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Best free games for iPhone in 2024

Whoever said, “The best things in life are free,” knew what he was talking about! This especially stands true for a game fanatic. But, which are the best free iPhone games? Well, if you are always on the lookout to catch up on the latest and most entertaining games, this article is for you!

I have explored and tested 72+ games to choose these free iPhone games that span from puzzles and shooting games to strategic adventures and beyond. There’s something for every gamer!

Seven new additions to our list this month: Farmscapes, The Walking Dead: Survivors, Cyberika, Towers, Summoners War: Lost Centuria, Score Hero 2, and Core Defense.

Note: I have taken care to select games that are free to play. However, most free games rely on in-app purchases for revenue. Hence, the list may have games that offer additional purchases enabling you to remove ads, make cosmetic changes, or unlock extra features.

Best Action games for iPhone

1. World War 2 Battle Combat

World war 2 battle combat free iphone game screenshot

The stunning graphics of this free first-person shooter game sure stand out and keep you intrigued. That, coupled with exciting gameplay and an array of historical weapons and armor, will transport you to a world of heroism and high-action combat. 

I enjoyed all the five battle arenas and six different game modes – up to 10 players can battle together! So go ahead and create your clan or squad to chase victory. Or go solo and take on fellow shooters from across the world. It is not only but also puts your strategy and tactics to the test! 


2. Among Us!

Among Us iPhone Game Screenshot

This game rose to popularity during the global lockdowns of 2020. You can play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players. Prepare to launch your spaceship but beware of the imposter among you who is attempting to kill the crew.

To win, you have to suss out the imposter and complete different tasks. What makes it so intriguing and addictive is that each match is a mystery, and everyone is suspicious. It tests your wits and keeps you hooked.


3. Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D iPhone Game Screenshot

If you’re looking for an exciting yet free shooting game, here’s a must-try. Go on exciting sniper missions to fight crime and terror across 13 incredible cities. Your aim is to help out the cops and earn rewards along the way, unlocking more cities as you progress.

This action game boasts incredible 3D graphics that will keep you coming back for more. Experiment with tons of different weapons and build your arsenal. The best part is that you can always complete simple tasks when you need extra cash or diamonds to purchase some new gear.


4. Super Fowlst 2

super fowlst 2 iphone and ipad game screenshot

If you’ve never heard of the Fowlst games, you’re in for a treat. This is the follow-up to Fowlst and Super Fowlst, and the objective is to squash up the bad guys, dodge danger, and strike gold!

It’s got cute and colorful graphics that will keep you entertained. Have a blast unleashing a range of powerups and exciting action tactics on an army of enemies that include spiky demons, spinning demons, flatulent demons, and so much more.


5. Walk master

walk master iphone and ipad game screenshot

Zone out and relax with this unique game that’s simple yet challenging. It’s essentially a walking action simulator where you have to make cute animal characters trot through landscapes like forests, ice-scapes, and farms.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to be careful to balance the walking sticks and get the angle just right to prevent tripping, toppling over, slipping, or getting killed by the obstacles or creatures. The ambient music adds to the charm of the game, and you’ll enjoy collecting a range of cute characters as you progress.


Best Arcade games for iPhone

6. Crossy Road

Crossy Road iPhone and iPad Arcade Game Screenshot

Here’s an award-winning endless runner game that keeps your mind engaged and promises endless fun. From cute characters to fun, colorful graphics and sound effects, it’s the perfect way to pass the time.

The goal is to cross the roads and avoid oncoming traffic and other obstacles. Things get steadily more challenging as you progress, making it quite addictive and impossible to put down.


7. Pigeon Wings Strike

pigeon wings strike iphone and ipad game screenshot

It’s time to fly around shooting things out of the sky in this hilarious arcade-style game. The objective is to dodge Duke Dexter and shoot up his minions. Enjoy super-smooth gameplay on the fastest shooter ever deployed on a mobile device.

Further, it’s even more fun when you squad up with friends, thanks to the local multiplayer mode. It’s a sequel to Pigeon Wing, one of the best games of the year recognized by TouchArcade, Macworld, CNET, TechRadar, and more. Are you ready to strike?


