Best indie games for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best indie iPhone games worth playing

It’s always assumed that only global gaming leaders can provide high-quality mobile games. But that is definitely not true. A haven of creativity and innovation thrives within the realm of indie iPhone games.

Today, we’ll go through the cave of the best indie games for iPhone. From underdog developers to offbeat narratives, everything you need is right here. Get ready to unlock a portal to captivating worlds and redefine your mobile gaming experience.

  1. Among Us
  2. Creaks
  3. Super Stickman Golf 2
  4. Space Age
  5. Momentum Valley
  6. Holedown
  7. Desert Golfing
  8. Linelight
  9. Huntdown
  10. Knotwords

1. Among Us – Editor’s Choice

Among Us

Among Us has undeniably taken the gaming community by storm. Known for its unique gameplay mechanics and immersive multiplayer experience, Among Us has become a prime source of joy. I recommend you gather your crew-mates and embark on a space journey to find out who is the better liar in your group.

Players are tasked to efficiently repair the spaceship and communicate with one another while also being able to detect any potential imposters among the group. The intense deduction and deceit involved make each round thrilling and unpredictable. The intuitive touch controls and sleek in-game interface further provide a seamless gaming experience on iPhone.

Among Us’s unique charm is heightened by its simplistic art style and suspenseful gameplay. Moreover, regular updates from the developers continuously improve upon the already addictive gameplay. This indie game revolutionizes mobile gaming without sacrificing quality, whether playing with friends or strangers online.

Price: Free


2. Creaks – Meet your new neighbors


If you’re looking for some mind-twisting challenges on your iPhone, then Creaks is the right choice for you. Developed by Amanita Design, renowned for its artful and immersive gameplay experiences, Creaks excels in both its stunning visuals and captivating storyline. With every step, the ground may shake, or a bulb might break. There’s always something unusual happening here.

This puzzle-adventure game takes players on an extraordinary journey through a world inhabited by dangerous creatures that emerge from hidden paintings. Challenging you to think outside of the box, you must get through cleverly designed puzzles to explore and discover the locked map. From the handcrafted environments to the intricate sound design, the attention to detail is breathtaking.

With its unique blend of eerie atmosphere, striking artwork, and ingenious gameplay mechanics, Creaks sets itself apart as a must-play indie game that truly pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on a mobile platform.

Price: Free


3. Super Stickman Golf 2 – Polished to near perfection

Super Stickman Golf 2

While we’re on this journey of exploring the best indie games for iPhone, it’s unfair to overlook outdoor sports lovers. From the house of Noodlecake Studios, welcome Super Stickman Golf 2. With a perfect blend of real-life gold challenges with appealing graphics, intuitive controls, and a captivating multiplayer mode, you are in for a treat.

The game is enriched with 30 mini golf courses, new power-ups, customizable characters, and 70 achievements to keep you engaged for a very long time. If your pal happens to live far from you, no worries! There are two multiplayer modes at your fingertips that will definitely suffice. With a trove of customization options at your disposal, you can further create personal gameplay as you desire.

This indie gem stands out with robust multiplayer functionality for both synchronous and asynchronous matches against friends or online players worldwide. iPhone gamers seeking a well-crafted experience in a highly competitive genre will surely enjoy it.

Price: Starts at $0.99


4. Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure – A game to fall in love with

Space Age- A Cosmic Adventure

Love space? Got you. Take a moment to try out one of the most captivating games of all time, Space Age. Step into a dimension filled with a compelling storyline, stunning retro graphics, and innovative gameplay elements all set to amaze you.

Set in the futuristic space age, players embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding an abandoned spaceship and take on mind-curling puzzles and challenges. The game seamlessly blends point-and-click mechanics with strategic decision-making, as players must manage resources and make crucial choices that impact the outcome of the story.

Just like the good old days, Space Age brings you a heavy dose of nostalgia whilst paying homage to classic science-fiction films while presenting a unique and engaging narrative. With its clever puzzles, intuitive controls, and impressive attention to detail, this indie gem stands out as an example of exceptional craftsmanship in mobile gaming.

Price: Starts at $2.99


5. Momentum Valley – A Quest for forgiveness

Monument Valley

Momentum Valley is one of the best indie iPhone games worth playing for its exceptional gameplay and immersive experience. Developed by a small team of talented individuals, this game effortlessly combines stunning visuals with challenging puzzles to create a truly unique gaming experience.

This phenomenal puzzle takes you on an exciting journey to a stunningly beautiful world. You must find a way to guide the silent princess through the dynamic obstacles using your wit before the time runs out. The intuitive controls allow for seamless navigation so you can act fast when required. Trust me, once hooked; you’ll be stuck in a satisfying gameplay.

