Best Third-party Apple TV Remotes: Efficient Alternatives to Siri Remote

With one of these top Apple TV remotes at your beck and call, you won't miss the Siri Remote. Jump right in to take a close look at them and tell us which one looks more promising for your specific taste!

Not everyone chooses a product for the same reason, do they? What may be great for many, may see to be mediocre for some. So, if you aren’t impressed with Siri and are willing to explore the top third-party remotes for Apple TV, this post can serve your purpose.

I have picked out both the high-end remotes and the affordable ones that can deliver reasonably good performance. Therefore, choosing a fine one for your TV shouldn’t be a big deal. Oh yeah, I have also picked the one that’s fully geared for controlling games on Apple TV. Without making much ado, let’s have a look at them!

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Third-Party Remotes for Apple TV

#1. Inteset

Inteset Apple TV Remote

Having received four and a half stars out of over 1400 customer reviews, Inteset is one of the finest third-party remotes for Apple TV.

The LED backlighting buttons ensure you don’t have any problem in controlling your TV even in the dark.

Don’t want anyone to change the volume without your permission? Well, you have the option to lock both the channel and volume to prevent anyone from changing them.

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Make the best use of label stickers to ideally customize the remote for your specific devices and buttons. Moreover, it supports not just Apple TV but also Xbox One, Roku, Media Center/Kodi and Nvidia Shield.

USP: Label stickers
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#2. Coolux

Coolux Apple TV Remote

When it comes to functionality, Coolux can live up to the task admirably. You can quickly pair it with your Apple TV to have easy control over volume and channels.

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With the simple and responsive buttons, it makes it straightforward to control the Apple TV.  Due mainly to the ergonomic design, it doesn’t slide out of your hands. Besides, you can choose Coolux in multiple colors like black and silver.

USP: Responsive buttons
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#3. GE 33709

GE 33709 Apple TV Remote

Despite being priced a lot less than its rivals mentioned above, “GE 33709” can give them a long run. Featuring lightweight design with the brushed finish, it has got an impressive look.

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With this handy remote control, you can effortlessly control as many as four devices simultaneously. It offers you the desired control over volume.

Using the most common buttons like Menu, Home/Guide, DVR LIST, Info, Navigation, Advanced DVR and Digital Dot, you can quickly access some of your favorite channels. Thanks to the extensive code library, it works with major brands.

USP: Extensive code library
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#4. Beyution

Beyution Apple TV Remote

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Last but not the least, Beyution is a simple looking remote control. It lacks the flair and functionality of the high-end remotes mentioned in this lineup. However, it can help you sail through the necessary tasks.

I find the buttons very sensitive to the press. The built-in battery is strong enough to last long. As for built-up, I think it’s up to the mark.

USP: Neat design
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That’s it!

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Your favorite?

Now that you have taken a peek at the top remotes for Apple TV, let us know your pick. Besides, tell us about the one that you think worth including in the above roundup.

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