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iGBAccessoriesBest Apple TV Remote Charging Stands in 2024

Best Apple TV Remote Charging Stands in 2024

After a tiresome day, you wish to recline in a comfortable chair for binge-watching on Apple TV. But your Apple TV Remote is missing, and worse, it is discharged when you finally find it. You think your evening is spoilt. You wish you had got an Apple TV remote charging stand to keep that remote control safe and charged.

I extensively searched across the web and found some of the best Apple TV Remote charging docks. While doing so, I also found a viable solution to clear out the clutter of charging cables or connecting cables causes. The answer to all your woes regarding safekeeping, charging, and messy wires is this article and the accessories mentioned below.

1. TotalMount Apple TV Remote Holder

TotalMount Apple TV Remote Charging Dock

Whether you are worried about losing your Apple TV Remote or irritated by all the wires that are seen, TotalMount offers an excellent solution for both the issues. As the name suggests, it is basically a remote holder that can be mounted on side or back of your TV by a quality adhesive.

The inbuilt dock can charge your remote when plugged in, keeping it always ready for action. Moreover, the two cable managers included with the holder, aid you in organizing and hiding the cords. The holder is also compatible with all Apple TV remotes.

USP: Compact design
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2. Native Union Dock+

Native Union Apple TV Remote Charging Dock

The minimalistic and elegant design of Dock+ perfectly complements the sleekness of Apple TV remote and other Apple devices. No matter how neat a charging station looks, the tailing wire can bomb the whole appeal. Not with Dock + as it comes with a matching lightning cable, that is equally tasteful.

The box also includes three separate adaptors that allow you to connect different devices to the station. To ensure the safety of your device, the dock is constructed with silicone and aluminum. Setting up the Dock + is also quite simple and takes around 15 seconds. Further, you need no special tools as the components are precisely engineered to slot together without screws securely.

USP: Matching lightning cable
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3. elago D Stand Charging Station

elago Charging Stand for Apple TV Remote

A docking station that is strong, flexible, smart, elegant, easy-to-use and multipurpose. You can park this cylindrical stand next to the Apple TV device or on your side table; it will look great everywhere. Designed especially for original Apple Lightning Cable, it supports Apple TV (Siri remote), iPhone, AirPods, iPad mini, Wireless keyboard, Magic mouse.

The silicon outer covering does not scratch or harm your device or cable. While the inner aluminum cylinder ensures that elago D stand can sustain the weight of your devices. Additionally, the charging slot is fashioned in a way that the device does not slip. To insert the lightning cable into the slot, simply separate the top and the bottom cap. The product is available in black and silver color.

USP: Silicon exterior protects from scratches
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4. elago 3 in 1 Charging Hub

elago Charging Dock for Apple TV Remote

If you loved the features of elago D stand mentioned above, you would fall head over heels for this product as well. Manufactured with high-quality silicone, this charging hub is flexible and durable. The flexibility feature also extends to devices you can attach from Apple TV remote to Apple Watch.

The three cable management holes in the rear end not only allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously but also keep the clutter of wires in the background. In my opinion, if your Apple TV is placed in the bedroom, elago’s Charging Hub is a perfect accessory for your bedside table. Everything from your AirPods, iPhone, Apple Watch to your Apple TV remote will be safely placed and charged just next to you.

USP: Charges multiple devices together
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5. Twelve South HiRise 2

Twelve South HiRise 2 Apple TV Remote Charging Stand

Already a very popular and trusted charging stand for iPhone & iPad. As the HiRISE 2 uses lightning connector, it can also power your Apple TV Siri remote. Talk about killing a few birds with one arrow.

Quite compact in its structure, the stand can fit perfectly even on the smallest desks. Also, the metal body adds subsequent weight, ensuring sufficient stability. The unique combination of sturdiness and compactness further allows users to remove the TV remote with one hand.

The device is available in black, silver, and white colors. You can also opt for a refined version of this model, dubbed as HiRise 2 deluxe. This model comes with Lightning + Micro-USB cables that save you from hunting the cable every time.

USP: One-handed iDevice removal
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That’s all for now

Charging stands for Apple TV remote listed above are developed for the original Apple lightning cable, and therefore, I count these products among the best charging docks. Now your original cable not just enjoys a perfect fit, it is also protected from wear and tear.

Considering our varied requirements, your choice may differ from mine. Do you even prefer a charging station or you like the traditional charger? Which of these products did you like the most, or have I missed your favorite one? Do share your comments with us.

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