Further, the game’s soundtrack complements the overall atmosphere perfectly. With its captivating storyline and innovative level design, Momentum Valley stands as a shining example of what indie iPhone games can achieve, providing hours of entertainment and leaving players craving for more.

Price: Starts at $3.99


6. Holedown – A ball bouncer with depth


Developed by webbfarbror AB, this puzzle shooter combines elements from both strategy and physics-based games in a seamless manner, offering an engaging experience for players. Those who love to challenge themselves every once in a while should definitely try it out. It may look like child’s play, but holedown can easily break the capacity of breaking many pro players.

The objective is simple. Dig deep into different layers of colored blocks by launching balls that bounce off walls while strategically planning each shot. As players progress, they encounter new challenges, such as limited shots or tougher blocks that add depth and complexity to the gameplay. The minimalist art style suits the game perfectly so that you can focus on nothing but the win.

With well-designed levels, satisfying explosions, and strategic decision-making required at every turn, Holedown stands out as a superior indie game on the iPhone. It is sure to captivate an individual looking for an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating gaming experience.

Price: Starts at $3.99


7. Desert Golfing – Infinity in your pocket

Desert Golfing

It’s a good day for golf lovers. Desert Golfing is another masterpiece to brush up on your golfing skills and step toward becoming a pro. Developed by Captain Games Inc., this minimalist game takes players on a journey through an endless desert landscape where they aim to target highly challenging golf holes.

With no distractions or unnecessary graphics cluttering the screen, Desert Golfing focuses solely on the addictive nature of perfecting each shot and advancing through the desert. The game’s physics engine accurately mimics the mechanics of real-world golf, further enhancing its immersive appeal.

The subtle changes in lighting and weather as a player progresses through hundreds of levels are truly astonishing. Desert Golfing undoubtedly deserves recognition among the finest iPhone games available today for its simplistic yet well-crafted design.

Price: Starts at $1.99


8. Linelight – A world of 1D puzzles awaits


It’s a summon to all intellectuals who believe they have conquered all cuts and corners of puzzle games. BT Productions brings a whole new world of unique tests followed by simplistic designs and thoughtful gameplay.

Every player must find a way through an intricate web of lines and nodes while constantly avoiding obstacles and clever puzzles along the way. And don’t worry about running out of trials, as there are over 250 meticulously crafted levels, which will test your patience. Moreover, the seamless blending of visuals, sound, and gameplay mechanics is also top-notch.

Allowing you to concentrate and focus on the target at hand, the soothing ambient music helps a lot. The game’s intuitive controls create a smooth and responsive interface that ensures seamless interaction with complex environments. All these factors and more are evident to conclude that, Linelight is an exceptional indie iPhone game that deserves recognition.

Price: Starts at $1.99


9. Huntdown – A retro action adventure


If you’re taking some time off from your busy schedule and looking for a cool indie game to play on your iPhone, it’s given that you settle for nothing but the best. Talking about the best, Coffee Stain Publishing has come up with something very exciting – Huntdown. This action-packed side-scrolling shooter successfully combines nostalgia with modern gaming mechanics.

Huntdown takes you through the crests and troughs of the metropolis city overrun by violence and corruption. You must take on the role of a bounty hunter and relentlessly hunt down dangerous criminals from the 1980s-inspired retro-future era. Feels like Batman. The gameplay itself is smooth and exciting, featuring intense shootouts and platforming challenges that will keep you on your toes.

The pixel art graphics are brilliantly crafted, capturing every detail of the gritty environments and character designs. With its clever level design, challenging boss battles, and an engaging storyline full of dark humor, Huntdown offers hours of addictive entertainment for any mobile gamer seeking an unforgettable experience in the vast world of indie games.

Price: Starts at $6.99 


10. Knotwords – Your new daily word fix


Let’s finish off our hunt with a simple and twisting puzzle. With its meticulously designed puzzles and engaging gameplay, this game is something totally different from the rest out there. It challenges players with a simple and interesting challenge, arranging letters in each section to form valid words both across and down.

With over 100 handcrafted levels, Knotwords offers a wide range of difficulties to cater to both casual and hardcore gamers’ preferences. The sleek and minimalist graphics, paired with soothing background music, create a relaxing gaming experience that stimulates cognitive thinking.

One of the most notable aspects of Knotwords is its attention to detail and polished execution, indicative of a dedicated indie developer team. This game is certainly a gem among indie iPhone games, demonstrating exceptional quality in terms of gameplay mechanics, aesthetics, and overall user experience.

Price: Free


Game like there is no tomorrow!

As the curtains fall on our exploration of these captivating creations, we’re reminded that innovation knows no bounds. So, whether you’re seeking an escape, a puzzle to ponder, or an emotional journey, remember to wander into the realm of indie iPhone games.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to comment on your favorite game from this list.

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