Best Board games on iPhone

8. Gogogo

gogogo iphone and ipad game screenshot

Check out one of the best free party games that will keep the fun going at any gathering. Take numerous challenges to test your memory, reflexes and responses, creativity, and more.

You’ll especially love it if you’re a fan of board games and the best part is that anyone can play – from children to grandparents. It’s designed for 3 to 16 players at a time. The cute and fun graphics only add to the charm.


9. Flow Free

flow free iphone and ipad puzzle game screenshot

This puzzle has it all, from simple, relaxing challenges that are the perfect mindfulness activity to frantic gameplay that will have you at the edge-of-your-seat. The best part is that you can enjoy hundreds of levels for free.

Your goal is to connect matching colors with pipes until you cover the entire puzzle board. But be careful because pipes will break if they cross over or overlap each other. It’s colorful, minimalist, and engaging.


Endless runner games

10. Subway Surfers

subway surfers iphone and ipad game screenshot

When it comes to endless runner games, Subway Surfers is among the best free options. It has kept players enthralled for years with amazing lightning-fast swipe acrobatics.

Your goal is to dodge the hurdles and keep speeding ahead. Invite your friends to add more fun to the challenge and compete fiercely to win rewards. Vivid, HD-optimized graphics and frequent updates keep this game fresh and enjoyable for all ages.


Puzzle games

11. Farmscapes

Farmscapes free iphone game screenshot

Looking for some light-hearted family-friendly fun? Download Farmscapes and escape to the countryside for a break! There, you can help out Mary, a former city girl, to transform her abandoned farm into a bountiful paradise!

There are plenty of challenges in the form of puzzles, such as logical problems or matching up fruits and veggies. You can even decorate the place and take care of the animals, including my favorite, Edward the intelligent cat.

Another character is the handyman, Philip, whose there to help you out with power tools and equally power-packed jokes. An interesting sidetrack in the game is the unfolding chemistry between Mary and Philip. All in all, this is one of the best free iPhone games to pass the time and take a break from real life. 


12. Towers: Relaxing Puzzle

Towers relaxing puzzle iphone and ipad game screenshot

This new iPhone game is both fun and relaxing. The aim is to drop colorful towers in free cells! Choose your creative formations or try out different modes and earn bonus levels. 

I love the minimalist yet soothing graphics that keep you wanting to play more. It’s replete with pleasant sound effects that create an overall calming experience. 

When you feel like challenging yourself, there are more challenging levels to try. You can even play against the clock for some fun. It’s a great way to kill some time or zone out from the world. There are daily quests to compete against other players and see who’s the best. 

Towers will give your brain a gentle workout and improve spatial reasoning, logic, and quick strategic thinking. 


13. Find My Way

Find my way free iphone game screenshot

This is a cute little game that keeps me hooked for hours. I love how simplistic it is to understand and play. The objective is to find a path through the maze and make the character reach the car without bashing into any of the walls or barriers. 

It looks simple enough, but it’s challenging to craft the perfect path forward right from the get-go. This offers a good balance of brain-teasing fun and simulation. It’s a minimalist puzzler with clean yet colorful graphics.

Don’t forget to collect the gems and diamonds along the way! 

The only downside is the consistency of ads after each level, but they are pretty easy to close and get on with the game.


14. Pink

pink iphone and ipad game screenshot

Here’s a game that’s both relaxing and fun – the objective is to make the screen pink by solving the puzzles. It’s got fantastic music and thought-provoking gameplay that makes it perfect for anyone who always wants to keep their mind busy.

There are 50 levels, each with its logic and hints to help out when you get stuck. It not only gives your brain a gentle workout but also helps you unwind like a mindfulness activity. I especially enjoy the little tricks here and there that catch you off guard to make things interesting!


15. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga iPhone Game Screenshot

Check out one of the most successful puzzle games of all time that’s also free to play. The aim is to swipe and match candies to your heart’s content. The simplistic yet addictive gameplay is what makes this puzzler stand out.

