Best Thunderbolt 3 Cables for iMac Pro in 2024

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Are you in quest of buying a quality Thunderbolt 3 cable for your new iMac? Great! We have picked out the best Thunderbolt 3 cables for iMac Pro to make your task of finding the right one for your specific requirement easier.

Apple is also offering a 0.8m Thunderbolt 3 cable at $39, which is up to the mark in all aspects. But if you find it expensive and wish to have an equally good option at a lower price, you can get one from the following collection. If quality is what matters the most to you, there are some top-notch Thunderbolt 3 cables to vie for your attention as well.

1. Belkin

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Cable for iMac Pro

Belkin is one of the most trusted accessory makers, and Its Thunderbolt 3 cable has got all the qualities you’d expect from a high-quality cable. The first and foremost, it supports data transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps. However, when you connect two Thunderbolt 3 devices, its data transfer rates can go up to 20Gbps.

As it’s compatible with 4K or Ultra HD high-quality display, you will enjoy videos in their full-fledged form. Moreover, Belkin Thunderbolt 3 cable provides up to 60W of charging power to your device without the support of additional power supply.

USP: Data transfer rates of up to 20 Gbps
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2. Anker

Anker thunderbolt 3 for imac pro

Anker is a well-known brand for quality iPhone accessories, and this Thunderbolt 3 cable is no different. It supports rapid charging currents of up to 100W with a compatible charger to power up your iMac as quickly and efficiently.

You can transfer music, movies, or entire seasons of TV shows in seconds with 40 Gbps speed. Further, it can help you display video content on one screen in 5K, or two screens at 4K simultaneously. You also get a worry-free 16-month warranty for this product.

USP: Great customer service and support
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3. GodSpin

GodSpin Thunderbolt 3 Cable for Mac

GodSpin has got all the features to be a trusted cable for your iMac Pro. It lets you transfer data at up to 40 Gbps speed and juice up your computer rapidly with the 100W power delivery.

The cable is strong enough to resist straining and won’t get tangled. The nylon braided cable is easy to manage and it is durable for 10,000+ folds. This shows the quality and durability of the product. Lastly, there are a few variants available.

USP: Fast and secure charging
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4. Plugable

Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Cable for iMac Pro

Plugable (0.5m) is a decent cable that allows you to transfer data at a maximum speed of 40 Gbps. The 60W power delivery is sufficient to charge your Mac at a good rate.

You can link up to six devices like docking stations, external graphics cards, and display as part of the daisy chain connection. It has the support of 10Gbit networking and is available in three variants: 0.5m, 1m, and 2m. Lastly, you get the one-year limited warranty on Plugable cable.

USP: Supports 10Gbit networking
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5. StarTech

StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Cable for iMac Pro

As compared to a traditional cable, StarTech (0.5m) can let you transfer data four times faster at 40Gbps when connected to Thunderbolt 3 devices. However, when the cable is connected to USB 3.1 devices, it allows you to transfer data at 10Gbps.

The USB C cable is made to be in perfect compliance for 4K 60Hz or 5K 60Hz video. Therefore, you will have a immersive experience while watching high-resolution videos. It provides 100W of power for charging your iMac in quick time. Furthermore, the Thunderbolt 3 cable supports the daisy chain for up to six devices.

USP: Daisy chain up to six devices
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6. Zikko

Zikko Thunderbolt 3 Cable

This cable from Zikko has received thunderbolt certification from Intel, as it meets the standards entirely. The cable can deliver almost 100W charging output along with 40 Gbps data transfer speed. Besides that, it can provide 5K Ultra High definition quality with compatible devices.

Apart from those unusual features, the overall build quality of the cable is quite durable and will sustain that for a long time. Lastly, the cable length is 0.5 meters.

USP: Intel Certified
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SIIG Thunderbolt 3 Cable

Are you looking for a longer Thunderbolt 3 cable? Here’s a 3.3-feet long from SIIG. Like almost all other cables, this too is of Thunderbolt certified standard and boasts a data transfer speed up to 40 Gbps between compatible devices.

The power output for charging is also the same as other cables, which is 100W. The build quality of the cable is also durable enough for long-term usage. All in all, if you need a longer cable, this is the right product to buy.

USP: 5K UHD support
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