can carry this cable easily without having to worry about tangles. A perfect travel accessory, this charging cable can fast charge your device and quickly transfers data.

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This cable is made of premium quality copper wire and improved internal wiring to ensure 100% safety for your data and devices. Moreover, you can experience 20% faster data transfer speed than standard cables.

USP: 20% Faster Data Transfer
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#4. Mixit Belkin Cable

Belkin MIXIT iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

Belkin’s Mixit range of lightning cables is much sought-after. The longer cables are more popular, but the Mixit series also features this 6-inch mini cable which is handy.

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Since we’re talking about a Belkin product, you can expect a high-quality build that lasts for a long time. With the Apple MFi certified, it charges your iPhone securely. Furthermore, you can choose MIXIT in seven attractive colors.

USP: Secure charging
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#5. iXCC Element Series

iXCC Element Series 4 inch Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

I rate iXCC Lightning cables very highly. It’s because they are exceptionally strong and provide secure charging. And “Element Series 4” is no different.

This cable is certified by Apple and fully compatible to juice up your iOS devices. Therefore, you won’t get “This accessory may not be supported” error while charging the device.

With the TPE jacket and protective mesh, it’s got the needed strength to survive the rigorous test of time. Beyond the longevity, iXCC is supported by a reliable two-year warranty.

USP: TPE jacket
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FERIRAMA Short Lightning Cable

FERIRAMA brings a short lightning to USB cable with wide diameter wires. It can quickly charge your devices with its reduced cord resistance. Get better strength and flexibility with high-tensile materials.

You can use this cable with portable chargers or charging stations. FERIRAMA’s short cables are best used while you are traveling in the plane as you have got little space to use your laptop. Its broad compatibility allows you to use this cable with multiple iOS devices and Mac.

USP: High-tensile material
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#7. CableCreation

CableCreation Short Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

For providing rapid charging and protecting your iPhone from the common threats like short-circuiting, you can’t go wrong with CableCreation. Featuring cotton jacket, it’s designed to resist wear and tear.

It supports Apple’s charging standard to power up your iOS devices with the required efficiency. You can choose this cable in three sizes like 0.5 feet, 4 feet, and 6 feet.

Furthermore, CableCreation comes in multiple colors like rose gold, space gray, black/white and more.

USP: Cotton jacket
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#8. HomeSpot

HomeSpot iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

The lightning cables from HomeSpot are Apple MFI certified and comes with two quantities inside the box. Talking about the length, they are just 5 inch and convenient enough to carry around in your pockets as well. Apart from that, there are different size combos available from the manufacturer while writing this.

USP: Top-grade copper wire
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#9. SMALLElectric

SMALLElectric Short Lightning Cable

The quality that makes “SMALLElectric” one of the better options is the neat built-up. It’s made of top-grade TPE and PVC materials.

It can charge your device with 2.1amp. Equipped with smart IC chip, the cable shields your iPhone against short-circuit and overcharging.

Moreover, SMALLElectric is available in multiple sizes. At $7.99, it comes in five packs.

USP: Smart IC chip
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COCOFU Short Lightning Cables

COCOFU’s nylon braided Lightning to USB cable offers a reliable charging and data transfer solution. The 8-inch length is good enough to let you conveniently charge your smartphone. The connectors feature a durable design and are fully capable of resisting heat.

With the fiber jacket, the cable has got the additional protection to endure the test of time. It’s pretty flexible and doesn’t get tangled. On top of all, you can choose COCOFU in five packs.

USP: Nylonn fiber jacket
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#11. G-Cord

G-Cord Short Lightning to USB Cable

G-Cord offers ultra-compact Lightning to USB cable. The top-quality copper wire enables it to charge your iPhone faster. It also supports Apple Mfi certification to power up your devices with maximum security.

Want to have a few extra cables at your disposal? G-Cord comes in as many as five packs so that you will always have extra cables in the store. Moreover, the cable is also backed by a one-year warranty.

USP: Apple MFi certified
Check out on Amazon

That’s all!

What’s your favorite?

Assuming, your search for an efficient Lightning to USB cable has come to an end. Would you mind telling its name?

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