The graphics are bright and dazzling, fun for every age group. Test your strategy by planning moves and using the boosters wisely to crush even the toughest games. Explore different game modes like Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients, etc.


Top Racing games on iPhone

17. Asphalt 9 – Legends

asphalt 9 iphone game screenshot

Strap into the action in this thrilling racing game full of gravity-defying races in the most amazing real-world locations. There’s something for everyone, from maneuvering through giant tornados in the American wilderness to dodging landslides in the Himalayas and zooming across Caribbean beaches.

Moreover, each track offers endless gameplay opportunities that make it feel like you’re in a movie. The top-notch graphics and smooth controls will keep you entertained. Enjoy single-player career mode or race against others to become an Asphalt Legend.


18. High Heels

high heels iphone and ipad game screenshot

It’s challenging to run in heels, but this innovative fashion game flips that over and makes it easier to win the taller your heels are. The objective is to collect heels along your path and cross all the obstacles that dot the runway. If you fall, you fail, but if you make it to the end, the judges will clap for your stunning walk!

It’s super straightforward to play, and the colorful world keeps you hooked! Further, apart from the heels, there are so many other gorgeous accessories to grab, from diamonds and crowns to bags, bracelets, and even a rabbit tail! It’s got quite a unique design and gameplay.


Best Role-playing games

19. Cyberika -Action Adventure RPG

Cyberika rpg free iphone game screenshot

If you love action and crime thrillers, this game is made for you. It’s set in a fascinating cyberpunk universe with a futuristic city and an engaging, multifaceted storyline. There are challenging quests to complete, freaky punks to take on, a sports car to race through the streets, and more to keep you on the edge of your street. 

I love how the game has the feel of a sci-fi movie, with the world overflowing with contradictions such as futuristic tech and growing poverty. The only law is survival of the fittest, and it’s time to test your mettle!

You start your journey in a humble apartment on the city’s outskirts and have to progress through the quests to buy new things such as the latest car, fashionable clothes, and weapons. Along the way, you can upgrade your home too. 

Then, there are gang wars to navigate, and your character needs to develop a blend of speed, strength, and hacking skills to make it. Immerse yourself in this alternate universe, and it’ll be difficult to quit! 


Simulation games

20. Jelly Dye

jelly dye iphone and ipad game screenshot

Channel your inner child with this fun simulation that’s all about injecting color dyes into jellies. It’s similar to making childish artwork and feels so satisfying to play. The colorful graphics and realistic feel make it fun to play.

Although the ads are quite intrusive and disrupt the experience, I still thoroughly enjoyed fiddling with this game. It’s almost meditative to fill in the different colors and watch them flow into each other. It’s a perfect choice for relaxing your mind anytime, anywhere.


21. Williams Pinball

williams pinball iphone and ipad game screenshot

It’s hard not to love this classic! Here’s one of the best pinball games in which you can play head-to-head against others for real cash prizes. It boasts an expansive collection of tables with unique themes and graphics.

You’ll love the 3D interactive characters and the multiplayer matchups that provide endless competitive play. Enjoy daily challenges and compete on the global leaderboards to keep things exciting.


Sports games

22. Score !Hero

Score !Hero

Here’s an exciting new iOS game for all the sports and soccer fans out there. It’s a follow-up to the first game in the series, and it packs a real punch in terms of gameplay and graphics. I love the animations and the realistic feel of the story, thanks to over 90 officially licensed soccer clubs and leagues. 

It’s time to embark on a glittering career with the soccer hero of your choice. Guide him from being the new kid on the block to a global superstar. Of course, you can customize his look and appearance and make critical choices along the way.

There’s even some super entertaining and recognizable commentary from the famous Arlo White! 


Strategy games

23. Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Summoners war lost centuria iphone game screenshot

Here’s the latest offering from the creators of the global hit game Summoners War: Sky Arena. It’s you against the world, and you’ve got to fight with other players in real-time battles to collect and upgrade cards featuring iconic monsters. Then, arm your monsters with unique combinations of Runes and Skill Stones to keep thriving. 

