Best Pinball Games for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Pinball is the sort of game that I can play for hours tirelessly on my iPhone. Beyond smashing the ball, I like the gameplay where you get a chance to go big and dominate the leaderboard. Moreover, I’ve always relished competing for top pinball wizard in Hot Seat multiplayer mode.

Do you also find a pinball machine fascinating? If yes, have a glance at some of my best pinball Arcade games for the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to the ridiculously intriguing gameplay, the option to grab hot rewards and scale the leaderboards, these games are very exciting to play.

And with the intense multiplayer mode always there to test your caliber and craft as a player, your extra times will no longer seem heavy. So, grab some snacks, pick a cool pinball arcade game and start smashing the ball right away!

#1. PinOut!

PinOut iPhone and iPad Pinball Game Screenshot

“PinOut” is an elegant pinball arcade game for iOS. What makes it stand out is the enticing gameplay where you have to score big to grab lots of coveted rewards. And you can smartly use those hard-earned goodies to put yourself ahead of the pack.

Remember, it’s all about smashing big and topping the leaderboard. So, never fail to put up your best show.

Lastly, PinOut is available for free but there is an optional in-app purchase that will help you continue from checkpoints.

Price: Free

#2. INKS

INKS iPhone and iPad Pinball Game Screenshot

INKS is unique in its own right. By smashing the ball around the canvas, you can create incredible works of art. And with more than 100 tables to play, you will really enjoy having a go at this game.

Carve out the strategies to score the maximum and make the best use of the power-ups to stay ahead of your rivals. You can share your high scores to let everyone know how well you are rocking this game.

Within a few minutes into the gaming, you will feel like you’ve completely mastered this pinball arcade game. The smooth touch control ensures you get on top of everything with ease.

Price: $2.99

#3. Pinball HD Collection

Pinball HD Collection iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This one has long been one of my favorite pinball machines for iOS. And there is a lot to like and say about this game.

First and foremost, it has ten beautifully crafted pinball tables that can fit into almost every taste. And with several mini-game challenges like block breaker, endless space scroller, car racing, missile defense and more, it makes sure you have got enough spice play passionately.

That’s not all, the matching soundtrack with atmospheric music and sound effects seem to complement with your gaming. Thus, killing hours on the couch should never be a big deal!

Price: Free

#4. Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This pinball game form “Zen Studios” is fun to play. And the thing that makes it a hot deal is a great collection of hit tables based on some of the well-known brands of entertainments.

Whether it’s a Marvel Comics, Star Wars, ALIEN, The Walking Dead or South Park, Zen Pinball has got plenty of interesting tables to spice up the gameplay.

The impressive ball physics along with the intense multiplayer mode makes it very addictive. As there are tons of table achievements, put your best effort to decimate challenges and advance through the top.

Price: Free

#5. Star Wars Pinball 7

Star Wars Pinball 7 iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Time to rekindle your romance with the Star Wars universe! Should you relish some sort of cinematic drama into your pinball gaming, Star Wars Pinball 7 would be spot on.

As the Star Wars Pinball community is fighting for the Balance of the Force, you’ve to bring your heroic side to lead the empire to victory. However, it all depends on you as you can choose to offer up your support to the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

The best part about this game is the interaction with the iconic characters. And with intriguing pinball gameplay, you will love to play it for hours.

Price: $1.99

#6. Aliens vs. Pinball

Aliens vs. Pinball iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Inspired by the ALIEN franchise, this one offers you plenty of option to showcase your valor. To get started, join hands with Ellen Ripley and help her eliminate LV-426’s alien infestation.

The road to victory is full of deadly challenges as you will have to encounter many hurdles like the lethal halls of Sevastopol Station. And oh, make sure to find a way to avoid the dangerous Xenomorph as it can completely throw you out of the game.

To defeat your cunning enemies, collaborate with players and form a lethal strategy that can help you eliminate your foes. Remember, it’s how you execute your move will impact the outcome.

Price: Free

#7. Bethesda

Bethesda Pinball iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Though Bethesda may not be as popular as some of its counterparts, it’s second to none when it comes to spicing up the pinball gaming. To me, what makes this game pretty cool are the intense multiplayer mode that can get the most out of you as a player.

Charge yourself to take on the hordes of demons to become the most robust DOOM Slayer. Take advantage of your bag of tricks to explore the secrets of the Wasteland and also don’t forget to join factions.

There are many ways you can empower yourself to rule the roost. And the best way is to make lethal weapons that can help you finish off your rivals with aplomb. Always grab the bonuses and upgrades that can enable you to scale up.

Price: Free

#8. Pinball Arcade Plus

Pinball Arcade Plus iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Pinball Arcade Plus” should be a good bet for ball smashing. There are a couple of things that have made me want this game. First, it has a good collection of 30 pinball machines. Each of them looks impressive for a long shot. So, there is less chance of any boredom to creep in once you’ve passed a few initial hiccups.

The second, the graphics are a lot better than most other pinball games. And with plenty of achievements and rewards on offer, you will never run out of inspiration to go hard against your opponents.

Price: $0.99

#9. Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

Pinball Deluxe iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If you prefer to have customizable tables, the chances are high that you will love to play “Pinball Deluxe.” Featuring six different tables and more than 50 levels, it’s got enough firepower to keep you engrossed for more.

You can collect modes to give nice customization to your table.
Plus, there is also a chance to unlock many interesting mini-games which you’ve like to take a shot.

And oh, there are also some cool wizard modes that are so enticing to play. A pro tip: do not take your eyes away from the trophies that can stand you out as a player!

Price: Free

#10. Aliens vs. Pinball

Aliens vs. Pinball iPhone Game Screenshot

Defeat Xenomorphs to move up your rank of Yautja society. Your progress depends on your allies, so choose them wisely. If you like a storyline while playing any game, this Pinball game is perfect for you. It has got decent graphics and sound effects to entertain you.

The game combines three terrifying tables and you need to save Amanda Ripley from terrifying Sevastopol Station. The game is free to download and play with limited tables, but you can make in-app purchases to unlock other goodies.

Price: Free (Optional in-app purchases)

And that’s it, friends! Assuming you’ve enjoyed my company and also found my picks appreciable.

What’s Your Favorite Pinball Machine?

Now that you’ve taken a glance at my favorites let me know the names of some of your best pinball games. I would love to give them a try.

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Best Pinball Games for iPhone and iPad
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