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The match-3 puzzle genre requires no introduction as it has captured the imagination of avid mobile game lovers throughout the globe. These are nearly casual puzzle games where the player is tasked with forming a sequence of 3 or more identical elements. Usually, the game board is in the pattern of a square and is occupied by various tiles that you can choose and move around to achieve the objective. The success of this genre is primarily due to its simplicity and flexibility. These factors render the free match 3 games quite addictive, keeping multitudes of casual mobile game players captivated.

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Candy Crush Saga can arguably be called the king of match-3 puzzle games. It’s almost impossible to not love this simple yet highly enjoyable game. Originally a very successful Facebook game, the Candy Crush Saga made its entry into iPhone and iPad and took it by storm. It is basically built around matching candy pieces and removing needless pieces from the board. Though simple enough, the action gets wild as new levels open up.

Created by Limited, this exceptional puzzle game follows the usual match-3 rules but beats out the copycats by introducing a brilliant facet of strategy to the regular game-play process. With complete Facebook integration for showing off high scores, Candy Crush Saga is easily one of the best iOS games out there.

Price: Free

Cookie Jam Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Released by SGN, Cookie Jam may superficially look like a typical match 3 games, but it comes up with an enticing twist that lets you finish a dessert recipe on every level. The game-play lets you match tiles of different colors to gather the necessary ingredients for completing the dessert.

Each recipe is unique, and you are left intrigued by what dish the next level may hold for you. With great game-play and attentive details, this game gives you fantastic user experience. As the levels progress, the difficulty and obstacles increase keeping you involved.

Price: Free

3. Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Jelly Splash provides enough distinction to set itself apart from other match 3 games due to its innovative and engaging experimentation within this genre. You have more than 100 levels with the free version, and you can play for as long as you wish if you keep crossing the levels.

The unique aspect of, Jelly Splash is its Super Jelly system that places obstacles in your path and fixes objectives for you. This match-3 game is original enough to have you coming back to it.

Price: Free

4. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Marvel Puzzle Quest is one of the top match-3 games licensed by a comic book. This game has amazing game-play with a lot of features to unlock such as characters from the Marvel universe.

The game requires you to use your best gem-matching skills to help your characters save the world and enhance the team strength. This game is undoubtedly a must for Marvel fans and has enough to keep others interested.

Price: Free

5. Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Frozen Free Fall is one of the more popular match-3 puzzle games out there in the iOS universe. As the name suggests, it is based on the immensely popular Disney movie, “Frozen”.

This game is built around that movie with the beautiful environment reflecting the movie, including characters like Anna and Olaf. Keeping with the movie premise, you have to swap ice crystals instead of candy or colored tiles to match.

Price: Free

6. Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Farm Heroes Saga offers the traditional match-3 puzzle elements while providing a marked difference from other popular games like Candy Crush Saga. Created and released by Limited, the setup contains a board-game type map that lays out all the levels in order.

Each stage has to be cleared to unlock the next. You are given between one to three stars for every level depending on the points scored. There are some levels with new ones likely to be added from time to time. The difference in game-play is smart and enjoyable. The game gets unbelievably tough as you pass through levels and that’s a big positive.

Price: Free

7. Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Pet Rescue Saga is a match-3 game that differs by having a cascading blocks premise instead of switching objects. The board contains many different colored tiles, and your objective is to match up the entire board, to assist the pets present at the top of the screen tumble down to the exit, present at the bottom.

Though the idea seems simple, the game itself is surprisingly tough to play. There are 72 levels that span several environments and the game objectives keep changing to freshen up the levels. It’s a charming little game that lets you pass your time quite adequately.

Price: Free

8. Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Candy Blast Mania is another popular match-3 puzzle game that offers enough fun to keep you hooked. The concept is almost similar to other games of this genre. You have more than 100 levels with different objectives for each level.

The difficulty levels and count increases as you progress to higher levels. The game also presents challenges in the higher levels where you can uncover special gems and innovative power-ups. The premise is simple yet compelling enough to keep you involved for hours.

Price: Free

9. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz Puzzle iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Bejeweled Blitz is a neat little match-3 game with a simple concept. You get to match gems in the right order to get a high score. It’s this simplicity which is the selling point of Bejeweled Blitz. Of course, there are power-ups and other special modes like time trials, but the strength of the game is in keeping things simple. This makes the game extremely addictive as fun is completely guaranteed.

Price: Free

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