Team up with friends and craft the perfect strategies to win every battle. I was enthralled by the spectacular animations and felt challenged with the cool, unpredictable counterattack mechanics. The fast-paced battles will compel you to think and move fast if you want to claim victory! 

It’s got a unique character-building style and involves real-time strategy. The main focus is PVP, and the ads are not invasive. Thus, you can enjoy a distraction-free gameplay experience, making it one of the most fun games on the iPhone available for free.


24. The Walking Dead: Survivors

The walking dead survivors free iphone game screenshot

Any fans of The Walking Dead out there? I’ve got a new game for you! As the name suggests, this one’s all about survival. You’ve got to build a settlement, defend your walls, gather supplies, form alliances, train your army, lead and fight! 

You’ll encounter iconic TWD characters like Rick, Michonne, Negan, and Glenn, which lends that realistic and nostalgic vibe. At the same time, the action is palpable as your shelter is under constant threat from Walkers. So you’ll have to strengthen your walls, plant obstacles, build your defense towers, and do whatever it takes to survive.

You can also team up with other players to form clans. The gameplay is easy enough to master, and the graphics do justice to the story. It’s perfect for keeping you engaged while testing your strategizing skills. 


25. Core Defense

Core defense free iphone game screenshot

Check out one of the latest strategy games, that is sure to capture your imagination and get those brain cells firing. It combines a typical tower defense game with rogue-like mechanics and deck-building to create a unique gameplay experience that’ll challenge you to think. It’s easy to learn but difficult to master, which keeps you interested and hooked. 

I love the multiple gameplay styles and strategies and the excitement of unlocking exclusive rewards. You can play up to 20 levels for free, which is pretty good, in my opinion.

There’s even an endless mode that challenges you to go as far as you can. You can also save and share infographics about your progress. All in all, quite a unique and noteworthy game! 


26. The Battle of Polytopia

The battle of polytopia free iphone game screenshot

This is the unique turn-based strategy game I’ve ever played. It involves building your tribe, fighting enemy tribes, conquering new lands, mastering new technologies, and dominating the map.

Put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to be the ruler of a tribe and build a civilization. 

What I especially love is that you can play offline, so it’s perfect for travel and long flights. There are three game modes, namely Perfection, Domination, and Creative. Each has its appeal and offers endless fun.

The auto-generated maps make each game a unique experience. You can also choose to play in either portrait or landscape mode, which offers nice customization.


27. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans iPhone Game Screenshot

This is perhaps one of the most epic and popular iOS games you can play for free. The aim is to build a village, raise a clan, and lead them to victory in action-packed wars.

There are millions of active players worldwide, and you can forge alliances to earn valuable Magic items. Put your skills to the test by defending against enemy attacks using towers, walls, traps, and more. You can even create your custom PVP experiences through social challenges and special live events.


Trivia games

28. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Want to tackle your mind with trivia? This is the perfect free game for your iPhone and iPad. Trust Willy, the friendly spinner wheel, to select questions for you from six different categories, namely History, Sports, Science, Art, Entertainment, and Geography.

Challenge your friends and be the first to get the six crowns to win. You can even create your questions in the Factory and chat with your opponents. It’s available in over 20 languages, and you can also play it on your Apple Watch.


29. Happy Printer

happy printer iphone and ipad game screenshot

Love to type? Then, you’ve got to try this exciting game that challenges you to race against the clock and answer the word trivia! It’s pretty unique and includes fun puzzles, riddles, speed tests, word problems, and more.

I appreciate how it’s an all-in-one little game that’s perfect to kill boredom anytime, anywhere. Further, it’s got a beautiful colorful design and easy to navigate interface. However, it has many ads, and they’re often not skippable, so this interrupts the gameplay. But I liked it nonetheless, so it had to be this list of top free games.


Tried any of these iOS games yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below. And of course, share your recommendations too! If you’re ready to splurge a bit of money on more entertainment, don’t miss our roundup of the best paid iPhone games.

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